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  1. There doesn't seem to be any tutorial specifically for this; But I am wanting to know how I can create dialogue between two people or actors by using action? for example to have two sprites fight eachother in a pub or two arguing with eachother. Do I need a script for this or is this something that can be achieved by utilizing what the program offers as basic?
  2. The_Lazy_Sativa

    Best Tutorials

    i just now saw this post and thank you that is actually very good advice. I have been doing just that, and i did however post another question recently but I think I can probably figure it out, i figured out the sprite movement on my own by using the route that you mentioned, and this program seems to be tiny bits less difficult to understand the more i tinker with it
  3. The_Lazy_Sativa

    Best Tutorials

    The title sums it up. I've been watching one tutorial set from a youtuber, but they continue onto things im not ready to take on yet. I want to focus on quests, how to make sprites move, communication between sprites, etc. im trying NOT to ask everything of you guys on here
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    New tile sets

    any way to get or use different tile sets? For exterior, or any others? (RPG Maker VX Ace)
  5. The_Lazy_Sativa

    are my parameters wrong?

    Ahhh okay I see what I did wrong then, thank you
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    are my parameters wrong?

    I am trying to set my starting gold; here are my parameters New Event> trigger is parallel proccess> Contents > Page 1 > Control Switch > Operation ON > New EVent page > blank > Checked first switch under Conditions my gold still stays at zero what am I doing wrong?
  7. The_Lazy_Sativa

    Talking Sprite until the dialogue is finished

    I've found a way to make things do similar things, by just making a new event page, and then adding whatever comes next as the graphic in the sequence. For example if i wanted fire to flicker, and it had 3 or 4 graphics of it being mobile, i would make a new event page for each one and turn on Self Switch A for each. Not sure if it will work %100 but give it a try
  8. The_Lazy_Sativa

    New tile sets

    I actually did see people talking about creating their own and it taking them months or longer to do so; I respect the time they put into may purchase one if they have medieval themes
  9. The_Lazy_Sativa

    are my parameters wrong?

    i apologize. i am new and did not know
  10. The_Lazy_Sativa

    Question about Quest making

    thank u so much!!!
  11. I want to load in a few characters in my map and have one of them be the trigger for a quest; The quest I want is something simple I can practice with, and I thought about maybe a quest to light a monument; As ive noticed monument pieces for the map have unlit, lit, and snow variants and figured maybe i can do that by just using an action? If this is possible could someone please give me a run down on how I could make a quest work that way? P.s. I havent yet reached a tutorial for the quest making yet as I cannot find a decent one. I am using RPG MAker VX Ace
  12. Hey Im new here and new to using RPG VX Ace specifically. So far I have learned how to build basic shops, and shop processes, i know a little bit about events and how to use them and how to use different ones, like how to create sprites and give them conversational commands when action is used on them, I learned how to build maps, and how to link them together. But I have never worked with scripts before in my life, but want to learn how to develop games on this. So i will have a lot of questions
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