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  1. Alright, so here's the skivvy on lost scripts. It even says in most of them so link back to the original thread, don't repost, etcetera, but in times like these, when Dropbox decides to kill a download for their asinine reasons, or if a script writer decides to f*ck off their project, or whatever, there has to be a workaround. The Wayback Machine (https://archive.org) is awesome, but not foolproof (since it is user-driven and must be used by the people wanting to save these webpages for later perusing), so, is there an alternate method? Yes, yes there is; you take these lost snippets of wonderful and useful information... And group them all together, which I am doing here. I will add to this list as I come across dead script links, and (hopefully) find ways around them. I will also repoint to the original post, if possible. (Don't expect this though.) Anyway, and without further ado...Scripts! Mr.Bubblewand - Blood Magic (victim of Asinine Dropbox) And that is all for now; adding more as I become aware of more lost scripts
  2. PhoenixSoul

    Gab Manager

    Dropbox link is dead; using that platform without proper backup was a reeeeeaaalllly bad idea... (hindsight is 20/20-marking this as a dead script to be reuploaded if anyone has it)
  3. Going forward, it'll be much easier to contact me via Discord or Steam; web browser is garbage to startup anymore and I will never have the means to upgrade my lackluster hardware...

    Unless you wanna help out...

    1. UncannyBoots


      What is your hardware, and what browser are you using? Some browsers like Chrome are very resource intensive.

      I also suggest to download the free version of Malwarebytes and run a scan. My computer was so slow it was unusable, then I scanned my PC and found I had a trojan. Malwarebytes quarantined it and my computer was like new again. It's possible it's a virus.

      Also possible that you're very low on disk space which I hear can slow down your PC.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Long story short, it is a 2008 Dell that I got overcharged for.

      I do use Chrome; unfortunately the options for internet browsers that are of decent quality are very slim (Brave doesn't run and Opera runs moderately decent but that's about it).

      I have a 1TB HDD with some unpopulated space. If needed, I can expand the larger partition.

      Yeah, I've considered that. I should have something since Windows 7 is the most this 2008 hardware could handle (it couldn't run Windows 10 back in 2015-how could it even try to now??), but free versions of AV and AMW don't do a damn thing, and if I can't afford to upgrade my hardware, I can't afford full versions of the AV and AMW either, like, seriously, think for a few seconds here.


  4. I didn't actually think any further code was needed; I had figured it could be done with what's already present, and yeah, it should return the values of the neighboring tiles' region IDs or terrain tags. Ah, well... Hmmm...but it leaves (once again) one query unanswered...
  5. This remains unanswered. Also, how does one check to see if both weapon slots (YES DUAL WIELD) contain the exact same weapon?
  6. So, here's the skivvy. I have set up a certain table of global codes to be used, and in some areas, the codes render the text just fine. However, in only this particular scene, where I'd like to have the text and/or icons show up properly, they instead show garbage. I'd like to know how to fix this, and I'm on a deadline so this is info I need ASAP. I'll be tagging people specifically so that this is seen sooner rather than later. I don't know where to get the global codes script (I have an archive of scripts and that's where I got it from), and Yanfly's wordpress should still be around. Tagged for fast visibility are... @Rikifive @Kayzee @Seriel
  7. Yeah, now I got it. Thanks, @Traverse. Now I can actually have it appear as I had intended. (\\*\\r[#] was not something I had thought of...)
  8. PhoenixSoul

    What're Ya Buyin?

    It'd also be the first time I ever owned one. Main thing I'd wanna do is use it to play PSP games (it can do this), and maybe PS2 games (depending on if it could run them).
  9. PhoenixSoul

    What're Ya Buyin?

    Seconding replacing this 2008 lackluster computer. That and a better display setup (dual screen). A PSVITA for homebrew.
  10. Using \e gives me a nonsense undefined method for 'upcase' in line 442 of Yanfly's Message System.
  11. PhoenixSoul

    Holders Animated Battlers

    These are really awesome though...
  12. It still seems like a massive learning curve jumping from Ruby to JS...
  13. It allows one to use escape characters for various purposes, and make it so that one can use a shorter string in editor entries and anywhere that uses a message window for displaying text. What I seek to do is show icons in Yanfly's System Options, for showing button press commands. This is the only scene where the icons are not showing, and I don't understand why/how to alleviate this problem.
  14. PhoenixSoul

    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    @Kayzee Yeah; it was the good o' "Cannot load x.rvdata" (x being whichever rvdata file that got corrupted) nonsense. For the compiler corruption errors, it would just crash and leave log files filled with garbage text.
  15. Yeah; MV is a great platform, but it seems to be too much of a learning curve for those that only knew Ruby. Speaking of, here's a fact about Ruby that will make your heads spin. Ruby is itself Open source and public domain; no bit of code that is strictly Ruby-based can be copyrighted, including commentary. I looked into this, and there are a lot of scripts that have invalid conditions of use. I'm not going to name any specifics, but it does mean that if I myself were to write scripts and have a massive amount of restrictions on usage (which I will never), I absolutely, under no uncertain terms, have no recourse to enforce those or punishments for such, nor does any other Ruby script writer. Now, it might be an asshole move to go against the wishes of the original script writer, but whether that is so is absolutely subjective, and certain things like QoL fixes being restricted for nitpicky reasons is an asshole move on the part of the original script writer. So, why bother implementing them. No, better yet, SCREW THAT. Now, as far as the Yanfly scandal goes, I don't know if JS has the same open source licensing as Ruby does, but if it does, then what Yanfly did is absolutely illegal. I believe felony levels of illegality would be involved, though I'm not sure. Of course, I only mention this because there are those who don't like it when something made available to everyone is being hoarded and paywalled, but the legality of it to me means nothing, though the immorality of it does, and oh yeah, Yanfly absolutely crossed the line, no turning back because that bridge is completely burned. Ya screwed up big time, bunny bubs. Just be glad you didn't do the same to your VX Ace scripts, because then there'd be torches and pitchforks with your name on them, lolz As far as emulation goes, emulation in itself is fine, nothing wrong, illegal or even immoral about it (I mean, DOSBOX was developed in part by the original DOS code writers as are many other emulators and that doesn't include official releases of emulation i.e. PS2/PS3/X360/Wii/etcetera emulators of previous generation games). Also, ROM/ISO dumps are fine if you have and/or had at some point the original copy (with proof of purchase for the latter), but dumping/archiving these is still 'illegal', even with the long since deprecated consoles and computers, with a few exceptions (all Commodore computers are exempt from this and by a formal request to make the source code public domain a little while back-there are other examples but Commodore is one I know of for certain which is awesome honestly). All these ROM sites being sued are being sued only by Nintendo of America, WITHOUT NINTENDO OF JAPAN'S BLESSINGS. Yeah, that's right; Nintendo of America is and has been going against the wishes of the parent company, but there's a long history behind this, and it goes back to the second world war. Ya see, there's no doubt that the dropping of the atom bombs on Japan, with the promise of a full-scale invasion if Japan were not to surrender, would absolutely happen again, though the methods may differ this much time later, it would still be because the Empire of Japan dared go back on their word that they'd never go after the United States in any way, shape or form. However, I'd love to see Nintendo of Japan interfere, and force them dumbasses at Nintendo of America to stop their stupid, pointless and harmful (not to mention greedy and avaricious) lawsuits against people. I'd love to see that. They won't, unless something bad happens to them and they must, but yeah. Microsoft chose to make Windows free to use, well, for Windows 10 anyway. Of course, one still has to pay for a license but can do so whenever, however, it's the microtransaction business model being used. Eh, it is what it is. Costs are going up, greed is rampant, and all anyone can do, is let it, because saying anything against it, will get you locked in a damn cage. This was a thread about script writers vanishing, but became politically charged quick. Imagine in the nearer future, people will read this, and see how horrifying having mortal-written laws truly is. #NeverAgain @Kayzee The Orwellian Hellscape? Oh, that's already a thing. Has been for a while now. In 92 years, it'll be 2112, and life as depicted in that audio novella by Rush back in 1976 is looking a lot like life now in 2020. The Temples of Syrinx are every damn where, and the location of one of them is: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC, 20500-0005
  16. :thonkang:

    Well, this is odd; apparently, one cannot display icons using variables.
    I mean to do so like this:

    Like, the point of this is to use the variable's current value to point to the icon index. I mean, sure, I think one could use the following:
    \i[\v[#]], but I'm not sure if that would work outside of message boxes and such.

    1. Kayzee


      Wow,  \i[\v[#]] actually works! I didn't think it would at first glance, but it totally does! It should work for any text that is drawn with draw_text_ex, which I think by default is message boxes, item descriptions/help windows, choice lists, scrolling text, the battle log... and I think that's it? Most menus or other windows only use draw_text which doesn't support control codes at all, but most of them manually draw icons or other things anyway.


      Here is a fun thing you can do with message control codes: You can technically set a variable to a string using script calls or the set variable script operand. This makes the \v[#] command a LOT more useful if you ask me.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, let us just say that this is outdated; my topic in Programming is the actual thing to be looking at. Since you have my project, you have both scripts at hand.

      I mean...I'm not going to skip over an obstacle because it'll be there no matter what until the obstacle is eliminated, so if this stalls my demo release, then BITCH MODE ACTIVATED.

  17. PhoenixSoul

    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    @GCRX ... VX Ace has one issue with the RGSS interpreter. It occasionally will not read everything correctly. Of course, sometimes, this is at the compiler level, and it won't be fixed by a simple restart, but by completely wiping the data clean and restarting (be easiest to erase the rvdata files and then resave the project to rewrite them). This is the likely issue, and there is no fix short of decompiling VX Ace and recoding that portion of it (not worth the trouble and of course Degica would be very displeased-not that I care about their feelings). I have had several test projects get corrupted, and I had one working project lose more than half of the progress made due to this issue. While hardware issues can contribute/be the core cause, usually that will be a full rvdata corruption that occurs while VX Ace is not running.
  18. PhoenixSoul

    Edits and Mack Rips

    Domains get lost, content and information gets lost, no one archives it... Yeah.
  19. PhoenixSoul

    Edits and Mack Rips

    If there is/was any documentation about that, it has been pretty much lost to the void of the internet.
  20. PhoenixSoul

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Does anyone know of any offline RM builds? I mean the legitimate ones. Not talking about the archived ones (though there's not really any difference). Since Steam is being a piece of garbage and my hardware and financial situation are not going to improve any time soon (likely going to worsen actually), I haven't any real option other than using offline builds. I don't know what to do; this is my passion and if I have to throw it all away...
  21. PhoenixSoul

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    If I had the means of acquiring, yes. Maybe. Not sure. I know that PayFiend is out of the question (only if PayFiend goes back to being an anonymous payment platform will I ever use them again). I say maybe because they don't say they accept debit cards, just credit cards.
  22. PhoenixSoul

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    If only I could use my Steam wallet (my only viable method of digital currency) on the web store...
  23. PhoenixSoul

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Granted, but she's your pencil. lmfao I wish that Twisted Metal was real.
  24. Yeah, I know this place is dead. This borked feature will make it even more dead. Fix please. I'd tell ya exactly what the dumb error code is, but it won't let me copy and paste it (goes away when I move the mouse).