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  1. PhoenixSoul

    Why So Whitewashed?

    @Kayzee To be fair, the misnomer is the result of early cartographers not realizing that there was more landmass than they knew of. However, the misnomer became habitual, and that is the fault of settlers, not the cartographers. Also, the misnomer is not used globally; only in America does this occur... But yeah, it's all dumb. Skin tone and characteristics don't make a race.
  2. Whilst I take a break from all the constant troubleshooting from evented features in my main game project, I decided to both fine-tune my TMInfinity track layout as well as make a game out of the RM Coalition Demo.

    While doing the latter, I came across an interesting oversight with some of the graphics, in that one piece of it doesn't match up with the rest, resulting in unmitigatable tile offsetting. Whilst this may not be an issue for some, It is for me since I'm using those tiles, lolololololol

    Anyway, since the demo itself is about twenty-five percent of the entirety of the game's work, this will inevitably allow me to finish a small project, for release on itch.io.

  3. I mean... Yeah, sure, it'd be great to have console platforms for releasing our games on, but, do we need the MV engine as part of that?
  4. PhoenixSoul

    Why So Whitewashed?

    FTR: Most Caucasian people had reddish skin, and very square jaws, but that is speaking of how they were long ago. A lot of that similar demographic, at least by appearance (because culturally the Caucasians are far different than what became of them) are what some call 'rednecks', and live along the Gulf Coasts of North America. It's not really related, but kinda is. tl;dr Using the term 'Caucasian' for a person with pale to fair-ish skin tones is far beyond incorrect. Yet, it's the 'National Standard'. My middle fingers to that. I'm not Caucasian, you idiots. Anyway, I tend to want to have diversity in the characters in my game, and for the case of custom characters, to allow the player to have some control over said diversity.
  5. So, yeah; I didn't know that Neon Black had made a Lockpicking script, until I came across the RM Coalition Steam Workshop pack.

    That's really cool, to be honest.

  6. PhoenixSoul

    Why So Whitewashed?

    @Kayzee I agree; skin tone isn't everything but it would be a rocket jump forward in progress towards resource diversity. I looked into this recently; there's over one hundred skin tone and skin tone variants. Imagine just having a quarter of that as resource material. @FranklinX Red flag, gold symbol. Sounds like the USSR or China flag. Definitely bland. I once came across some pixel art flags, and the one for Nepal was well done. Don't bother trying to find them; they've since vanished from Photof*ckerbucket...(and don't even get me started on that dumpster fire lolz)
  7. PhoenixSoul

    Why So Whitewashed?

    Even the pale porcelain/albino types don't look quite right, @FranklinX (yeah I'm porcelain pale myself). They actually look like someone just took the fair, western Europe type of skin and boosted the contrast by 40%. However, in all due fairness, very pale skin tones are really hard to reproduce in digital or even standard artistic form. I know; I can't even get it right with makeup (I volunteer at a dressing service in my hometown - I mostly do makeup and hair). Point is, most devs don't really consider the darker skinned people, or to put it simply, they think inside the 'straight white male' box, that never really existed in the first place, always just an assumption, and that has led us to this posted topic, more or less. Most of the Japanese people don't really know much about other cultures, their various people and their attributes, as previously discussed, so any inclusion of said other cultures and such is most of the time borderline inaccurate and possibly bad. The case with RPGMaker is pretty much the same.
  8. PhoenixSoul

    Why So Whitewashed?

    @FranklinX Wild Steam does have some variance in skin tone, though the very dark skin is not present. However, one could argue that the theme is steampunk and dirt-laden, rather than differences in UV exposure (and wouldn't be wrong). Other than Wild Steam, I'm not currently aware of/don't recall any other graphics packs that do incorporate different skin tones. I could be wrong; the number of DLC for VX Ace alone is massive, so it is possible I may of missed some things.
  9. Take your time, I'm in no rush. Honestly, I don't know why it was implemented as a feature in only the MV version. Sant would likely not respond to any inquiries either...
  10. @Kayzee Here is the script/plugin for the MV version, just as a reference.
  11. Quite simply, I'm not sure how to implement the aforementioned feature in the VX Ace version. What the triple pairing feature does, is allow one to setup three materia slots as linked slots rather than just two. I've tried to implement this feature before, but I kept getting errors and eventually trashed the idea. However, I know there is someone out there who would probably, maybe know how to help me with this. Oh, ya want the script for reference? Ya got it.
  12. Anemones are also sea creatures, often living on coral reefs in tandem with clownfish.

    I'm sure you knew that already though, lolz

  13. PhoenixSoul

    . . hello . .

    Ẕ̶̢̜͕͖̹̖͚͗̅ͥ̊ͯͧ̃ͅĄ̷̧̳̳̲̮̦̜̟̎ͩ̅̋̕͡L̶͔̼̮̤̭̲̜͕͎͔ͫ̋̀̐ͤ̉ͪ͒͞͠G̸̷̣̞̪͍̻̥̳̮̟̺̟̈̔ͥͦ̑̾̊ͫ̓ͪ͌͌ͧ͌ͤ̏̑̈̕͞Ō̧̖̖͈̫̝̪̠̞̇͗̏͐̿̓ͩͥ̐͒̆̇̌̍̀̚̕Ǫ̢̟͍̫̱̬ͭͧͦ̈͋ͩͮ͗̈́̅͋̒̀O̍ͭ̊ͧ̆̉͋͏̨̬̮̬̹̩̺̘́͢ͅǪ̷̡̻͍͓͗ͯͮ̋̊O̧̱̣͚̤̠̣̗̯ͧ͌̿̅͊̉ͧ͗̊̍͐ͤ̀͡Ơ̩̖͖̬̹͔̜̼̥̟ͬ̓͗ͧ̏̍̔ͧ͊ͤ͂̈̎ͮ̎͐̃͘͘Ơ̴͈͚̬͍̬̭̥̠͉͎̙̲̞̤̣̹̳̈́͗̊͋͊̾̋ͣ̐̓͝Oͬ͋̈́̔̄ͤ͋͊̿̚̕̕͠͏̤̯̣̻͖̯̭̬̞̱̠̗̘̣Ơ̸̬̺͎̩̤͔̥͕̟̮̬͚͍̙͋̃͊ͪͅ!̨̢͉̹̣͖͔͓͇̣͉͇͎̣̩̲̱̜̈̇ͭͩͯͯ̿̒̄ͅ!̷̨͖̲̘͇̙̗̲ͫͤ̄͋ͩͬ͑̒̔͜!̸̡̛̫̰̼̲͕͇̱͍̬̥̳̙̪̠̋ͪ͌̋͂͑ͪ̑ͣ́ͣ̄̌̉́̽̀̚͘͞!͍̖̤̩̘̭̬̗̼̤͈̟͇̤̔͂ͩͥ̆̑̿̎̿ͩ̇͗ͤ́̀́̀͢͝͠!̵̛̰̪̣̣̟͚̳̹̲̥̰̩̝̹͎͖̬͉̩̇͗͑͑ͣͤ̃͊ͤ̾ͧͬ̏͞ lolz Makes me wanna write a lot more in this stuff, but I don't think people would appreciate it too much... Yume Nikki is one of my favorites, and I've thought about porting it to VX Ace... (yeah it could be done but I'd have to know what each of the variables does and since it's all a Unicode mess due to it being in broken-ass Japanese (THANKS WINDOWS!!) that makes it so much harder...) "Want to play a game...??" -Jigsaw
  14. PhoenixSoul

    What Have You Gotten Done Today?

    I finally finished the terraforming and the road layouts of a large TMInfinity map I had started on over a month ago, today. Not RM related, but damn it feels good nonetheless.
  15. PhoenixSoul

    Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    .wav files are fully uncompressed audio files; that would take a lot of bandwidth to upload a bunch all at once...