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  1. Hello, everyone. Again, I`m KOC-316 and I`m coming to you with a new episode! It has new graphics! Improved voice editing check it out!! This is Luna`s Edge! Be sure to like, share, and subscribe! This is not a game! I repeat this is not a video game. It`s a sprite show on youtube using rpg maker. I`m saying this not to confuse people and also not to get banned by the higher ups. They be glued to people asses like spinal cords and carseats! Lol, please check this out! It`s good! Good story and it will suprise you! Check it out! Let`s go!!!
  2. This is not a video game! This is Sprite Anime with voice actors! Check it out! Also be sure to like, share, and most importantly subscribe!! I will post new episodes on here! Be sure to check it out!!! - KOC - 316
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