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  1. Hi. It's been a while, between my job, writer's block, personal issues, and general malaise I've had less time and energy to work on this. Currently playtesting the third city/dungeon, and with it the first third of the scenario. Due to characters leveling up faster than I anticipated I plan on doing a LOT more testing after the scenario building is done.
  2. OctoberRaven

    Serious moments by comedic characters.

    Hm. Well, this character is a vampire, so there's a quite some similarities to these characters then. Thanks for the input. I haven't decided if I'm even going to implement the idea or not, but it'll be on the table if I want a visual gag or something to advance the plot (as the character's second appearance is also meant to help point out the NPC that they need to talk to to access a dungeon).
  3. Going to preface this by saying there's going to be some dark themes touched on here. One of the NPCs in my game is, in some ways, a deconstruction of preconceptions of what a sexual predator looks like. The character makes comments in their second appearance that clearly make party members she makes passes to very uncomfortable, both due to incompatible orientation and despite compatible orientation, and certain player choices can make the character go even further (triggering a nonstandard gameover). While discussing my progress on the game in passing to another person in my social circle, I noted that I didn't plan on using this character more than once and mused that I probably wouldn't use them again as it wouldn't make sense for them to go to other places the party is. One person suggested that I actually use them in places it wouldn't make sense for they to be, as a running gag. My initial thought was that this would undermine the impact of their second appearance. It's not supposed to be funny. That's the entire point, and that impact is supposed to be stronger for being in an otherwise comedic (sometimes lewdly so) way. But, on the other hand, I'm working alone. i don't know how my audience would react to it other than my own presumptions. So, I'm reaching out to you guys, so I can get some feedback. Is my gut right on this? Or would using her in a "what is they doing HERE" way doable in a way that wouldn't take away the impact of the scene? After all, they''ll be appearing in unexpected ways after this scene, so the impact would have already been made.
  4. Stay safe, everyone in the US

  5. Progress update: Currently working on the second town/dungeon of the game. It's here that Eddie and his neighbor will meet their third party member. Something I've been experimenting on is level-based shop inventories. The idea being that characters will be able to access better equipment not by merit of what town they're in, but what level they are. This may not be reflected in the final product. I'm also putting a lot of work into adjusting dialogue and scenes based on the player's actions. As a non-spoiler example, imagine a scenario where a player character throws a bottle on the ground, and a cop berates them for littering, saying there's signs clearly posted about the littering law. Normally, the PC would try to fast talk out if it, saying he wasn't littering, the bottle just slipped out of his hands. The cop doesn't buy it, and combat ensues. But, there's a possible event where the PC can see the littering sign, and put a poster for his friend's band over it. This can happen before or after the above scene, and if it happens before, the PC would instead feign ignorance, saying he didn't see any sign. The cop will then see the poster, call him a wiseass, and combat ensues. Same result, but slightly altered due to player choice.
  6. OctoberRaven

    Passive vs Active Sea Travel

    I'm both impressed and a bit jealous that you're talented enough to even consider that option with RPGMaker.
  7. So, in my next project, the party will have to travel by ship to reach other locations. As such, I'm considering two options for traversal by sea: One where you simply pay for ferry and effectively warp to another area, and another where you charter a ship to help you on your travels and have a permanent traversal tool. The pros of both: Passive: -More consistent with the story, as well as the currently planned captain of the ship -Easier to restrict travel to the late game areas -More consistent with even later game travel as currently planned -Allows for cutscenes and potential comedy -If I don't do random encounters in the overworld, this will reduce time of travel between cities. -And I can still do a miniboss battle aboard the ship, a la Ultros Active: -Player agency -If I do decide to random encounters, more variety in those said encounters can be made -Potential for easter eggs. -Can still do cutscenes I suppose, but will take more effort to work on them. -Ditto with minibosses
  8. Huh. Funny, I was trying to figure out something similar with my current project. I need to look into Common Events more.
  9. Now that I've found out that you can do scratch damage in the formula screen, I'm tempted to re-remake my entire battler's damage system.


    Maybe I need a side project to experiment with. A fangame for kicks.

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      'Carol the Dragon', lmfao

      Ya mean, the Zionist health care system?

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      'Zionist'? Uhh... Please don't tell me you think jews are behind everything wrong with american health care or something...


      (Besides if any sort of racial/religious group is to blame, it's rich white christians)


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      If you think HP is silly, check out how HERO system tracks damage as STUN (nonlethal) and BODY (lethal). You can stomp on someone's face all day and as long as you're not doing BODY damage all you're doing is just keeping them from waking up.

  10. I'll Show You Absurdity! Starring Eddie The Vampire! Genre: Modern-ish Comedy Fantasy Synopsis: A down on his luck vampire and his roommate try to earn food money, and end up on an adventure spanning several continents. Current Status: ~5% in story development. Mature Content Warning: Swearing, suggestive dialogue, adult humor, drug references. Notice: Commercial release of full game under consideration. Demo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o04e0vyvx2ic1f4/EddieGamev0.02.zip?dl=0 Credits: Some BGM (C) ayato sound create Some graphical assets (C) Kaue Luchetta Used under license. All assets except those listed above under the RPGMakerMV RTP license. Contact: PM me. Feedback and potential collaborators welcome.
  11. OctoberRaven

    The Adventures of Kusoge

    It's been released!
  12. OctoberRaven

    The Adventures of Kusoge

    And the official store page is up on Steam! I'll be releasing it soon, probably in early March.
  13. OctoberRaven

    The Adventures of Kusoge

    Work has been really draining for me, still in the playtesting phase. Mostly balance tweaks and making sure dungeons aren't broken. Testing the third of five dungeons total currently.
  14. That moment when watching a video about kickstarter scams gives you motivation to finish your game, even though you've not used kickstarter (or anything else) to fund it.

  15. OctoberRaven

    Commercial use?

    Fortunately for me those I contacted for resources have given the okay. Thanks!
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