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  1. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that THUG Pro runs on this 2008 DELL; the codebase is from a much older game...lolz

    Anyway...trying to implement random chance stuffs and once again, something is breaking...

    1. Arrpeegeemaker


      What's the issue? Is the implementation itself not working, or is the implementation breaking other things?

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I dunno; it might be that somewhere, the conditional branches aren't executing properly.

      I'll be looking into it when I get back into VX Ace.

  2. PhoenixSoul

    A Question about Breaking the fourth wall.

    Some kind of journal that is non-reliant on game saves. Sounds like global save data stuffs to me. I dunno about MV, but there's at least a dozen scripts for VX Ace that do this.
  3. PhoenixSoul

    dwimmerdelve Lyrics!

    ♫Whoa-oh-oh-ohhhhhh...YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!♫ lolz (sorry not sorry)
  4. Shift-Clicking I believe is a thing, but there's not a lot of auto-tiles to work with per map chip. I'm not sure how the mapping was done in Yume Nikki, other than the floor tiles of a lot of maps were transparent/black with parallax BG stuffs going on.
  5. I see now; what we're looking for involves states being actively set. Permastates won't help with that unless being set and unset with common events.
  6. Eric got his castle stolen? How? Can he get it back? Find out when Take Back Eric's Castle comes out soon-ish.


    1. Kayzee


      Super Eric Land 2: Six Golden Coins?

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Not quite like that, lolz

      Not a bad idea for a game using Arc Engine though.

  7. It removes the following issues: PROFIT
  8. PhoenixSoul

    Using a cellphone as a tool?

    If you're going to use lighting, be careful with various systems because some lighting systems are finicky COUGHKHASCOUGHCOUGH and tend to break other scripts or break themselves on occasion. It would be way better if we had the means of using picture events like we did with RM2003 because managing lighting systems that way was so much easier, even if one had to make several map-sized lighting images, it worked like a charm.
  9. PhoenixSoul

    Help a notetag noob with... well, notetags.

    I was going to suggest an eval, but you figured it out already. Cool. Did you know: you can put the following in the damage formula: eval($data_x[y].note) x == actors/classes/skills/items/enemies/states y == ID and have the interpreter evaluate the specified notetag instead? Neat huh?
  11. It doesn't, but states would not be removed when tagged, therefore removing the following issue:
  12. @Coolie, @Kayzee, @Tsukihime's Permanent States may help here. Just saying. I use the two scripts in tandem a lot. No conflicts.
  13. PhoenixSoul

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Closer to twelve years, but, yeah; it used to be that getting a record deal was difficult and only those that could be put on the radio in a few months' time would be considered. I believe that they made more money in small venue gig earnings then they did in record deal earnings until after their second album. Rock and Roll was rough, and that's why the genre has my respect, well, that's not the only reason but it's reason enough. Van Halen is one of my inspiring artists too (one of several). I wonder though, what Eruption and You Really Got Me would sound like through your fingers though...lolz Anyway, Happy Samhain, and Happy Yule. Stay warm this winter...it's going to be colder.
  14. (Mashes buttons and somehow manages to get in a thirteen hit combo resulting in an instant KO)

    Oh, okay then.

    (Gets Ringed Out next round)


    1. Kayzee


      Let me guess... Soul Caliber? :3 Ah, fighting games...

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I was playing Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (PSP/Go).

  15. PhoenixSoul

    Entry 015: 'Cuties' (Twatties)

    I've not seen the movie (Netflix is and will always be a wealth-based privilege), but I did watch the review by SidAlpha, and from what I gathered, it is less about 'coming of age' than it is about twats being rebellious, something I can relate to but nothing like that. Apart from this, I really don't have much to say. I don't think that the intent of the creator was malicious, but in the end, it's not about intent, but about content; the content is trash/poorly cobbled together storytelling. Yes; twat and brat are the same thing. Brat is 'MuRiCaN' terminology, but all the same, all the same, English is such an odd language. Anyway, arbitrary age and maturity do not go hand-in-hand; one only need to see what Donald Trump is tweeting for one prime example of many, of how immature 'adults' almost always are. I used to know one person, who at the time, was 'underage' but also homeless and no one cared otherwise. She performed sex work for money, and last I knew, had been victimized by thugs with badges and guns because her client's arbitrary age was much higher. If not a victim of theft because I don't know if she got paid beforehand (the thugs were lying in wait), at the very least, they only went after the client and didn't provide her with any aid at all. I've not seen or heard from her in a long time. Maybe she found a way out, maybe she's buried six feet under, or incarcerated, Odinn only knows... I do know one thing. She knew, and understood. She understood the potential domino effect, and to me, that's more than mature enough.
  16. PhoenixSoul

    Entry 015: 'Cuties' (Twatties)

    I've seen some home-made films made by younger people and they're pretty damn entertaining if a bit rough, but so what. Back home, I saw children playing and exploring as they will, learning from their own mistakes and only receiving guidance from their parents. I was one of them too, and when I was imprisoned in mortal flesh was still one of them, was still learning, still receiving guidance, only to have all that stripped from me. There's a better Latin word for the type of predator that would harm children in this way. Anyway, it doesn't matter; laws in place are going to enable the behavior for s long as they exist, and that is a fact.
  17. PhoenixSoul

    RPG Stat Systems

    Well, in Ramsey... Here's my basic attack formula for weapon skills (each weapon depending on which weapon slot it is assigned to has a different skill but they all eval the one note): ((((a.atk)+(a.def*2)+(a.agi*0.75))-(a.atk*0.75))-(((b.atk)+(b.def*1.5)+(b.agi*0.25))-(b.atk*0.75))) Bear in mind that ATK and DEF are treated differently than in most other RM games; ATK is Aggression, DEF is Dexterity. A high Aggression is not likely to yield high amounts of damage UNLESS you're using Fury skills. Fury skills have a different damage formula. ((((a.atk*1.75)+(a.def)+(a.agi*0.5)))-(b.agi)) Fury skills are more likely to deal damage but there are other factors such as blocking and evasion. You might be asking why I used a bunch of skills for attacking with different weapons. Makes it easier to arrange in-battle commands and replace them. I have one attack for primary weapon, another for secondary weapon, and a third for attacking with both at once. Of course, it doesn't perfectly separate the two equipped weapons effects; if one has a pistol with poisoned rounds, the dagger in their other hand can still inflict the effects of the poisoned rounds since I have the skills set to 'Normal Attack' for all effects. Hmmm. Back to topic. I also changed 'LUK' to CHA.
  18. " 'Hey, everything is great,' said some guy, who became popular, then was arrested and killed for being popular which only made him more popular; you could make a religion out of this!" ~Bill Wurtz, from 'History of the World, I Guess?'

  19. PhoenixSoul

    How to make strong NPCs

    ... NPCs? You mean enemies/encounters, right? In RM-verse, NPCs refer to the events that perform all things both on screen and off, as well as events that are static and are just there to satiate graphic appeal. So with that cleared up, now onto what you mean by 'strong'.
  20. PhoenixSoul

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Are you, perchance, doing anything in regards to a tribute to the recently late Guitar Hero, Eddie Van Halen? Just asking.
  21. I completely misread that as the MP of the one user, not the entire party. Such is how easy it is to misinterpret borked English. Still, I knew I had part of it with a.mp. I tried, at least. I definitely am taking notes here.
  22. Hmmm...One can use (a.mp) in the damage formula for current MP. However, to have it also cost 100% MP without external scripting is not possible unless you know how to write it out in script calls. Seriously though, you only need one script. Yanfly's Adjust Limits. With that installed, you would put the following in the skill's notetag: mp cost: 100% And it would cost the entirety of the user's MP, plus whatever is set in the editor (make sure to set that to zero).
  23. PhoenixSoul

    change opacity of options

    Looks like the issue lies in opacity and z-values. I've never tried Khas' Light Effects, and as complex as it is am unlikely to ever do so...
  24. Rest in Peace, Eddie Van Halen...
    ♫Shine on, Shine on...♫

    1. Animebryan


      Died at 65 due to cancer. Damn cancer sucks. My mom was just recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I know those jackass rich elites found a cure for it already but are hoarding it to themselves & only letting people with ridiculous amounts of money get it. I officially nominate 2020 as the worst year I've ever lived & only expect the next few years to only get worse 😭

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I've said it before, I've quoted it before...

      "THERE'S NO MONEY IN A CURE." - Fact

      If they can't make a continuous profit off of it, they won't bother. #DCDEMOLITIONDERBY

  25. PhoenixSoul

    Face Frames

    Well, hot damn; didn't know this was even a need or something anyone would of ever wanted. Definitely being added to the archive of useful and neat utilities. You use Game Maker now, do you not?