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    help with RGSS Web Kit (RWK)

    Hello, I've just found the RGSS Web Kit (RWK) script. original thread: Topic at RpgMakerWeb is anyone familiar with it? the demo shows this example: host = "www.rpgmakervxace.net" path = "/forum/login.php" post = "username=kfdsfdsl&password=24324234" res = EFE.request(host, path, post, 80) I'm trying to send a simple GET request to some html page. but the path parameter is required. I've tried sending an empty one, or a html file name- it just returns an empty result. does it only work if my server/site uses php? is there any way to make it work for html or some json response? this is my code: host = "http://www.webcode.me" path = "/index.html/" result = EFE.request(host, path) p result
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