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  1. ... Isn't there anyone who can help me out here? Please? Greetings, KIAS
  2. Hey guys! I found out that the "CollisionMaps" script isn't required since GaryCXJk built in compatibility in his "Freemovement" script so that only the DLL for the "CollisionMaps" script is needed to use its functionality. Sadly the "getting stuck problem" still remains when the "CollisionMaps" script is removed. So it seems the problem lies in the "Freemovement" script. Can anyone help out? Greetings, KIAS
  3. Hey Guys! I really need your help since Im literally stuck here. Im using the Freemovement script from GaryCXJk. Freemovement script by GaryCXJk and the "CollisionMaps" script from Tsukihime. CollisionMaps by Tsukihime It works really nice together but sadly there is one frustrating issue. Whenever Im walking diagonally against an event I get stuck in it and cant move until I go backwards. Events that I get stuck in also cant move until I go backwards. That only happens on maps where I use CollisionMaps on. When I teleport to a map without the <collision map> tag everything works fine and I dont get stuck in any events.I hope someone can help me because I really need these two scripts working together. I have uploaded a demo for you where you can see the "getting stuck problem" for yourself. Demo Thanks in advance Greetings,KIAS
  4. Hey guys! My first post here Im having a compatibility issue between this Script: Galv's New Item Indication and this Script: Moghunters Monogatari Menu In short: Galv's script shows an image (new) in the item menu above items you just got or found.There is no errormessage or anything and it seems to work but the "new" picture doesnt appear in the Monogatari menu for some reason. It does show up in the battle item menu. Can someone help me fix that please? Greetings,KIAS