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  1. Hey, domain master! Why don't you hand over the reins to someone whose more active on the site, so when things break, they can be fixed, EH!?

    Yeah, borked again; maybe you just want to see this site crash and burn. @Rikifive, what say you?

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Or, we can do what Torba did with Gab and get our own servers/web host.
      Heh-ha, such is no easy task; it took quite some time and a lot of money to pull that off.

    3. Rikifive


      Unfortunately I do not get the reference. But yeah, time and money is involved.

    4. kaz


      We have a catch 22 going on. Riki Seriel and I discussed recently how we would love to get the place active again, but until it is stable we are worried we would lose any hard work we put in. There are loads of broken links that need clearing out, some areas of the forum need either moving, merging or removing. We were saying how much we missed the old days and the community as a whole, but if the site keeps crashing people go elsewhere☹️

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