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  1. Text or speech? What grasps you more?

    I just wanted a better understanding of what other people view as a good experience in a horror game. I'm hoping this won't be my only game project as I'd love to learn more about the developing process. So what I learn from putting together this game, I can hopefully improve on in a future project (with voice acting). Which I'd like to get a team to help me develop The reason I won't get my friends in for voice acting is because of my inexperience with putting games together. It'd be like having good actors in a terrible movie lol But once I'm confident with a project, I can call on them for help I know my questions have been all over the place. But they make sense to me, haha. I guess it's the long days at work, and little to no sleep playing a part in it. I probably should of named the topic something along the lines of "What makes a great horror game?" Then ask all my questions... I always play my games with subtitles. So we're in the same boat there
  2. Flarhea

    Ooh! I look forward to seeing them
  3. Text or speech? What grasps you more?

    I have a few friends who are quite good voice actors. We made a parody of the pokemon tv series (Much like the team four star take on dragonball z) for one of their projects at university. Which got great reviews from the other students and even the teachers/lecturers. But I don't think I'll be pulling any of them into this project, as it is my first big one I've worked on solo Text is a lot safer to work with. I'll be working with a lot of sound effects in my game, though. (Adding heavy breathing, heart pounding, low hz drone sounds, etc.) At this point I'm pretty much looking for ideas on how I can create a good "scary" atmosphere to an otherwise silent game Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated. I love to hear different opinions on such subjects.
  4. Text or speech? What grasps you more?

    I've played some games before with terrible voice acting, which ruined the experience for me. But a lot of them were fan-made games of a certain genre. So I give props to them for putting out there hard work at the same time What would we define as scary in an rpg horror game, that doesn't resort to over-clipped audio files and imagery slapped into our faces (AKA jumpscares)? I'm wondering if this can be done with text. I've already started writing ambient and atmospheric styled music to go with my game. But I feel there is always something more that can be added to make the player feel that they're actually a little frightened by there surroundings in-game.
  5. So I'm making some progress with my horror game. But I had a thought the other night while writing text for some characters, and I would like to know people's opinions on this as it may help my game development Does any think you can have a player feel more of a connection to a character in the game through text, by being able to give the character their own unique sounding voice when reading the lines in a players head or out loud? Or do you think that having a voice actor play the part gives that person a better connection to the character? In a lot of older horror games (Silent Hill, Resident evil, Alone In The Dark, etc.) There wasn't very much voice acting (If any in some cases) But were still considered to be quite scary by just reading the text of certain events. So which appeals to you more? Is it the silence of the game, but the voices in your head (Hehe) Or is it the acting of the characters that appeal to you most?
  6. Flarhea

    That looks awesome! I wish I could draw like that. You got anymore to show off?
  7. Custom Font in Display Text

    I've solved the problem. It's the actual font that its having a hard time loading. It works with another custom font, though. So I'm baffled to the actual cause of this. I'll just have to use another font... Thank you very much for your help, so far. Have an awesome day, mate!
  8. Custom Font in Display Text

    Do I need to make a script call for this?
  9. Custom Font in Display Text

    Yeah it takes a bit for the text to display itself. I didn't have a fonts folder so I had to make one and I added the font there. Still having the same problem...
  10. Custom Font in Display Text

    This has worked for me, but I'm getting laggy text. Do you know how I can fix this?
  11. Custom Font in Display Text

    Ok. I will try this out when I get the time and report back afterwards. I'll give an example of what I'm trying to do as well, now; I want my main character to open a letter and have the text displayed like it was actually written and not just simple arial text.
  12. Custom Font in Display Text

    Am I able to do this for just one display text, and have all other fonts as the default?
  13. Custom Font in Display Text

    Does anyone know if there is a script to change your font in "Display Text" to a custom font? Say from "ARIAL" to "COMIC SANS" or a custom font?
  14. Hello!

    Hehe glad I peeked your interest. I'm a musician at heart, so creativity is already on my side. Akira Yamaoka inspired me to write some very dark and ambient tracks. I'll be creating the music and some ambient effects for my game as well My favourite Silent Hill game is the first, also. The first time I played it, I was about 9 years old. I didn't want to sleep without the lights on after playing, but fate was cruel to me that night and we had a total blackout... It was a loooong night lol I liked the first movie of the game. Not because of the storyline or because it was Silent Hill, but because of the music and creature effects. The second movie... Well... Don't get me started on it... I could write a super novel on what was wrong with that movie lol I'll post some screenshots of the progress on my game when I feel the time is right to leak some of it
  15. Starting the game after an intro

    You're a legend, mate! Thank you