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  1. In addition, I don't believe that values above 6 will work.
  2. PhoenixSoul

    Half-arsed Return...

    Well, yeah; I have a phone and internet access, but I am not really back in action yet, and I am still in a very perilous situation. But yeah, for now, I am okay enough to be able to 'check in', per se. If I manage to get into stable housing, I'll make a lengthy blog post about it all.
  3. PhoenixSoul

    VX Ace F12 Fix: Not Fully Functional

    So, I've found that if one uses the F12 Fix, and one uses the console window, the console window does not return after the scriptlet is executed. Yes, I do consider this an oversight, and was wondering how I might go about patching out the issue. I figure the issue lies in that the debug console window is a separate process from the game window, even if it doesn't explicitly say so. Problem is that I do not know how to remedy this, only that I can guess where to place the call to have the console window appear.
  4. PhoenixSoul

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Ouch. This here seems to be a trend lately... 😕
  5. Hey, domain master! Why don't you hand over the reins to someone whose more active on the site, so when things break, they can be fixed, EH!?

    Yeah, borked again; maybe you just want to see this site crash and burn. @Rikifive, what say you?

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Or, we can do what Torba did with Gab and get our own servers/web host.
      Heh-ha, such is no easy task; it took quite some time and a lot of money to pull that off.

    3. Rikifive


      Unfortunately I do not get the reference. But yeah, time and money is involved.

    4. kaz


      We have a catch 22 going on. Riki Seriel and I discussed recently how we would love to get the place active again, but until it is stable we are worried we would lose any hard work we put in. There are loads of broken links that need clearing out, some areas of the forum need either moving, merging or removing. We were saying how much we missed the old days and the community as a whole, but if the site keeps crashing people go elsewhere☹️

  6. PhoenixSoul

    Looking for a mapper

    Hmmm... @Rinoazelda, this might be for you...
  7. PhoenixSoul

    Tent style items

    In truth, I would make this a region-based common event that the item executes upon use. Conditional Branch: $game_player.region_id == x >> execute tent related events here else >> execute text event for unable to use end
  8. PhoenixSoul

    Plants You Can Find In Hot Places?

    My homeland, is a volcanic island; the soil is a basalt clay. It's, not great for a lot of things but root vegetables, especially potatoes and carrots (don't even get me started on the massive yield carrots planted in this soil provides 😓) love it. Fungus, certain kinds of grass, some trees (evergreens grow just fine), certain flowers, a lot of toxic plants, for sure. ... Of course, my homeland has a temperate climate overall, and is multi-terrain; it's not a typical volcanic island by any means.
  9. Weird. I dunno what to say then...
  10. Try using 'hit' instead of 'deal'. There may be script conflict that causes this; it's not an issue on my end.
  11. I know exactly what would work for this. A standalone script by Craze. It's called Regrowth Options, and it's all I'd need for this. Use this tag in the state's notebox: <deal hp regrowth: -v> Or this one for percentages: <deal hp regrowth: -v%> (replace 'hp' with 'mp' or 'tp' for damage to those as needed) This will also work for making restoring tags: <deal hp regrowth: +v> Or this one for percentages: <deal hp regrowth: +v%> (replace 'hp' with 'mp' or 'tp' for restoration to those as needed) Caveat: If the damage dealer is also in a 'muddled' state (attacking allies/self), this will still have an effect. All in one script! Yep! No need for multiple scripts.
  12. If I suddenly vanish completely or for a long time, the landlord is to blame; violating the Fair Housing Act is something that this greedy, avaricious piece of crap is good at doing and getting away with. I happen to be the landlord's next victim, and if it comes to it, well, I hope to see ya at the edge of the Great Black River; I'll even pay your fare to cross.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I do not have the fortitude to survive being homeless; it will be my end, one way or another.
      If I do end up having a place to move to, then fine, but this whole thing is still one hundred percent bullshit.

    3. Aslanemperor


      That honestly makes me really sad.  I don't know where you are or what your money situation is like so I can't give to much advice, but I can say that there are several states with resources to help you start over.  I am assuming by your mention of the Fair Housing Act that you're in the US.  Hopefully you can do greyhound to greener pastures if you must.  If this all stems from your LGBT status, come to Georgia.  Some of the lowest rents in the country and a VERY high LGBT population, particularly in Atlanta, plus plenty of good paying jobs.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Actually, the given reason...
      It honestly has nothing to do with me, but you know, 'guilt by association' bullshit.
      But yeah; me being me is definitely part of it, though the bitch would never admit it, because if she did, she could be charged with a hate crime, and landlords tend to not be landlords for long after just being charged with a hate crime, or so I've come to understand (this may not be universally true).
      As for me leaving on a bus anywhere, I'd have to be a stowaway; I don't have money for an expensive bus trip, not to mention that if I did manage to get on a bus going wherever, I'd be leaving behind everything, including my only access to the internet, as well as all my projects, and attire... yeah. I'm not adequately prepared for that. Why?
      Disability payments are an absolute joke; I do not get enough to pay for anything living wise, and even when living with others, I never, never, not ever see any spare money, except on the extremely rare occasion. Oh, yeah; since I also have a non-systemized payee, if I left, my payee would get all that money, because I'd have ABSOLUTELY NO MEANS OF GETTING IT. I mean, it's a slow, painful death, just with different scenery. Well, unless someone was kind enough to let me stay with them, but that's something you'd see from my homeland, not here.
      If it sounds like I'm being dramatic for pity's sake, maybe my sudden absence will give pause, should that happen; this is a very real threat, and those that claim 'drama queen' are the exact jackarses THAT GET MADE INTO RPG MAKER BATTLERS (and the worst of them are made into pushover jokes). A lot of the battlers in Ramsey are going to reflect the stupidity of society, or so that's the plan. I still need time to finish this, but I am too stressed out over the stupid crap going on. The same stupid crap that threatens everything.

  13. Okay, so I'm using this crafting system in particular because: > Coelocanth's system does not allow for more than one 'recipe' per item > The interface of Venka's system is really robust (I do not know where online the script set/demo can be found) Anyway, the issue I am having is that, for some reason, for some of the crafting types, the timer bar (and help text!) does not show up, and players having to guess at when to press the confirm button, is just really, really, really BAD GAMEPLAY. NO, THANK YOU. I dunno what the deal is, but I cannot release the game with such a critical flaw. I've tried to figure out what in the literal name of Mercy is going on, but looking at the code, I see no reason why this could be happening. So, I'm at a loss, and need help. I've actually put this off, because I'm trying to get other things set to go, but this here, this is make or break. It will be a cornerstone of gameplay and must be functional before the game is released. So I humbly ask whoever is able, to aid me here. Thanks much...
  14. PhoenixSoul

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    Looks like there's more scripts to be added to the list of lost scripts... ... Internet volatility, is pfffffftttt...
  15. PhoenixSoul

    Movies As OGV

    I believe Estriole created one. Not sure on this. #PangsOfFamiliarity
  16. PhoenixSoul

    Movies As OGV

    Scale: Auto NO. You have to configure the scale. Otherwise, the issues with quality will persist. Scale: 17:13 Actually, change the Frame Size to 640*480. Then, set the scale to 5:4.
  17. PhoenixSoul

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    My older PC: Windows 7 Home (came with this refurbed PC) DELL Optiplex 330, 2007 Intel Celeron @1.8 GHz (standard for the PC model) 4 GB RAM (bottlenecked at 2.99 GB) Onboard Graphics (can support an AMD Radeon 2400) My more capable PC: (needs new HDD) DEL Optiplex 7040, ~2015 Windows 10 Pro (?) (I think it is but I'm not sure) Intel i5-6600 8 GB RAM (can have more) AMD Radeon HD 7000 OR Intel HD Onboard (dual-screen!) Links?
  18. Highlight text, press one of the buttons and the text is unhighlighted as well as the desired changes ignored. Spoiler button: Takes many clicks to work. URL button: Have to paste the URL into the editor and then edit the text, otherwise, it does not work. Alignment: Forced left, other buttons do squat. Bold/Italic/etcetera: Requires keyboard shortcuts. Font color/size/type: works intermittently. Arrow that redirects to page top: Is resource intensive; should be toggle-able.
  19. So, it's becoming more, and more clear that despite Windows 7 being far more stable than the sloptoast that is Windows 10, it's going to be harder, and harder, to do much of anything at all, and that really SUCKS.

    No, I'm not going to ask you for help; a fruitless endeavor that would be, but! I've exhausted everything I can do, so yeah, it's going to come down to the aid of someone else, whomever that is. I'm doing my best, but the only thing motivating me to even care one iota is the project I started, that I'm feeling massive pangs of regret for even remembering the inspiration source material in the first place.

    I miss a lot of things, but most of all, the random conversation drops, yes that has had a massive detrimental effect on me. Life gets in the way, sure, but I don't buy that it's all that it is, no; it's because I'm autistic and that leads to off-putting interactions, doesn't it!?!!?

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    2. Remi-Chan


      The disc wont help anymore, the parts made these days are built disregarding the old OS, meaning it's liable to be full of issues.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I guess not everyone knows that I have two PCs, technically three with the one much older tower that only has IDE ports, but the one that runs Windows 7, and the one that has an embedded Windows 10 registration key in the UEFI that I have no access to, are not the same PC.
      For the Win7 PC, I absolutely still have the install disc, and yes, it still works as intended. Unfortunately, it's the most basic version of Windows 7. I'm not quite sure what @Remi-Chan is getting at though.
      If I wanna do things like run higher end emulators on the Win7 PC, I need something like a Radeon 2400. I have no idea where I'd be able to procure one of those. I don't need a GPU for the more capable PC, it has a Radeon HD 7000, but it does need a new HDD, and one that has at least 1 TB of space. No, I can't buy stuff online. Unless the technology is developed that allows one to insert physical currency for digital store payments, it's, NOT, HAPPENING. Sweet Mercy.

    4. Animebryan


      Well, for converting physical currency into digital, there's options like Paypal. If you have a place that lets you add funds onto that account (I know Walmart does, at $20 minimum & a $3 charge). Its the method I use to make online purchases.

  20. PhoenixSoul

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    ... I mean, I'm at a loss, but there's one thing I've considered. The hardware running everything. ... If it is, then I have no control over that. ... I actually thought that might of been an issue, but changing the first recipes to start at ID 1 instead of 0 had no effect at all. I even did the same with the craft IDs and that had no effect, nor did adding dummy crafting IDs. The truth is, @Remi-Chan actually made a good point (in a different topic) about RM's text drawing, in that text that's too wide will not work properly/as intended. Seems to be a thing RM shares with Windows and Windows apps in general, and it may just be an x86/32-bit thing, Mercy knows. ... Again, I'm in no control over what I have for hardware, but if I manage to get my more capable PC working again (and install LTSC instead of the bloatware W10), I can revisit this and see if anything changes. For now, I have it working, even if there's some mismatching, it's not the worst. I mean, at least the bad gameplay of guessing, is gone, but I do have balancing issues with craft progression and such to deal with (will come as I make further progress).
  21. PhoenixSoul

    Various issues (read below)

    I can't say since the site seems to always be experiencing some sort of issue, but then again, I'm not on everyday, so... That said, I use Vivaldi, and I refuse to go back to Chrome, thank you no. Seems like then, there should be someone else that can do all this in the interim, because only having one full-control sysadmin, is a problem, and this is why sites go crashing and burning. So, yeah, THIS IS A PROBLEM!!! (unless the sysadmin is waiting for the site to crash and burn that is)
  22. PhoenixSoul

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    Double dammit... I forgot completely, to put the MODE7 DLL files in with the demo upload. Sorry about that. The CPU is slightly better than mine it seems (if that is the CPU's clock speed). Oh yes, and I've played one where the devs outright encourage saving the game often because the game (RGSS3 Player itself) is likely to crash at any given time. I think it's really a problem with the battle system, but that's what happens when everything shown in the battle scene (aside from the menu UI) is a bunch of animations.
  23. Guess that also explains the occasional pixelated cutoff with certain fonts (especially with italics). It's not the only time I've seen it either (Windows Live Movie Maker). Yeah, it's Venka's crafting script system. Only thing I didn't include from the demo was the High Res stuffs (the one DLL and related scripts that are forever locked behind some kind of restriction and due to vanish to internet volatility). That (to me) is still quite significant. Even if you're not necessarily the physical illustrator, you're still an artist. This here is a part of a town (I don't know how to do full map screenshots in RMXP) I've made using Pokémon Essentials: It's a WIP, for certain.
  24. Thanks for the insight on this. Context: it's only the mall's interior. Yeah, there are parts that are made to look like they're external, but that would be a separate map. Of course, this here is only a concept map; it's not really going to have use, at all. If I were to create an actual mall, I'd likely go with a Celadon Department Store kind of layout (multiple floors and one to three shops per floor). The escalators are broken (mainly because the asset pack doesn't provide them as aforementioned), so there is a funny story I made up to go with them, that some idiot in a shopping cart decided to ride down the up escalator, and that didn't go well at all... 🤣 Excellent art though, so you're part of an art team. I like, I like very much (and wow does that sound weird in English!). So...there has been an issue with my main project for some time, but with help (and Falkor's luck-lots of it), it has been resolved. Truth be told though, I'm not sure why the font used (Cambria) was problematic in the first place. I use icons (Modern Algebra's global codes script) to represent the various buttons, though mainly cosmetic. Not sure if that was part of the problem...ah well...it works now at least, so that's one more hurdle/obstacle taken care of.
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