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  1. W.M.K

    Leveling System

    Actually I have found out a way to do this in Note Tags: <Custom Starting Level> level = $gameParty.leader().level; </Custom Starting Level> <Level Fluctuation: x> This'll make it where the enemy staring level is equal to the players level. But then it can be x more or less than that level. So if you set x to 2. And the leader's level is 3. Then the enemy level can be up to 5 or down to 1. <Positive Level Fluctuation: x> <Negative Level Fluctuation: x> If you want to have different increase/decreases like if the leader's level is 5 and you want to be as low as 2 but as high as 6. But then at level 10 you have enemies with levels as low as 7 but as high as 11. Although I'd like to that in certain maps it would be certain levels rather than the player level thing, but I guess this'll do. Or I could make the enemy gain levels but will that work if in the note tag I've set the max level to something lower than want it gained? Best Regards, W.M.K Game: Land of Calgwin™Beta Link: https://wmk.itch.io/land-of-calgwin-beta
  2. W.M.K

    Map Atmosphere

    So I'm in the story where my character has to train up to lvl 10, then he can unlock a quest. So he goes to a Training Island where many battlers go as well. So, my question is: What kind of atmosphere should the map be like and what kind of challenges(e.g. Battlers, Monsters, etc) should he face? If you can help me out with this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in Advance, W.M.K Game: Land of Calgwin™ Beta 0.2b Link: https://wmk.itch.io/land-of-calgwin-beta
  3. W.M.K

    Need a Begginer Team

    I would be glad to help out. But I will not be available until the 15th of May, 2018. I'm good at eventing on VX Ace. If you got yourself a plot, I'm your man. Best Regards, W.M.K Discord: W.M.K#9934 Game: Land of Calgwin™ Demo Link: https://wmk.itch.io/land-of-calgwin-demo
  4. Good Day Everyone! So I published my new RPG game, which is a demo btw. My friend downloaded the game and started playing it. I found out that a lot of events in a map can cause little lag. But apparently my friend has a really bad computer, cause it crashed his game and slowed down his computer. This also means that people with bad PCs may not be able to play my game. Q: So are there any solutions or scripts that can help me with this? If someone can help me with this matter I will appreciate it. Thanks in Advance, W.M.K Game: Land of Calgwin™ Demo Link: https://wmk.itch.io/land-of-calgwin-demo
  5. W.M.K

    Require Tilesets for New Game

    My name is Waseef Muhammad Khan. AKA W.M.K. I have started a new project on Rohingyas. You may not know this subject unless you either live in the Indian Subcontinent or news about this spread. Cutting to the chase, I need modern tilesets of buildings, trees, cars, walls, etc. Unfortunately, I can't pay due to the fact that I am not old enough to own a credit card or anything. All anyone can get is my gratitude and credits in the game. I will be extremely thankful if anyone could help me with this matter. I don't need the tilesets right now, I'm working on another game while I wait for it. Thanks in advance, Waseef
  6. Script 'Scene_Menu' line 183: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'center_sprite' for #<Scene_Title:0xa6b821c>. This is what it says after I inputted your script, put the images(NewGame, NewGameSelected, etc) in the Graphics/system folder, started the game. Please help.