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  1. tch, I should've known. The answer was in front of me, they were modules, not actual classes. Do you think I should go at this through Game_BaseItem instead and put my class variables and methods there?
  2. Yo is it possible to make new class variables in superclasses like RPG::BaseItem? Every time I try to alias the initialize method or attr_accessor a new variable ":new_var" @new_var = 0", that variable stays at "nil" but things like "@id" and "@description" still work. I'm trying to create a "reinforcement" variable on weapons and armor, and even tried using the RPG::Weapon, RPG::Armor, and RPG::EquipItem superclasses.
  3. I got you my boy. This script is unfinished because of the method "on_map_ok", as I don't know what you want to do now with this information ----------------------
  4. BrandonKaminari

    Chance to Refund Item in Battle

    D-Did I do it? Do I deserve a cookie? EDIT: create a skill that affects an ally, and create a common event through the skill that targets the variable you'll use for the Freebie. I have it going on a turn timer, each turn, the variable will decrease by 1.
  5. BrandonKaminari

    RGSS3 - Racism Script [LMAO]

    Okay, after several hours and blunts later, I considered your idea. The reason I'm still going to search by name is I think it would be easier on the programmer to utilize both the database and scripting evenly instead of relying on either. With that being said, I added in a Sub Race section, and it can only be read if there's a main race. Also, when I tested it out, it wasn't working! Now, I'm still kinda confused, especially on RPG::xxxx-related classes, BUT...
  6. BrandonKaminari

    RGSS3 - Racism Script [LMAO]

    What I was thinking was: There's going to be a LOT of monsters in my game. I don't want to program each and every monster's elemental weakness manually. AND All I need are the features, not the level or gear.....yet. And thanks! Not just for the praise, but the fact that I'm purposely planning my game and its enemies to be hard, but damn rewarding!
  7. Real easy question this time. I'm just trying to change the max level. I looked up solutions and thought it would be easy, but even other people's scripts aren't working. I'm not sure if it's because of how my specific VX Ace is set up, but here it is: and yet I get this error: and it takes me here: is there anything else I need to change or change this up differently? As you can see, I want a max level of 150. ;~;
  8. I believe to access which enemy is indexed in a troop, it's $data_troops[troop_index].members[index]. Unfortunately, the objects in the @enemies array in the members method in Game_Troop are NOT enemy objects, but they do give out the index of the enemy in database. To find that enemy, use $data_enemies[$data_troops[troop_index].members[index].enemy_id] And then for your animation thingy, you can set up an if statement. @enemyy = $data_enemies[$data_troops[troop_index].members[index].enemy_id] if @enemyy.name == "GIANT MUTANT SPIDER" #use whatever animation_id that burns house down end
  9. I'm working on a Quest Window Script. So far I'm working on the "Difficulty Window" where 5 stars are shown. If you were to accept an easy 1-star quest, I want to eventually have it updated so that only 1 of the 5 stars appears, but APPARENTLY my rect doesn't want me to do that! Inside is my Difficulty Window method. I have a BKaminari_Quest Module where contants like STAR_HEIGHT and such are already defined. The main problem is I've tested this code in and out and my "@width" is working fine. The "@rect" rectangle I made should take a portion of my bitmap, "@stars" and width-wise, start at 0 and take enough space for 1 star (50px). Shouldn't contents.blt print only 1 star and not the entire width (250px) of my bitmap?
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