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    I love to draw and write stories and roleplay, digital and traditionally, I'm hugely into cosplay, and dnd, I cosplay a lot of anime characters but my favorite is cosplaying my DND characters/Ocs (fantasy based.) I love JRPGs, Adventure type games and platformers. ( Tales of series, Dragon age, the witcher,, mario, ZELDA, Sonic games, "choice" games ((Like life is strange ect.)) Visual novels, I really love dancing too, and I have a Musical.ly as well for my cosplay content! You can see a lot of musical.ly's for dnd characters that will be in my game!

    I labeled Jack of all trades because I'm pretty much everything except: Musician, Scripter and Plugin creator/Coder lol. I make the art, ((I haven't tried pixel yet but will in the future.)) I animate, storywrite, maps, events. Basically most of it.

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  1. I just noticed your birthday is on 4/20. Lolz!

    1. Widen612


      Smoke Weed Everyday

    2. PhoenixSylph


      Yeah, I can't smoke, I used to but it gives me severe panic attacks now ;w; I already tried indica vs. sativa and it's both/ 

      ANYWHOS yep I'm an aries/taurus cusp ^^

    3. lonequeso


      Imma Taurus! :D Rawr! That's the sound a bull makes! :huh:


      Yeah weed tends to make people paranoid so panic attacks aren't a far leap. Maybe do some cocaine with the pot to balance you out...  I'm a terrible role model =3