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  1. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Hey there! Check out my new Patreon update free to watch Patreon Update
  2. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Hello friends! It has been quiet here for quite a while ^^ So let me throw some new screenshots and a video in the thread The lighting of TSW is still making great progress, thanks to the good Stitch After a lot of back and forth I finally found the right artist for the battle backgrounds Here is a small preview video of a non-story-relevant cut scene. Anyone who played the old demo already knows it in an outdated form. In the meantime there has of course been an incredible amount of updates and progress in the game. If you always want to be up to date, it is best to join my Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/dJvJkce As some of you may still remember, the new demo should appear at the end of last year. Unfortunately I was unable to do this for various reasons. The new release date is June 30th, 2021. That's it for this time, see you soon
  3. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Hey there! The development of TSW is progressing very well and I am about to commission the most expensive commission that has ever been in TSW. It's a big animated boss monster that I think will be one of the big highlights of the demo. This monster will put a heavy strain on the budget available to me, which in turn endangers the financing of the remaining missing assets for the upcoming demo. Because that's the way it is, I would like to inform you about it and offer everyone who wants to play the demo as completely as possible the opportunity to help out and throw a little something into the "pot". Naturally entirely voluntarily So, if you would like to help me out a little, you can do so on one of these pages: https://ko-fi.com/derkias https://www.patreon.com/theseventhwarrior Thank you for your support If you want to follow the project more closely, you should join the official Discord server or follow me on Twitter or Instagram https://discord.com/invite/dJvJkce https://mobile.twitter.com/kias5427 https://www.instagram.com/derkias ~Kias
  4. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    @Gagz9k Thank you very much! Glad you like it! :D Such nice words are always boosting my motivation xD Also thanks! Any support for this project is very much appreciated and really helps the game grow and become better :)
  5. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    No reactions to the updated battle system. Seems to be hard to get this community excited^^ Well, have a new screenshot. #screenshotsaturday
  6. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Updated Battle System (WIP) :) Game_2020-05-25_13-08-04-45_x264.mp4
  7. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    It's been quiet in here^^ No worries, I've made A LOT of progress! But for now, have a random screenshot! :)
  8. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    It's been awhile. So how about showcasing a new feature (WIP) 🙃 Game 2019-11-18 17-09-45-71_x264.mp4
  9. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    @Kayzee Good point ^^ The human realm hasn't seen any demons since 1000 years. Most people in this world consider demons as myths and non-existent. And since they don't even know what a demon looks like they think that Dark is just some weirdo. Some people mock him about his appearence, asking him if he is some kind of circus clown and stuff like that. A woman who wants to become a doctor feels sorry for Dark and tells him that she will help him get rid of his "malformations" ..^^ BUT Dark CAN disguise his appearence and look just like a human if he feels it is necessary to do so. Of course Dark is disgusted to use that power so he will use it only out of an emergency situation. And yes, this power will be revealed later in the game
  10. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    @FranklinX Thank you! I'm glad you like the concept! For Yoko's motives you have to wait for the demo But I can give away that her motives actually are pretty simple.. ^^
  11. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    @Kayzee I won't spoil anything, but actually yes there is a plan for that later in the game... xD
  12. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    @Kayzee Thank you very much! 😁 I'll tell "Dark" that you like him 😈😏
  13. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    New screenshot. Text is in german. It says: "Tell me, girl, where am I?"
  14. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Is this site dead or are you guys just having zero interest in my project? 🤔 Kias
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