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  1. stickyka

    Item Storage

    Might be a lost cause, but I can't seem to find a solution for the known error in the method at line 959: Also, if anyone out there is curious, I modified the script so that an in-game switch can make a storage take-only. For my purposes, my characters have limited inventory space, so must plan what they take, but I didn't want to inhibit what they bring back, so while on adventure, they can send to bank, but not retrieve from bank until back at base.
  2. Hoping this is still active. I REALLY like what you did here, it's really amazing. I'm using it in my game, but my only problem is I want to have the row formation show the battlers in a forward or rear position. I'm using Yami's battle symphony for the visual side battlers. I was hoping it could be as easy as assigning an X coordinate change of the actor sprite on the battlefield for their default position based on whether they are in a front or back row state.
  3. stickyka

    Formation Bonus

    This script is really amazing. Is there any way to make the characters change rows during combat? Also, is there a way to set states to actors depending on what row they're in?