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    I love to draw and write stories and roleplay, digital and traditionally, I'm hugely into cosplay, and dnd, I cosplay a lot of anime characters but my favorite is cosplaying my DND characters/Ocs (fantasy based.) I love JRPGs, Adventure type games and platformers. ( Tales of series, Dragon age, the witcher,, mario, ZELDA, Sonic games, "choice" games ((Like life is strange ect.)) Visual novels, I really love dancing too, and I have a Musical.ly as well for my cosplay content! You can see a lot of musical.ly's for dnd characters that will be in my game!

    I labeled Jack of all trades because I'm pretty much everything except: Musician, Scripter and Plugin creator/Coder lol. I make the art, ((I haven't tried pixel yet but will in the future.)) I animate, storywrite, maps, events. Basically most of it.

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  1. I'm so tired and angry today, I don't know why ;__; 

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    2. PhoenixSoul



      ...but I'm so used to everyone around me being normal and not having any health issues so it's hard.


      Yeah. I can relate similarly, if not for the exact same reasons, but because I'm surrounded by people that look at me with disgusting viewpoints. It is very difficult to deal with, which is why I am online a lot.


      I may not have interstitial cystitis, but I do have bladder issues because of many years of being forced to 'hold it in' has weakened my bladder. I'm surprised that I don't have further complications.


      (had to Google TMJ)

      I can only imagine how painful that is. I only get that if I stretch my jaw the wrong way (happened to me recently during sleep and took nearly a week to go away-it was awful).

    3. PhoenixSylph


      Yeah, I feel we can relate a lot in that sense, being online is my escape. I can't really go out anymore either now, but it's probably for the best.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Speaking of pain...


      I sat on a very low to the ground lounge chair at poolside (where I live there's a salt water pool), and the position I sat in wrenched my lower back. It hurts like Hell now...(even napping was impossible)


      I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Oof.

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