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  1. I need some RPG Maker games to play for research purposes... All lets plays will be uploaded to my twitch and youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/chigooX < - YOUTUBE https://www.twitch.tv/chigoo1 <- Twitch I prefer to play open-world games but all genres are welcomed! EP1: Coming soon!
  2. Chigoo

    DawnHaven [Skyrim in VXA]

    The Map of Dawn Haven!
  3. Chigoo

    DawnHaven [Skyrim in VXA]

    thank you will be updating the game soon!
  4. AWESOME stuff man. keep up the good work. for me I mainly just need the move speed. I also have to figure out how to make the player dismount when in combat since i'm using an ABS or make the player at least take damage. Sorry to hear about your shoulder, please get better!
  5. Chigoo

    DawnHaven [Skyrim in VXA]

    New Game Play! Mounts Quests and Dragons Part of the 0.05c update!
  6. Awesome will update, I also wanted to know if there was a way to change movespeed on the fly, if you see my video I have different mount and I want to be able to make some faster than others. Look what I did so far
  7. Same issue, and i'm testing on a blank project. edit looking at the original game_vehicle script @walking_anime dosen't seem to do anything.... Once stepping animation is off no animation is played at all Also of the get_on def it only runs when player gets on the vehicle so i figred i needed to add @step_anime = moving? somewhere where the vehicle updates all the time. edit2 with trial and error I figured out to add it to def sync_with_player I just added @step_anime = moving? which fixes the issue i'm having. I did remove your script, but now I'm gonna add it in again and see if it's still solved or if I have to change something So i tried to add this to your script but it didn't work as i wanted. but the whole system works if I change the original game_vehicles script. . def sync_with_player @step_anime = moving? end maybe i have to alias or something but thats beyond me EDIT FINAL alias :ed5_sync :sync_with_player def sync_with_player ed5_sync @step_anime = moving? end figured it out! Add that to the end of your script before the last end # class Game_Vehicle
  8. Chigoo

    [18+] Renryuu: Ascension

    This looks really interesting... I might have to play it to take notes lol.
  9. Chigoo

    Jack's Revenge -A Wild West RPG-

    cool game! keep up the good work!
  10. Chigoo

    DawnHaven [Skyrim in VXA]

    Change log link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dawn-haven-demo-56002167 Dawn Haven Demo V0.05B -Added new NPCs -Added Fast travel from map (Must visit location once before) -New enemies -Added shops to Summer Fell, and Lounge Port -Started The Khriss main story Quest (Incomplete) -Bug fixes -Performance improved in open world Things Changing in next version -NPCs for High Fire, Grove Town, Koi Town, Kaizen (Shop keepers too) -Replacing old crafting system -Adding more enemies and Boss class enemies -Others....
  11. Chigoo

    DawnHaven [Skyrim in VXA]

    The Wait is over! The Game is available now! Join my patron to play : https://www.patreon.com/chigoox
  12. hello, I wanted to see if you can help me with one of your scripts.

  13. Hey, I'm currently using a script which just points to a x,y location on the map. But I want to be able to use it in a more complex way. The script is only able to point to a location on the current map you're on. I want it to be able to point to a location a different map. How it should/might work: Events used as doors/transfers can be tagged with a exit door tag to read their location(x , y) this is used for caves and in door maps Events used as doors/transfers can be tagged with a specific door tag to read their location(x , y) this is used for world maps, towns, open areas. if the player is on the same map as location then script works normally if the player is on a map with only 1 exit and its not the same map as location then the location will be set to the exit if the player is on a map like a town where there's no exits then the script will look for a specific door tag to use that as the location script call will be like 3,4,6,"tag" (mapid, x, y, specific tag) calling this again should overwrite the old call (so if i was going to the market then changing it to the blacksmith will then lead me to the black smith) so scenarios: you are in a house and you get a quest to go to the market the script will set final destination to (*market map*, 33, 20) (map, x, y) user will assign which specific tag is used for the current final destination the script will then scan for a tag on the events if it reads exit tag (which it will since we're in a house) then it will set temporary destination to the location of the exit tag. the player then follows the compass the the exit the next map is the town where there should be no exit tags, the the script will then scan for the specific tag that matches the one the user assigned for final destination and set temporary destination to the location of the exit tag finally the player walking in the door of the market now the script sees its now on the same map the final destination and then works normal. So basically how the compass works in skyrim where if you're inside but the quest is in a different map it will show that. there can also be indication changes to let the player know if they are on a different map. I would love to thank you for read though to this far and really apricate the facts you are interested in helping. The Script In Question:
  14. Chigoo

    Items duplicating when equip.

    I kind of figured out a work around but I can script so I don't quite get how to do it. It seems that when using the quick selection tool to equip items duplicates the item. So what I want to do is is to make it so that instead of there being 4 commands for weapon, armor, item, and skills there will only be 3. equipment, items, and skill. Equipment will just take me to the regular equipment screen. I figuref out how to remove one of the commands and rename one to equiment. But I dont know how to make it so when you select equipment it will take you to the main screen. here's the script. it starts around here. Quick tool se3lection engine line : 497
  15. Chigoo

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    oh ok thank you.
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