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  1. If I suddenly vanish completely or for a long time, the landlord is to blame; violating the Fair Housing Act is something that this greedy, avaricious piece of crap is good at doing and getting away with. I happen to be the landlord's next victim, and if it comes to it, well, I hope to see ya at the edge of the Great Black River; I'll even pay your fare to cross.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I do not have the fortitude to survive being homeless; it will be my end, one way or another.
      If I do end up having a place to move to, then fine, but this whole thing is still one hundred percent bullshit.

    3. Aslanemperor


      That honestly makes me really sad.  I don't know where you are or what your money situation is like so I can't give to much advice, but I can say that there are several states with resources to help you start over.  I am assuming by your mention of the Fair Housing Act that you're in the US.  Hopefully you can do greyhound to greener pastures if you must.  If this all stems from your LGBT status, come to Georgia.  Some of the lowest rents in the country and a VERY high LGBT population, particularly in Atlanta, plus plenty of good paying jobs.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Actually, the given reason...
      It honestly has nothing to do with me, but you know, 'guilt by association' bullshit.
      But yeah; me being me is definitely part of it, though the bitch would never admit it, because if she did, she could be charged with a hate crime, and landlords tend to not be landlords for long after just being charged with a hate crime, or so I've come to understand (this may not be universally true).
      As for me leaving on a bus anywhere, I'd have to be a stowaway; I don't have money for an expensive bus trip, not to mention that if I did manage to get on a bus going wherever, I'd be leaving behind everything, including my only access to the internet, as well as all my projects, and attire... yeah. I'm not adequately prepared for that. Why?
      Disability payments are an absolute joke; I do not get enough to pay for anything living wise, and even when living with others, I never, never, not ever see any spare money, except on the extremely rare occasion. Oh, yeah; since I also have a non-systemized payee, if I left, my payee would get all that money, because I'd have ABSOLUTELY NO MEANS OF GETTING IT. I mean, it's a slow, painful death, just with different scenery. Well, unless someone was kind enough to let me stay with them, but that's something you'd see from my homeland, not here.
      If it sounds like I'm being dramatic for pity's sake, maybe my sudden absence will give pause, should that happen; this is a very real threat, and those that claim 'drama queen' are the exact jackarses THAT GET MADE INTO RPG MAKER BATTLERS (and the worst of them are made into pushover jokes). A lot of the battlers in Ramsey are going to reflect the stupidity of society, or so that's the plan. I still need time to finish this, but I am too stressed out over the stupid crap going on. The same stupid crap that threatens everything.

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