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  1. ...In all due honesty, I've been considering leaving every site I've ever registered on, and just lying in bed because of how stupid everything is, and how badly I've been treated...

    I've been struggling a lot, and it doesn't help when my struggles are considered 'just being lazy' by ableist trash...

    I tried looking into the notifications, NOPE! EX145. Seriously, I've kinda given up, but still, can we actually have a fix that doesn't break!?

    Who am I kidding; nothing is actually fixable.

    1. roninator2


      I'm also waiting for the error thing to be fixed, wasn't sure if it was just me or not.

      Thanks for saying it, I'm also getting the 145 error. Happens a lot on this site. I thought it was because it was hacked since a while ago I remembered the site not being secured.

      Sometimes when I go the this site to login, I get text left aligned with no images.

      Makes you wonder why it gets bad. 

      It almost like its linked to the requirement of being logged in to view threads. If that was changed I wonder if it would alleviate some issues.

      Where is the site hosted? Is there other places that would work better? But probably cost more.

    2. ZeroKunKuronage


      i hope they fix it soon, i found some scripts to download for my games and when i uploaded my pc, the page fell down like 2 days ago.... i think

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