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  1. CoGDork

    O Hai RMC!

    The name's Dork, and I make music! Oh, wait, you want an introduction to WHO I am. Okay. I'm a mildly autistic (Asperger's Syndrome) thirty-something who will never shut up about how awesome 90's cartoons were, how epic 70's rock was, and how much of today's music (with the exception of The Protomen, who IMO are one of the single greatest rock bands of all time) is awful. WARNING: any positive discussion of the new Star Wars trilogy or the DC Cinematic Universe will be met with scorn, derision, and uncontrollable nerd rage. Consider yourself warned. I look forward to having fun with this community!
  2. Welcome to my music shop! Here are some examples of my original stuff, all of which is free for NON-COMMERCIAL USE: And my commissioned work thus far (NOT available for use by anyone other than the commissioner): Everything I write is done in Finale 2014.5 using Garritan Personal Orchestra. With that out of the way, here's my list of rules: Try and give me an idea of what you want beforehand. For example, what is the context of the music (Love theme, Sad music, Town music, Character theme)? Is there something specific about the context to take into consideration (Tragic/happy love story, Village/City/Port town, Hero/Villain/Comic relief character)? What kind of instruments are you looking for? The more specific you can get, the faster I can get it done and the better the quality will be! I only accept paypal, all contact via PM. Use of my original stuff is free for non-commercial use only. If you want to use it in a commercial project, you will need to pay for it (see below). If you want, I can send you a piano-only "preview" of the melody before the full piece is finished, along with some extra info on how the finished product will sound. That way, if you have any suggestions or problems with the preview, you can let me know so that I can make the necessary changes. I reserve the right to put any composition I write up on my Youtube channel. The channel serves as a portfolio of sorts; if you don't want the piece to be publicly available, you will need to let me know in advance. That said, if you allow it, I will of course give credit to you and your game so that other people can't steal it for their own project. I don't work on strict timetables. Good music can't be rushed; if you need it in a certain amount of time, I will do my best to have something for you to hear within the general area of when you want it, but I can't guarantee with absolute certainty that it will be completely finished by then. You MUST give me credit (as Casey Kendall/CoGDork) in the credits of your game. This is obvious, really. Pricing is as follows: Commercial License for Original Music (per track): $5 Short jingles (10 seconds or less): $3 Small ensembles (1-3 instruments): $5 Medium ensembles (4-8 instruments): $7 Large ensembles/Full Orchestra (9+ instruments): $15 BUNDLE DISCOUNTS! 5-Jingle Bundle: $10 (instead of $15) 5-Small Bundle: $15 (instead of $25) Commercial Collection License Bundle (use ALL of my original stuff in your commercial project): $15 (Instead of $25) All of these examples are for looping pieces. If you want a full-length epic theme that doesn't loop, the price is negotiable based on the number of instruments and the length of the piece. If you want to commission a full soundtrack, that is also negotiable.
  3. CoGDork

    Chill-out Corner (Fave Music Thread)

    May I introduce to you the single greatest rock band of their generation, the masters of geek rock: THE PROTOMEN. If you've seen Video Game High School, you already know a couple of their songs (The Fall played in the shootout scene, Light Up The Night was in the DDR scene).
  4. Is this paying work? If so, I would like to make music for your game. Here's a small sample of my original stuff: