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  1. I Gots One o' 'em Soundclouds

    Thank you for your feedback! It is very much appreciated! And you are not the first person to mention this aspect that first listen problem. But almost always by the second or third listen, they get into it (thankfully lol). I have even had people tell me they don't even remember what bothered them about the first listen lol. Which is so weird to me that it happens but at least it leads to them liking it on the other go-arounds. And I definitely see what you mean on the intro and outro. The outro is something I am still slightly unhappy with but I didn't have more ideas and I have a bad habit of never reaching an end when I work on a track so I didn't want to delay it any longer. But it is definitely something I want to go back to to find a much more suited ending for the track. I like the sound of it but overall I think it can do better for an end.
  2. 'Splain Your Username

    Mine is a little weird. Mostly because I do not feel like the person I was when I first made it. A few years back (basically 2006 to 2014) I was a very angry and cynical person. There were many reasons for this but I won't bother going over it. Some of my friends even referred to me as "Nihilistic Jay". Overall, I accepted it in good humor and so with that and a HUGE obsession I have with classic Russian Literature, I developed the username Pissedoffovich. Though over time I have learned to let go of a lot of anger and I am generally seen as a much more positive and enthusiastic individual, if not sometimes overtly so! I will still rant and rave at points but it is all in good taste (at least in my opinion lol). I am what one would call a cheerful nihilist now!
  3. I Gots One o' 'em Soundclouds

    Don't know how often people check this area but I figured I would post something here. So, I work on creating music. A lot of experimental, pseudo-cyberpunk type stuff. I am not the best producer out there but I am slowly progressing and I like to think I am getting somewhere interesting. I have a Soundcloud (though I haven't posted anything there in a bit despite my continuation on music) which as a wide range of pretty alright to not quite alright to me when I am just messing around which shouldn't be taken seriously, haha. Oh wow, didn't think it would just pop up like that! XD! Anyways this, in my opinion, is my best track. It gives me a good feeling of where I plan on taking my music. I hope to continue to progress and maybe even make some soundtracks for some games (as people often tell me my other tracks remind them of video games). Let me know what you think! I am always looking for feedback!
  4. Hello! Hello!

    Morning! I am totally new to RPG Maker, as I only picked it up recently (specifically VX Ace) and have been slowly working my way to getting to know it which has led me here! I am hoping to have big plans with the program as I work to create my first game. I won't go too in-depth with myself as I have yet to give anyone a reason to care haha, but I will say I love to write and make music and try all sorts of different creative outlets when I find one (so happens that game making became the most recent one for me)! Hope to get the hang of this program soon and create something worth while!