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    I love to draw and write stories and roleplay, digital and traditionally, I'm hugely into cosplay, and dnd, I cosplay a lot of anime characters but my favorite is cosplaying my DND characters/Ocs (fantasy based.) I love JRPGs, Adventure type games and platformers. ( Tales of series, Dragon age, the witcher,, mario, ZELDA, Sonic games, "choice" games ((Like life is strange ect.)) Visual novels, I really love dancing too, and I have a Musical.ly as well for my cosplay content! You can see a lot of musical.ly's for dnd characters that will be in my game!

    I labeled Jack of all trades because I'm pretty much everything except: Musician, Scripter and Plugin creator/Coder lol. I make the art, ((I haven't tried pixel yet but will in the future.)) I animate, storywrite, maps, events. Basically most of it.

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  1. I'm so tired and angry today, I don't know why ;__; 

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    2. PhoenixSylph


      I'm really sorry, but it is nice to not feel so alone.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      At least you don't have a condition that no matter how well you care for your teeth, they slowly rot.

      And no, mine don't fall out, they rot inward, which will cause me pain time and again, but even worse during the change of the seasons. I take lots of ibuprofen as a result (well, not a lot all at once but it adds up over time).


      I also have issues with tinnitus, I can make it go away but at the worst of times, it gives me a headache, oh and certain types of sounds will aggravate it, in both conscious and subconscious.


      I recently learned of one new sound type that will aggravate it, but only if I listen to it extensively.


      When I binge watched a bunch of mock EAS videos, that sound in particular affected my sleep.


      Yeah, you're not alone in pain and afflictions. At least (unless you've not told anyone), you don't have to put up with being assigned the incorrect gender at birth...that's something I'd wish on NO ONE.

    4. PhoenixSylph


      I...actually do..I could take a photo...I am missing most of my teeth even though I take good care of them, and when I grin big you can see a missing front tooth, it's very embarrassing and I don't have the funds to take care of them, my sister and mom have it worse unfortunately. I also have TMJ so I can't open my mouth wide and my jaw dislocates and cracks painfully and it's hard for dentists to work on me because of interstitial cystitis @_@;;

      I doubt we have the same situation, and I'm not trying to compare about how worse another is ect, but I'm so used to everyone around me being normal and not having any health issues so it's hard. Being assigned an incorrect gender is shitty, I hate people who misgender others tbh

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