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    I love to draw and write stories and roleplay, digital and traditionally, I'm hugely into cosplay, and dnd, I cosplay a lot of anime characters but my favorite is cosplaying my DND characters/Ocs (fantasy based.) I love JRPGs, Adventure type games and platformers. ( Tales of series, Dragon age, the witcher,, mario, ZELDA, Sonic games, "choice" games ((Like life is strange ect.)) Visual novels, I really love dancing too, and I have a Musical.ly as well for my cosplay content! You can see a lot of musical.ly's for dnd characters that will be in my game!

    I labeled Jack of all trades because I'm pretty much everything except: Musician, Scripter and Plugin creator/Coder lol. I make the art, ((I haven't tried pixel yet but will in the future.)) I animate, storywrite, maps, events. Basically most of it.

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  1. If anyone needs facesets or bust sets as well as different facial emotes along with them, Please commission me! My Intersistial cystitis has resurfaced my IBS, I've been going through a hard time, been unable to work, and barely even work on my game. I'm in a lot of pain and seeing drs every other day, but I'm in huge medical debt with cards that have a minimum each month..It would mean a lot if you send this to anyone looking for commissions. If you buy in bulk like 5+ or 10+ bust ups or face sets, I can cut you a 20 percent off deal. 


    If you want animated bust ups as well, used with the animated bust ups plugin, I can also make frames for different mouth movements, eye blinking ((and with different expression)) if you are looking for that, we can discuss what you and I consider a reasonable price for it! ((probably just $1 per diff mouth $3 eye blink)) I can also make Live2d models, but I can't seem how to get a plugin to work with it yet, so I've been using animated bust ups instead. 


    I also have a Ko-fi here https://ko-fi.com/A1724LC8 If you just want to support me, I also can no longer cosplay to due my disease, my old stuff is here ((the page is dead, do not contact it.)) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=738994569566394&ref=br_rs


    And this is a gofund me, I was told to make my several times. https://www.gofundme.com/TiffsICBattle?pc=fb_u_g&rcid=r01-15203869339-713b214cc2db40ca

    Please if anyone is looking for game art, send them my way!

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    1. Kayzee


      Pooh, I really wish I was able to help out. I don't have much money myself and no real way to use it online.