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  1. So, it's becoming more, and more clear that despite Windows 7 being far more stable than the sloptoast that is Windows 10, it's going to be harder, and harder, to do much of anything at all, and that really SUCKS.

    No, I'm not going to ask you for help; a fruitless endeavor that would be, but! I've exhausted everything I can do, so yeah, it's going to come down to the aid of someone else, whomever that is. I'm doing my best, but the only thing motivating me to even care one iota is the project I started, that I'm feeling massive pangs of regret for even remembering the inspiration source material in the first place.

    I miss a lot of things, but most of all, the random conversation drops, yes that has had a massive detrimental effect on me. Life gets in the way, sure, but I don't buy that it's all that it is, no; it's because I'm autistic and that leads to off-putting interactions, doesn't it!?!!?

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    2. Remi-Chan


      The disc wont help anymore, the parts made these days are built disregarding the old OS, meaning it's liable to be full of issues.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I guess not everyone knows that I have two PCs, technically three with the one much older tower that only has IDE ports, but the one that runs Windows 7, and the one that has an embedded Windows 10 registration key in the UEFI that I have no access to, are not the same PC.
      For the Win7 PC, I absolutely still have the install disc, and yes, it still works as intended. Unfortunately, it's the most basic version of Windows 7. I'm not quite sure what @Remi-Chan is getting at though.
      If I wanna do things like run higher end emulators on the Win7 PC, I need something like a Radeon 2400. I have no idea where I'd be able to procure one of those. I don't need a GPU for the more capable PC, it has a Radeon HD 7000, but it does need a new HDD, and one that has at least 1 TB of space. No, I can't buy stuff online. Unless the technology is developed that allows one to insert physical currency for digital store payments, it's, NOT, HAPPENING. Sweet Mercy.

    4. Animebryan


      Well, for converting physical currency into digital, there's options like Paypal. If you have a place that lets you add funds onto that account (I know Walmart does, at $20 minimum & a $3 charge). Its the method I use to make online purchases.

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