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  1. Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Not sure if this helps, but you could integrate things that would normally be fourth-wall breaking into plot elements. I've actually been doing this for a game I'm working on. You play as the 'Demon King' and do stuff to take over the world. One of which was to storm and destroy the 'Save Crystal Factory' where the final fantasy style save crystals are made, as heroes will respawn infinitely otherwise. Another was that a kingdom trying to summon the legendary hero started hoarding gems that were required for the summon, a common element in mobile games.
  2. Thou Art Hero

    Abstract: A standard game about heroes, demons, and saving the world! Genre: Turn-based RPG Game Progression: In very early development Demo: Battle gameplay demo coming soon! The World of Lura: Every 50 years, a demon king emerges from the Land Beyond, terrorizing the land. The Goddess Pythrea will then descend to the people to grant them a hero, a chosen one who will defeat the demon king. This 'Cycle' has repeated for millennia, and now almost 50 has passed since the previous demon king's defeat... The Story: In the quiet village of Brewks, Fink has trained his whole life to be a squire for the hero, dreaming of glory and fame. Finally, the day has come! The hero has been chosen, fated to bring about salvation to the land and rid the world of evil! But what if... the hero dies just as he is chosen??! Fink must now scour the lands to search for another hero to serve, one that can fulfill destiny and bring peace to the world! And what's better than finding a hero, than gathering a whole bunch? Meet the crew: Features: - CTB battle system - Tactical battles: The party must work together for victory! The complexity of the battles will increase as the game progresses, requiring players to think about turn order, status effects and more! Just because you took down a dragon doesn't mean you can defeat a slime without thinking! - No level-ups: Gone are the grinding and powering up, the party customizes through equipment and skills. Defeating monsters nets the party gold, which is spent on useful items and skills. - Dynamic battle events: Even fighting the same mobs will be a different experience! Chiss' lumbago strikes, Hiracille gets summoned away, Uug forgets where he keeps his club and more! Players must adapt to the current situation to bring about victory! Battle events can be good or bad, and occur at the beginning of battle. Credits: Sprites: Hiddenone: actor3_4 sv_actor Ravenblackbird: sv_battler general_m Music: battle bgm: LUC: LSR Debut Battle Loops Plugins: SOUL: Ultimate Title Screen Yanfly: Most plugins Screenshots: Download: *Coming soon Developer's comments:
  3. Ammo system for Arrows

    You can try to set each skill to add a variable (to count arrows used), then use Yanfly Utility Common Events to set a common event that runs after battle to return a number of arrows based on that variable.
  4. Starting on small project to get the hang of RMMV

  5. Ammo system for Arrows

    The ammunition thing can be done by setting a variable to equal the number of that item in the party's inventory. you can common event the party to lose X items everytime the skill is used, and setting it display something like "not enough ammo" if the number of items isn't high enough. Not sure how to get the ammo back without using plugins though.
  6. This is a really cool concept, with a permutation of species and class. Is it single character or will there be a party? Seems like its the kind of game that requires a "collect them all" method to be able to solve puzzles, otherwise it might be a heck of planning and eventing/scripting to make each puzzle solvable by every combination of species and class.
  7. Extra Attacks by Formula

    Hi, also just started with MV but I can try to help. What kind of # attacks do you mean? Is it to repeat the same attack or have another turn? If its to repeat same attack: Its possible to use common event with a conditional ("If agi higher than XX amount") to force the same character to perform the same action on last target. Place the highest agi to # attacks at the top. To have another turn: You can use Yanfly's scripts Instant Cast and Skill Cooldown. Setup 2 (or more) versions of the same attack, one with instant cast and one without. Then use another placeholder skill to call a common event that chooses the version based on agi, so if agi is high enough then it will use the attack with Instant Cast, allowing for another turn. Skill Cooldown the Instant Cast version for 1 turn so that it cannot be cast infinitely. There are probably better ways, but these are what I can think of for now, hope it is of help!
  8. Stitched

    This looks really cool, I would love to try the demo, but the link seems to be broken?
  9. Hello :)

    Hi all, This account was created reaaally long ago (like in 2012 or sth) and I totally forgot about it. Stumbled across this again after getting RMMV from Steam. I'll probably be trying to make a really small game since my capabilities are not good yet, mostly with RTP stuff. Once again, hi and hoping to learn alot from you all!