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  1. PhoenixSoul

    Editor Won't Run

    #MistakesWereMade. Should never, ever do that with anything running, especially not foreground-running applications like RPG Maker. It's actually risky to allow screensaver applications to run whilst RPG Maker is also running (depending on what resources the .scr file accesses). However... Those DLL error messages tell me that Windows is not indexing the DLL properly (an unfortunately common occurrence especially from Windows 8 onward), and thus, if this is a Windows DLL Indexing Error, starting a new project is going to have similar issues, if it even works at all. The fix? Well, that depends on if the DLL Indexing Error is just with that DLL, or several, or most of them. If it's more than nine of them, or worse, most of them, it's a kernal issue. Such requires an OS reinstallation. Otherwise, it's a registry dive. It's also possible that there's a weird filesystem error that resulted from you shutting your laptop. A hard reboot may be needed. Or, again, you can dive into the registry. Hard Reboot: Shut down, and discharge the components (unplug from external power). After rebooting, some things may need to be set again, depending on numerous factors.
  2. PhoenixSoul

    Conditionals based on notetag?

    Okay. The module is what's important; I'm looking to have that change based on notetag conditionals. As far as where I'm looking, it would be under (I'm guessing) Game_Party (?); I am trying to have it so it checks for party member notetags (as aforementioned it would be any of the party member's possible notetagged attributes-Actor/Class/Equips/Skills/States) I'm also having this check be done in a common event script call.
  3. PhoenixSoul

    Conditionals based on notetag?

    I meant if the notetag is present on the actor itself, the actor's class, any skills the actor knows, any states applied, any equipment... I mean, I guess in code I worded "actor's features" incorrectly, but that is what I meant. So, like, actor.note =~ /<note>/ is what I'm looking for, or whatever similar code bit works for that. I don't know if the scriptlet provided will do much, but I can see what I am able to come up with.
  4. PhoenixSoul

    Conditionals based on notetag?

    I'm simply looking to have an arbitrary value change based on if an actor (preferably party member) has any features that contain a specific notetag, but I keep running into error after error, and it has led me to and past the 'toss the keyboard and mouse at the wall' level of frustration. I've actually tried using previous scriptlets but none of them are doing me any damn bit of good. I currently have a module set up with a single value; this I want to be altered if the notetag calls for it. I'll provide more detail if this gets any traction; as is there's not a lot more detail to provide.
  5. You know, I'm glad this is a place where one can freely talk about just about anything...

    It has come to my attention that a lot of sites and groups have really bad, biased admin/moderators that tend to play favourites but hate being called out on it or love to make examples of those that talk about 'sEnSiTiVe ToPiCs'...

    It's a bad trend and it's inspired by the same Orwellian crap that was meant to be fiction, always be fiction. George Orwell would be very pissed off, and would not be the only one either.

    I'm glad that I can talk freely, but I suspect that will change at some point. I was raised differently; Free Will is paramount and those that seek to erase it deserve the worst punishment feasible.

  6. PhoenixSoul

    VX Ace F12 Fix: Not Fully Functional

    Yes, I know; the F12 fix I shared respawns only the game window regardless of the setting. I guess I'm not that great at English phrasing, huh? I can see this being useful for those that use mkxp. Now, the only question is where does this one go... (below main? above main but below other scripts?)
  7. PhoenixSoul

    VX Ace F12 Fix: Not Fully Functional

    So, I've found that if one uses the F12 Fix, and one uses the console window, the console window does not return after the scriptlet is executed. Yes, I do consider this an oversight, and was wondering how I might go about patching out the issue. I figure the issue lies in that the debug console window is a separate process from the game window, even if it doesn't explicitly say so. Problem is that I do not know how to remedy this, only that I can guess where to place the call to have the console window appear.
  8. PhoenixSoul

    Changing Actor Graphic Without Changing Face

    v.set_graphic("characterset_filename", character_index, "Faceset_filename", faceset_index) I believe setting nil for either filename forces an ignore, or I believe one can omit these. I'm not one hundred percent sure. Maybe @roninator2, @Rikifive, or @Kayzee knows.
  9. PhoenixSoul

    Script/set: Spellmaker (does it already exist?)

    I had thought this was so, but I was not sure. Thing is, a lot of scripts are not in a language I can readily understand, so the possibility as I understood, was that there's a chance that there was a script/set, and due to language barriers, I would not of known. First point fulfilled, merci beaucoup. This actually fulfills the second point. It answers the query. Thanks again. That's okay; it's not like I need it or anything, just something that would be cool to have, and was wondering about. I guess most of the fans of the Elder Scrolls games are more fans of the mechanics from TES III onward (pretty sure the spell maker was scrapped by then). Wind at your sails, and bonne chance; I too am struggling with game development.
  10. PhoenixSoul

    Script/set: Spellmaker (does it already exist?)

    Hm. I forgot; unless I tag someone, this will not really be noticed. Thing is, I dunno who I would actually tag in this case...
  11. Anyone here?
    Or, are we just completely disconnected now?

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      all good :thumbup3:

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  12. My request is two-fold. Main request: I need to know if there is a script/set of them that emulates the spell maker from the early Elder Scrolls games. Secondary: If so, who made them and where can I find them. If not, how complicated would it be to make this. For those that do not know what in the name of Mercy I am talking about, the spell maker is a Mages' Guild shop where one takes various spell effects, assigns the casting type (for self/target/range/etcetera), saving throw (save versus j/s/v/x/z attribute), and most importantly, sets the various stats for each effect (chance/duration/efficacy/etcetera), which in turn alters the cost (in gold bits) to craft the spell and the casting cost (in MP) of the spell.
  13. I dunno if anyone would be familiar with the spellmaker from the early Elder Scrolls games, but if so, I'm curious to know if there's a script or script system that emulates this.
  14. PhoenixSoul

    Identify Item

    I read the question as: "Is it possible to emulate the 'Identify' spell from early Elder Scrolls games?" In essence, the notetag in question was for having the identification process start by using an already known skill.
  15. It is very, VERY likely, that Steam Cloud API is the culprit. It also could be that in conjunction with other underlying issues, like maybe the hardware configuration you have is causing a complication (such has existed since 8-bit ISA technology), maybe the CPU is running into processing loops (which would actually be a problem associated with the Windows kernal), or it could be a number of other things. Honestly, I'd power down and unplug the PC from external power and leave it like that for a bit, then I'd remove and reinsert the RAM modules, see if that doesn't fix things (it can actually solve things and it has for me-it's a solution that has existed since 4-bit computing).
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