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  1. Well, anyway, happy 4/20 to those that observe/celebrate it.

    1. Animebryan


      Happy Passover!

    2. PhoenixSoul



      I meant, happy marijuana day.

  2. I had been looking for a script like this one... Yanfly's only chases the player; the one suggested in the other forums can do a lot more.
  3. Care to share how this was resolved? There may be others who might find such a resolution useful.
  4. I have decided not to leave as of yet.

    However, all in all, I have not been treated fairly. I can give exception to some who have indeed been far more fair and to this forum in general, but ultimately, the imbalance is wearing on me. Wearing on me hard, and no amount of 'internet break' will alleviate that. Only resolution and closure will.

  5. PhoenixSoul

    Morality Metre for Menu

    @Tunomaki The site itself is gone. In fact, this script (and possibly every other script made by this person) has not even been archived via the Wayback Machine. Sorry to say this but, looks like this one is no more. Shame; it would of been very useful.
  6. PhoenixSoul

    💖My Little Pony: The Game

    What was this originally made with? VX Ace? Anyway, I know little about MLP, so it wouldn't matter that much if I played the game since I probably wouldn't watch the show.
  7. Seems that I've run into an unexpected snag. That said, it'll wait because I've got too much going on offline in the coming days that will keep me occupied, that and the most reliable experienced RGSS codex writer I know is headed off to Singapore soon, so...

    But seriously, I hope she enjoys her break. Of all, she definitely deserves it. I know that I wish I could go with her, though I would most definitely not want to come back after all I've been through, lol

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Solar Punk...

      Hello gamedev idea...lolz


      I didn't say that. I was implying that the idea is to get away from everything, not bring it all with you.

    3. Kayzee


      Hehe, I don't need a big trip to get away from everything, I am perfectly capable of escaping reality on my own. :P

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Still, we wanna see any photos you get. lol

  8. So, yes, I have a new game project that I am going to finish at some point. No ETA on playable demo yet. The premise behind my current game project is a continuation of the story of the first Final Fantasy game. There won't really be any elements present from the first game other than some of the mechanics (i.e. sorcery shops and menu music), the characters are going to be custom designed by the player (face and sprite graphics are changed by what the character wears or doesn't wear as well as some settings the player chooses), the music and sounds are not going to consist in any fashion of Final Fantasy music or sound, only the story, and if you haven't played the first Final Fantasy game at all, then there's a good chance you won't even know you're playing a game whose story continues on that of the first game's story. The only thing present from the first game are the enemy sprites, though they are faithful recreations from the first game. This is a sideview battle system, and with everything I have in the game, it's going to be resource heavy (it is for me but it does run). Currently, I have all the spells finished and their shop items (using TsukiHime's Shop Manager here) finished so that the spells can be purchased. All the spells also are separated into three types: Destruction Restoration Alteration There are three spell caster classes, Magus, Cleric and Auril, the third is also able to learn some enemy skills and has the most Alteration experience. Also, the Auril is able to learn all three types of spells readily, though Destruction and Restoration spells are not learned at the same rate. All three spell caster classes can learn all three spell types, though the Magus will have to have a secondary class (using Yanfly's Class System) to learn Restoration spells, as well as to learn all Destruction and Alteration spells. I have the healing items finished, the main ones used in most situations anyway. Their formulas are done though I'll be changing their icons once I get that situated. I have the main characters fleshed out and am working on hidden characters that are unlocked via specific situations. One of them is a tie-in character to a side project that I have kinda-sorta started. Other than that, not much else to say. The other thing is that I started work on a ROM hack of Final Fantasy (NES), turning it into an open-world-ish experience, by allowing one to walk anywhere (almost), and by having ship ports in many more places but also on every continent. I also made other changes because being able to go anywhere means that one could face stronger enemies before they're ready to, so every enemy drops triple the amount of gold they normally drop, so that supplies will be easier to purchase, and I changed the starting amount from 400 to 20,000. I changed the way classes gain spell points and have it to where most classes can learn spells at some point, and also changed some spells to be usable by mages and clerics alike due to their properties being on the side of Alteration spells (things like status ailment spells that don't deal damage or resistance spells, etcetera), which both 'white' and 'black' magic have in their arsenal. Spells like Fast (Haste), and Tmpr (Temper), are learnable by any class that can learn spells to name a couple. I didn't change the cost of any items, nor any other stats of enemies (with exceptions to a few whose resistances I did change due to logic among other minor changes), but I did change bonus to hit percentages, and elemental weakness damage. The Harm spells (remains Restoration spells) affect more than just undead, and that's about it. Oh, you can land the airship on any walkable tile, and that includes the mountain tiles which I've adjusted to be a desert background for in-battle. That's all I've got for now.
  9. You're not the first to do this sort of thing. Actually, thirty years ago, Square did this with all key items in Final Fantasy, though it was area based for the most part (a few items did require standing in one spot facing a specific direction). But yeah, roninator got this on the nose; I would of demonstrated the same method.
  10. I've played video games many. I've seen many different things that a certain something can do when in inventory or is a skill or a passive effect, etcetera. Lately, I've played games where it seems that a single passive ability can do different things depending on whether the player is moving, or if attacking with a certain skill, etcetera, but one thing that I've rarely seen is the detriment to the player where attacking normally costs the player Vitality/Health/HP. The only recent example of this I've played recently is in Mega Man Unlimited, when you play as Zero/Z-Prototype; all attacks cost Vitality, some more than others. Thing is, whenever Zero lands a hit, it restores Vitality. It restores 1 unit of Vitality per hit; the basic attack costs one unit, whilst the Z-Saber costs three (I think-might be four), and the Syoryuken two. Deflecting projectiles (passive ability when Zero stands still) doesn't restore nor cost Vitality. It's also the only technique Zero has that doesn't have any related cost other than double movement speed. The air dash costs two, or three I think, and the ground pound is one unit. Some enemies can be smashed in one blow from Zero, but registers several hits, thus a good way to heal. This is just something I was thinking about as something that could be a thing in an RPG or something (like if implemented into LoZ or something action-oriented), while playing MMU. For VX Ace, pretty sure there's a script out there that could enable this sort of functionality, though not so sure how useful it would be to have in a turn based game... I dunno, anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  11. @Kayzee I remember SMBX acting in the same manner. Hell, it even has sprite sheets that clearly define what action is for what lua coded state. (I tried getting into that but it's way detached from Ruby beyond the point of me being able to convert what I already know into usable technique for lua).
  12. PhoenixSoul


    Like @Kayzee, I too am not that well-versed in MV (if I EVER GET BETTER HARDWARE THIS WILL LIKELY CHANGE), but I do know a few tricks in the advanced department if you ever need them, but agreeing with @Rikifive here on not focusing on that at all, at least at first. I do believe that was my mistake when I first got involved with RM on the PC (the console versions give you far less leeway and even less open-ended access akin to RM 2000/2003), though to be fair, probably the worst mistake I made was thinking that I could trust certain people when it came time to try to get more than one person involved. Be careful in that department (though here you'll find plenty of semi-trustworthy if less reliable people here to aid you so no worries there xD). In that regard in fact, avoid asking people on the following sites for aid: Deviant Art (places that have paywalls and staff that don't give a sh*t about anyone are bad in general) Facebook (the trade pages are not reliable) Twitter (that's one of the flagship sites for global censorship-bad place to do any sort of business) YouTube (Farticles 11 and 13 are surely going to destroy any sort of marketability there) Instagram (as for YouTube, same for this one) In fact, just avoid major social media altogether, and when it comes time to market your product, use itch.io for your storefront, Bitchute and Steemit to post videos of your game/content, and Gab.ai for spreading the word about it. But, that's just notes for you to jot down for future reference. Until then, bonne chance, mon ami. Oh, and be sure to hit that Like and Subscribe button before you go. (sorry, I had to leave that joke because you hear it all the time, lolz)
  13. PhoenixSoul

    Holders Animated Battlers

    That's what I seem to remember. Then again, this was ~2016 and my memory is not that great so... A template with some form of skeleton, whether that be a nude model or something, but it is what it is I suppose. If I was better with graphics, I'd definitely put some effort into making animated sprites for this, but as is, my current project has all my attention.
  14. PhoenixSoul

    Corruption of Laetitia

    One of the single most challenging things to do, no matter where you are in development. I'll eventually get to play this. I've been needing to focus more on my own project, which hasn't been easy to accomplish...
  15. PhoenixSoul

    Holders Animated Battlers

    I love the art style, but I noticed something. The template for the battle sprite is a 4x14 of colored squares! lol I seem to recall some time back, that wasn't so.
  16. These are lyrics I relate to. The artist is amazing to boot.
    "...You can't understand unless you've walked in my shoes..."
    ♫There's an outcast in everybody's life, and I am her (I am her)...♫
    ♫There's a shadow in everybody's front door, and I am her (I am her)...♫
    ♫There's a dark cloud in everybody's sunlight, and I am her (I am her)...♫
    ♫Oh no, I am her...♫

    I'm no stranger to being an outcast, that's what makes me unique, partially. I don't follow the path someone else takes, and I revoke rebuttal when I know that the rebuttal is pure nonsense.

    I don't care what anyone else says or thinks. I may be a pessimist, but I didn't choose to be. Just like I didn't choose to be imprisoned inside of mortal flesh. There are times when things unexplained, uncontrollable with outcome, can't be seen with foresight or circumvented, happen. That type of nonsense though, has happened to me without my consent or my say, far many more times than fair or balanced. I do fine without your interference, thanks. Leave me be, that's all I require. Don't screw with me, don't promise me things you've no intention on delivering, don't say nice things to me, and go behind my back and rebuke them, and in general, don't be stupid, because one come a time, you're gonna come to me asking for something, or perhaps begging and pleading, and I'm going to say NO. You've burdened me with your misconduct, allowing me to take the fall too many times, and I won't have anymore.

    No, this is not aimed at anyone in particular, but those who know they've screwed with me in this way, know that I've been wronged by them. Whether or not they care, that's not on me.

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    2. PhoenixSoul



      I wouldn't do that unless if it were from some sort of existential threat that would affect me as well.


      'Flaw', 'quirk', synonyms. lol

    3. Kayzee


      The word 'flaw' implies there is some perfect ideal version of something that a thing fails to live up to, like I said.

      The word 'quirk' implies merely a feature that might be unusual or unexpected and does not imply a judgement of quality.

      At worst it implies that one should be careful because something may behave in a way they people might not expect or understand, and that is fair to apply to me sometimes I think. :3

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I guess we see these differently too.

      I admit to not being perfect nor ever wanting to be. I admit to having flaws, things that have some sort of detrimental effect in one form or another. I wouldn't call those quirks since they're not necessarily things I look at and say 'I like this', but calling them flaws also doesn't quite hit the mark for me either. I'm usually just not able to muster the energy required to think it through and figure out the exact adjective that this describes.


      Anyway, I know I'm not perfect, I know I'm not a role model, but I'll be chopped gizzards if I'm to be called out for something that isn't true, dammit. That was the whole point of this post, to tell people enough is enough.
      Burden someone else with their misconduct, or better yet, take their own damn burden.

  17. PhoenixSoul

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    "Rockin' with Crusader Cat" brings back some nostalgia, lolz
  18. PhoenixSoul

    Final Fantasy battlers on RPG Maker MV

    The problem with that mentality is that people become greedy and avaricious over time, and that never ends well. So, I'm agreeing to disagree, and the dev has my support on this. I can only hope that this is a mere stepping stone forward and not the flagship.
  19. PhoenixSoul

    Final Fantasy battlers on RPG Maker MV

    Square is protective of their IP, sure. But it's a handful of sand to what Nintendo of America does (Nintendo of Japan is far less aggro because they're more intelligent and know better). As far as Brave Exvius characters go, though, that's not just Square's IP, there are collaborations within the 6,000+ roster of playable characters. Of course, Fair Use is a thing that most corporations don't care about, so that's always a roll of the dice. Ultimately, fan games boost visibility. That's been proven time and again. I say, go for it. Plus, if they're recreations and not direct rips, that's fully Fair Use. Anyway, bonne chance with your project. Wind at your sails.
  20. Well, damn...this sucks...
    RIP Richard Anthony Monsour, aka Dick Dale...
    He passed away on March 16, this year.

    One of the guitar greats, sorely missed, one I'll never get to meet. As a tribute, I'm sharing Misirlou.



    May the Divines guide you to peace, great patron of the musical arts...


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    2. Knighterius


      Goodness that's pretty sad :(

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I mean, we all go at some point, it just makes wonder whose next to go.

      Hetfield? Mustaine? Hudson?

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I guess the video is blocked in my country.


      I was surprised to see him characterized as one of the guitar greats, when I've never heard of him, and guitarists used to be something of an obsession of mine.

  21. PhoenixSoul

    Final Fantasy Sprites V1

    I'm primarily a fan-fiction writer (Fair Use, yay!), though to be fair, a lot of what I write is reinterpretations of the storyline. Anyway, I won't get into what you said about 'laws' because that's another topic neither here nor there. I create my own worlds, characters, and so on, but love meshing other existing worlds together to see what happens. In that regard, @Kayzee and I have a lot in common. I most certainly admire your work, and would never 'rip it off', but tributing in some fashion would be in my wheelhouse.
  22. I̭͙̰͉̞͈ͩͣͥ̏ͬͥ̑͜'͙̥͓̈́̒̿̎m̡̗̦͙̹̣̣̟͐ͥ͌͒͗̓̇͗͟ ̓͑̓̉͏̻͇̱̬͞͡n̄̔̓̎̔͏̢͍̱o̸̰̠͚̟͋͞t̩̺́̔ ͖̝̝̜̣̬̀ͮ̔ͫͩ̿ͣ̚͘ͅf̷͖͉̯̬̞̗͕͋͂̈̓ͪ͆͡͞ͅę͚̦̪̲̝̰͛̏ͤͫ͌̇͢e̢̝̿ͩ̕l̃́̒ͮ̓̾̓̊͏̵̠̞̲̲̬̭̳͚͢í̢̲̞̰̪̟̠̤ͧ̿̿͡n͔͔͎̘͖̬̳̻̑̾̓͢͡ͅğ̶̩̠̖͖͓̜ͩ̋͗ͣ̀ ̧͔͉͉̣̠̉̆ͨͫ̏͜͠s̶͛͒̈́͠͏͇͉̼o̥͔̞ͬ̄̋̾͗̃̓͘͠͞ ̙͎̰ͬ͐͑̇͞w̌͆ͪͮ́̆͏̷̣e͕̥͙̰͇̥̣͓ͩͥ͐̋͜l͇̞̦͉̼͒̓͑̇̚̕l̵͓̩̺̗ͦͨͯ̾͊̿͑̐͝ ̛̀ͯ̀͋̎̓̅ͭ҉̬̦t͋̓͋̿̎̓͏̻̰͓̰͘oͣͮ̾ͦ̏ͫ̅̈̚͏̸͚̙͉̳̲d̼̯̥͖̠̦̽ͤͬͦͩ͟ͅa̢̯̱̟̞̱̤̣͈ͨ̚͡ͅy̦̹̜̪͇͑,̴͓̪͉̣͎ͣͨ͌̽̚ ̙̥̥̄̌͟c̰͎̪ͥͯ̒́ą̪̽͠͠ͅn̢̪̖̙͇͚̹ͯ͋͝'̷͎̙͖͙̆͗̆ͬͪ̃͌̈́͌ț̯̤͖̖̩ͫ̿̽̈́̒͘ ̤̼̇͜͞y̹̗̿ͣ̍̈́̓ͬ̂o̰͖̺̩ͤ̍͌̾̔̎͂ù̄҉̗͓̯ ͗͏̢̲̹̜̙̗͈̣t̺̗͎͚͈̖̣̀͂̓̈́ͨe̩̲̬̜̤̰̳͐̎͐̓̐̇̂ͫ̉ͅl̰̲̜ͧ́͒ͮ̀͜l̴̡̖̮̻͓̫̮̫͒ͩ̐́͘?̸̖̦̜͇͎̇ͤͣ̈́͊̂̍́͡ ̡̱̣̮̪͚̙̻̙̠̎̅ͥͦͪ̏͂͟͠l̷̸̟̮͙̣̘̪ͨ̿̉͑o̶̶̮̖͔ͧ̎̉ͪl̤̲̒̇͊ͧͥ̋̅̈̐̀z̖̰̦̭͖̰ͫ̑͐̄̿͐ͤ͛̍ͅ

    1. Animebryan


      The Matrix has been infected! Where's Neo when we need him?

  23. PhoenixSoul

    Final Fantasy Sprites V1

    Sharp as in...less pixelated. lolz The only character I know by name is Cid, but since there's a Cid in every FF entry... But I see. Again, having nothing to do with the MK character, but yeah, lol
  24. PhoenixSoul

    Final Fantasy Sprites V1

    I don't know those FF characters at all. I do know the name Stryker, though from a completely different game series... I do like the Earthbound character sprites though, they're really sharp.
  25. PhoenixSoul

    Edits and Mack Rips

    I do believe Looseleaf is fully free to use. That said, I'm not one hundred percent on that. Still, I do like what you've done here...