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  1. KIAS

    Actor Idle Animation Script

    Hey, Shiggy I found an error. I'll PM you.
  2. KIAS

    Actor Idle Animation Script

    I'm the one who made the request and I can totally recommend this script! Here is the script in action in my project showing blinking and idle animation: (Blinking also works while moving) This is how you need to setup your actor note box: Thanks to Shiggy for this awesome script! KIAS
  3. Hey guys, I need some help please So I'm using the awesome "Large Sprite ☆" script by Neon Black you can find here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/large-sprite-☆-display-fix.22243/ It is required for larger sprites being shown correctly with ☆ tiles. The Problem: As you can see it works as it should for standing beside, in front and behind the pillar. But whiIe walking diagonally between the side tiles of the pillar and the tile right behind it it won't work and the player appears above the pillar until he stops moving. I tested it on vanilla ace without diagonal movement scripts and used move route to let the player walk diagonally between these tiles but got the same result so it is definitely an issue with Neon Blacks script. I tried to contact Neon Black but it seems he isn't active anymore. So.. can anyone please help me fix this? Greetings Kias
  4. ... Isn't there anyone who can help me out here? Please? Greetings, KIAS
  5. Hey guys! I found out that the "CollisionMaps" script isn't required since GaryCXJk built in compatibility in his "Freemovement" script so that only the DLL for the "CollisionMaps" script is needed to use its functionality. Sadly the "getting stuck problem" still remains when the "CollisionMaps" script is removed. So it seems the problem lies in the "Freemovement" script. Can anyone help out? Greetings, KIAS