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  1. Hi everyone, for the past few weeks I have been working on my RPG game called "Blindness". (Think you can come up with a better one? ) I've realized the RPG game making business is harder than I thought and am therefore looking for some suckers partner/s to help make my game. I'm talking scripts, events, questing, plot development, building maps... ETC. Anything you think you can help me with. I will of course list you in the credits as a fellow creator (no matter how little you did) and you will have my eternal gratitude/friendship. Oh and it's on vx-ace. (I'll send you the game file if you aren't sure and just want to play it a bit) Anyway, let me tell you what the game is about: Plot Summary: The game is set in the modern age. You play as a middle aged character named Bryant. While you are your wife are on a tour in an underground saltmine, a big meteor strikes the earth emitting a bright flash which renders whoever is not deep underground blind. You and your wife now bear a moral responsibility to help save as many blind people as you can. You start by taking in your blind friends and neighbors, and then people off the street. You need to constantly provide them with food and sleeping bags, which you need to scavenge throughout the map. The plot thickens when you discover another group of survivors while scavenging for food. You all move in into an underground cold war era bunker for more space. Eventually you encounter villains who exploit the blind and frequently rape them. You end up defeating them and taking in even more blind people. One of the blind people you take in claims to know how to make a cure. You then have to travel around the map looking for various people and items to gain the ingredients for the cure.... Mechanics: Food meter- The food meter represents the food the blind people you took in eat. You constantly have to scavenge for food to keep the meter full. Once it runs out the blind people begin to die and it's game over. Blind people- You can take blind people off from the streets. They obviously can't see so they have to form a chain behind you or someone else who can see in order to move. Beds/Sleeping bags- The amount of beds/sleeping bags represents the amount of Blind people you can take in. You can find sleeping bags/beds in houses and clothing shops. Happiness meter- You have to keep the blind people satisfied by doing personal favors for them (such as bringing children toys) in order to maintain the happiness meter. If they become too unhappy they will start committing suicide or refuse to follow you. If it gets bad enough it's game over. Some pictures: An example of some specific tasks I need done: 1. Improving the dialogue 2. A script that allows me to attract followers without them joining the party. 3. Establishing a bed hud. EX; 12/25 sleeping bags available. 4. Day/night Cycle 5. Having names over the dialogue. 6. Artwork for the dialogue faces. 7. Implanting footstep sounds 8. A shopping cart tile 9. Making new rooms 10. Changing Weather 11. Fixing some pesky bugs
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