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  1. I'm updating the MSL today (I know, finally right?). If anyone has any scripts that is not currently listed please send me a PM with all the info. Also if you noticed I missed a script send me a PM as well. ^.^

    1. TheoAllen


      I just missread MSL as MySQL somehow. Oh well, both are database afterall

  2. HellKiteChaoS

    Master Script List - On-Site

    Greetings everyone! I have returned after a long break! I apologize but a lot's been going on at my end of the world and I've finally gotten some free time on my hands, so I decided to give the MSL some love. I've shuffled through the first few pages of the completed scripts and grabbed what I could that wasn't already on the list. I've also gone through my message inbox and anyone's who's requested to have a script put on the MSL I've also put those in as well. I know I haven't put all the new scripts up as there are so many pages to shuffle through. If anyone notices a script I have missed that needs to go on the list please send me a PM. Also if anyone has any scripts specifically they would like to add to the list of their own also please send me a PM. When PM'ing me please give the name, link to where I can find the script, and a brief description so I can place it on the list accordingly. Happy scripting everyone, HellKiteChaos
  3. Doing some live mapping in Darune! Come hang out and relax. http://www.twitch.tv/hellkitechaos

  4. Greetings everyone! It's been a long time since my last update. I've been very busy at home with just moving and settling in. I wanted to give you what I've been able to work on though, since my page started to look very plain and not much was left after starting updates for anyone to really know what was going on. For those who do not know, I started this project a little over a year ago and since then the project has made several changes. I even set out a demo at one point. After having some forum and private feedback, my team and I decided it was best to take the project in a different direction. Thus being said, I set out to update the story that we had started. With this in mind, I scrapped a lot of the project and I'm currently in the process of bringing everything back up to speed. The new story however, I didn't have anything for you to really read up on. Today I'm happy to say that I've got enough of the story done to give everyone a first glance at what's going on. With this also, the characters are finally getting information about them put out as well as some more screenshots of maps I've been working on. The last update showed my new system that I was developing using Galvs shard system. Since then I've taken that and I'm currently touching it up some. I've re-done how I want spells and stats to work in the game, so it's getting a minor overhaul, more information about it will be released when I'm closer to finishing it. Thanks for your time and I hope the updates today will give you some insight and further interest into the project as it's updated. TL;DR -New maps displayed in the screenshots! -New character bio's finally! -A story synopsis finally! -As always, enjoy!
  5. Awesome. I was trying something like this today, but my Ruby is still a little rusty. I'll give this a shot though. Thanks again. =)
  6. Hey guys, Had a small idea today, having a hard time getting it to work lol. I'd like to have an item increase critical hit damage instead of critical hit chance. In this specific example I created a variable and edited the default script to: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Apply Critical #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def apply_critical(damage) bonus = 2 + ($game_variables[4] * 0.01) damage * bonus end How can I have a piece of armor increase this variable? Another idea I had was to use the "Luck" stat in place of this variable, but I haven't figured out how to get that parameter in place of the $game_variable spot.
  7. HellKiteChaoS

    Chaos - Reputations / Factions System

    Hey Acolon, the issue might be a conflict of code between the two scripts. My script by default places the menu option into the game. When I update the script I'll put an option in the setup to turn that off so you can use the scene call instead. This might fix the issue since my script touches the menu list. The current bugs I'm working on: -If no factions are currently activated in game, the list should no longer display anything but a blank screen. (Even this I'm debating on changing since that defeats the purpose of having the menu in the first place at that stage of the game.) -If you only have one faction activated in game, when scroling through the list of factions, the menu thinks there is a second faction and displays a blank section. The script should only allow you to scroll if there are more than 2 factions activated. -If the first faction activated in game isn't the first faction on the setup list in the scrip's setup area, the script will show the correct faction on the list to the left of the page, but no information will be displayed on the right until the user scrolls through the "bank sections". I believe this also ties into the bug listed above. After these bugs are fixed I will be adding in the request to be able to add pictures to go with the factions. Some ideas I had were: -A small icon to the left of the faction's name in the command list -A small pictures in the top right of the information screen -A transparent picture in the background of the information screen I've been out of Ruby for about 5 months now, so I'm having to adjust to the code again. Works finally slowing down for me thus some free time here and there is arriving again. I'll do my best to have this fixed for you guys asap. -HellKiteChaos
  8. Doing some big mapping updates in Darune. Come join me on my live stream if you want to see live development of it! twitch.tv/hellkitechaos

    1. BrassKnucklehead


      Twitch always seemed like a kind of fun thing to do, even if not many/no one watched lol Buuuut I'm too lazy to figure out to get it working

  9. Doing live development of Darune, The Fate of War in a few minutes on twitch. Come hang out and ask questions! - www.twitch.tv/hellkitechaos

  10. HellKiteChaoS

    HE - Main Menu

    Awesome script Nicke! I did find one small issue when giving this a testing... I use a script that allows for custom equipment. Some characters have more equipment slots than others. With this script, the line that appears at the bottom of the page clips into the extra equipment slot. Could this line be removed or adjusted accordingly to how many slots there are? Other than that, I'm glad to see the script pick up on the extra slots with no other customization needed.
  11. Doing live development of Darune, The Fate of War in a few minutes on twitch. Come hang out and ask questions! - www.twitch.tv/hellkitechaos

  12. Doing live development of Darune, The Fate of War in a few minutes on twitch. Come hang out and ask questions! - www.twitch.tv/hellkitechaos

  13. Going live on twitch! Come join me as I do some live development of "Darune, The Fate of War" http://www.twitch.tv/hellkitechaos

    1. Kularian


      Saw the tail end; what I did see looks neat, *thumbsup*

  14. Going live on twitch. Come watch some live development of Darune, The Fate of War. http://www.twitch.tv/hellkitechaos

  15. Getting ready to do some live development! Come hang out with me as I do some much needed work on Darune. http://www.twitch.tv/hellkitechaos

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