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  1. Now that I've found out that you can do scratch damage in the formula screen, I'm tempted to re-remake my entire battler's damage system.


    Maybe I need a side project to experiment with. A fangame for kicks.

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    2. Kayzee


      Huh, D20 has scratch damage? I don't know much about the system really. Sounds a bit weird though, cause it seems to me like the fun thing about tabletop games is coming up with outside the box solutions to problems in a way you just can't in a video game and scratch damage seems like it allows a lot of brute force solutions. Though I suppose logically an army of level 1 commoners should be able to kill a lone epic level character if there are enough of them. Plus I have heard stories before of games that use a 'triple crit = instant death' rule which can have hilarious consequences. Now that think about it by a lot of the stories I have heard it seems many tabletop games are really not designed to be balanced for single enemy encounters.


      One of the things I find weird about RPG Maker is how inflated the numbers tend to be even at low level. I think low-HP systems are perfectly doable, but can be a pain to design and balance everything right. Though one thing I do is make a few generic scripts for damage formulas and have most or all of my skills just have formulas that call the generic scripts. That way I don't have to update every single skill if I want to tweak how damage works. I use RPG Maker VX Ace but I think the same thing could be done in MV. I donno.


      Personally Cyberpunk stuff makes me roll my eyes a lot of the time because a lot of it is really really silly, but it's still pretty neat! I kinda want to see more Solarpunk themed games though. Solarpunk is best *punk. Though I may be a bit bias since I am a nature loving fairy. :P

    3. OctoberRaven


      Yeah, any damage roll that, for whatever reason, gets reduced to 0 or lower (usually because of low strength + bad rolls) is treated as 1 damage.


      Though, there are exceptions, as (IIRC, it's been a while) Damage Reduction and spells like Protection from [Element] can reduce damage to 0 as they calculate the damage after the strength modifier is applied.


      The idea being that, even if Bob The Anemic Wizard can barely swing a sword, if he hits Alice The Paladin with that sword, it should do something. But Carol The Dragon has thick scales, so Bob won't be able to do much to her.

    4. Kayzee


      Honestly HP is a bit silly anyway. But not all games can be like Dwarf Fortress and simulate damage by simulating the functions of each character's body down to individual blood vessels can they?


      Also: Holy shit, Dwarf Fortress is coming to steam with a built in graphic pack? I really hope they overhaul the interface too! As I understand it, basically the only reason the creators are selling it is to pay for health care if anything happens and otherwise would be perfectly happy just costing on donations. The american health care system strikes again!

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