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  1. Emre Ozturk

    Game Settings by Yourself

    Thank you mate, whole script is useful and will come handy, especially max gold amount.
  2. Emre Ozturk

    Gamertags, PSN & Friend Codes

    Steam: palekemre If you want to play Cod: Mw2 - Mw3 - Black Ops or Counter Strike: Source, feel free to pm me and add my steam.
  3. Emre Ozturk

    Yo !

    Thanks for warm welcome Holder ! Nice to meet you Yep Ace is making it way to the top We will see about it.
  4. Emre Ozturk

    Yo !

    Hi everybody ! How is going on ? Thanks i am fine enough too i guess... I am new on this awesome community as you can see. I have used all of rpg makers but that ace looks like promising... Well... See you around ! Nice to meet you
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