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  1. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    @DokuDako Version 1.0.1 was also released in English. However, currently, there is only the Portuguese version. @Topic Version 2.0.4 available. LOG: -Damage limit received by the customer increased; -Cursor icon changes when hovering over event, enemy, drop and player; -Error selecting target fixed.
  2. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    Version 2.0.3 available. LOG: -Input_Slider finished; -Chat error fixed; -Error when disconnecting the player fixed; -Fixed Flash Effect event command error.
  3. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    Version 2.0.2 available.
  4. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    I just released a 100% English version.
  5. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    Version 1.1.0 available. LOG: -Changes made in the Manual; -Vocab added on the server; -Added speed hack protection; -Limit of inventory, trade and bank added; -Event Command Call Added Common Event; -Error when equipping weapon or armor that increases HP and/or Max MP fixed; -Error when using item that permanently increases HP and/or Max MP fixed; -Error by giving a high gold value through the admin panel fixed; -Error when disconnected in character selection fixed; -Error in vip days count in accounts editor fixed; -Error when creating character without starting points fixed; -Error of multiplying item in the trade fixed; -Error when performing corrected event actions; -Error in priority Below the Hero fixed; -Error in the z-order of the chat fixed; -Error on switches fixed.
  6. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    This project uses the RGD executable, which needs updated DirectX 9 and RGSS.
  7. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    I am working on an English Manual. @PhoenixSoul If it did not open, try upgrading DirectX 9: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109
  8. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    Version 1.0.6 available. LOG: -Paperdolls added; -List of friends added; -Bank added; -Teleportation system added; -Party added; -Added moderator commands; -Configurable maximum number of classes; -Pup of gold added; -Fix bug in the drop; -Fix bug in the minimap; -Other bugs fixed. I added some things in the Manual.
  9. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    I'm still working on an English version.
  10. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    Version 1.0.4 available. Log: -Fix hotbar bug; -Move character with keys W, A, S and D added; -DirectX 9 added; -Resolution configurable; -Mission system added.
  11. Author: Valentine Version: 2.0.4 (launched in 05/01/2020) About VXA-OS is the most complete and secure free tool for creating 2D online games from RPG Maker. It has been in active development since October 2017 and has been used in several MMORPGs, such as Urkon Online, Lotus Online, Darknessfall and Mystical Hunter. Features Current: » 5 types of chat; » 9 types of equipment; » 13 administrator commands; » 3 monitor commands; » Global real-time battle system on the server; » Passwords protected with the MD5 cryptographic function; » 99% of the event commands on the server; » Common server events; » Configurable resolution; » Global switches; » EventMachine network library; » Friends system; » Quests; » VIP system; » Account Editor; » Teleportation; » Paperdolls; » Guild; » Party; » Minimap; » PvP; » Bank. Next: » Remaining event commands, such as: Show Choices, Item Selection and Move Event; » Customized movement of events; » Condition of automatic start of events on the server; » Editor of players, global switches etc. Images » Login » Selection of characters » Bank and party » Quests and friends list » Administration panel and guild creation » Guild Download With DirectX: Mega 4shared Without DirectX: 1) After downloading the version with DirectX, download the executable Game.exe below and replace it with the one in the folder Client Download Game.exe 2) Open the Script Editor (F11) 3) Search for the script [VS] Mouse: 4) Replace ALL script [VS] Mouse with: #============================================================================== # ** Mouse #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Autor: Cidiomar #============================================================================== module Mouse typedef 'unsigned long HCURSOR' dll = 'System/VXAOS.dll' Mouse__setup = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__setup(struct RArray*, struct RArray*, struct RArray*, void *)') Mouse__update = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__update()') Mouse__getPos = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__getPos(long *)') Mouse__getOldPos = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__getOldPos(long *)') @triggered = Input.triggered @pressed = Input.pressed @released = Input.released @repeated = Input.repeated @last_lclick = Time.now @last_rclick = Time.now @dbl_lclick = false @dbl_rclick = false @pos = Array.new(2, 0) Mouse__setup.call(@triggered, @pressed, @released, @repeated) def self.click?(button) return @triggered[1] if button == :L return @triggered[2] if button == :R end def self.press?(button) return @pressed[1] if button == :L return @pressed[2] if button == :R end def self.release?(button) return @released[1] if button == :L return @released[2] if button == :R end def self.repeat?(button) return @repeated[1] if button == :L return @repeated[2] if button == :R end def self.dbl_clk?(button) return @dbl_lclick if button == :L return @dbl_rclick if button == :R end def self.tile_x # Corrige o display_x, já que a tela pode se mover #16 em vez de 32 pixel na horizontal se a largura da #resolução for superior a 1000 x = $game_map.display_x > 0 && $game_map.display_x > $game_map.display_x.to_i ? self.x + 16 : self.x (x / 32 + $game_map.display_x).to_i end def self.tile_y (($game_map.display_y * 32 + self.y) / 32).to_i end def self.in_tile?(object) object.x == tile_x && object.y == tile_y end def self.update Mouse__update.call() @pos = [0, 0].pack('l2') @old_pos = [0, 0].pack('l2') Mouse__getPos.call(@pos) Mouse__getOldPos.call(@old_pos) @pos = @pos.unpack('l2') @old_pos = @old_pos.unpack('l2') @dbl_lclick = double_left_click? @dbl_rclick = double_right_click? end def self.double_left_click? return false unless click?(:L) result = false t_diff = Time.now - @last_lclick if t_diff < 0.5 && @last_pos == @pos result = true else @last_lclick = Time.now @last_pos = @pos end result end def self.double_right_click? return false unless click?(:R) result = false t_diff = Time.now - @last_rclick if t_diff < 0.5 && @last_pos == @pos result = true else @last_rclick = Time.now @last_pos = @pos end result end def self.x; @pos[0]; end def self.y; @pos[1]; end def self.pos; @pos.dup; end def self.old_x; @old_pos[0]; end def self.old_y; @old_pos[1]; end def self.old_pos; @old_pos.dup; end def self.moved?; @pos != @old_pos; end end #============================================================================== # ** Graphics #============================================================================== module Graphics def self.is_fullscreen? false end def self.toggle_fullscreen end def self.vsync=(vsync) end def self.vsync end end Tips How to attack or talk to event: Press Ctrl. How to open the administration panel: Press F9. English vocabulary: Open the script editor (F11) and replace the [VS] Vocab script with: #============================================================================== # ** Vocab #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Este módulo lida com o vocabulário. Todos os textos # exibidos no jogo ficam aqui. #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Autor: Valentine #============================================================================== module Vocab # Login and account creation Username = 'Username' Password = 'Password' RepeatPass = 'Repeat password:' Email = 'Email:' Remember = 'Remember?' Register = 'Register' Connect = 'Connect' NewAcc = 'Register' Login = 'Log in' # Character creation and selection NotVIP = 'You are not VIP' VIP = 'You have %s VIP days.' Name = 'Name' Sex = 'Sex:' Class = 'Class:' Graphic = 'Graphic:' Points = 'Points:' Male = 'Male' Female = 'Female' Empty = 'Empty' Play = 'Play' # Chat SecondaryText = 'Press Enter to talk...' Map = 'Map' All = 'All' Party = 'Party' Guild = 'Guild' Private = 'Private' # Menu alert ServerOffline = 'The server is offline!' ServerFull = 'The server is full. Try again later!' ConnectionFailed = 'The connection failed!' Insufficient = '%s must be at least %d characters!' ForbiddenCharacter = 'The name can only contain letters, numbers and space!' Kicked = 'You got kicked out!' IPBanned = 'Your IP is banned!' OldVersion = 'This version is old. Please update!' AccBanned = 'Your account is banned!' InvalidUser = 'Invalid user!' InvalidPass = 'Invalid password!' InvalidName = 'Invalid name!' InvalidEmail = 'Invalid email!' InvalidCommand = 'Invalid command!' PasswordsNotMatch = 'Passwords do not match!' IPBlocked = 'You missed the data 5 times. Your IP was blocked for 3 minutes!' MultiAccount = 'User logged in!' Inactivity = 'You have exceeded the maximum downtime!' EnterPass = 'The character will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Please enter your password to confirm the deletion.' AccExist = 'This user already exists!' Successful = 'Account registered successfully!' CharExist = 'This name is already in use!' # Game alert Teleported = 'You have been teleported.' Pulled = 'You were pulled.' Muted = 'You have been muted for 30 seconds.' NonPvP = 'You can not attack here.' AttackAdmin = 'You cannot attack an administrator.' NotEnoughMoney = 'Insufficient money.' NotSellItem = 'This shop does not buy items.' NotTarget = 'You have no target.' NotSeeTarget = 'You are not seeing the target.' TargetNotInRange = 'Target out of range!' InsufficientLevel = 'You do not have enough level to use this item.' InsufficientMP = 'You do not have enough MP.' GlobalSpawning = 'Wait 1 second to speak again in the global chat.' NotAmmunition = 'You have no ammo.' NotPickUpDrop = 'You still can not get this item.' RequestDeclined = 'Your request was declined.' FullInventory = 'Your inventory is full.' FullTrade = 'The trade is full.' FullBank = 'The bank is full.' FullDrops = 'You cannot discard item now.' ProtectionLevel = 'You or your target does not have enough level to duel.' EquipVIP = 'Only VIP players can use this equipment.' SoulboundItem = 'This item is linked to your soul and cannot be traded, dropped or deposited in the bank.' Blocked = 'was blocked.' Unlocked = 'has been unlocked.' Busy = 'This player is busy.' Ask = 'Are you sure?' # Skills Attack = 'Attack' Support = 'Support' # Friends FullFriends = 'Your friends list is full.' FriendAdded = 'has been added to your friends list.' FriendExist = 'This player is already your friend.' FriendRequest = 'wants to be your friend. Accept?' Friend = 'Friend' # Trade TradeRequest = 'invited you for an trade. Accept?' TradeComplete = 'wants to complete the trade. Accept?' TradeDeclined = 'The trade was declined.' PlayerNotInRange = 'Player out of range.' InTrade = 'You are already in an trade.' Trade = 'Trade' # Bank Items = 'Items' Weapons = 'Weapons' Armors = 'Armors' # Party InParty = 'This player is already in a party.' PartyRequest = 'invited you to a party. Accept?' PartyMemberJoined = 'joined the party.' PartyMemberLeave = 'left the party.' DissolvedParty = 'Party dissolved.' FullParty = 'Your party is full.' NotParty = 'You are not in a party.' # Guild NewGuild = 'Guild creation' YouInGuild = 'You are already in a guild.' PlayerInGuild = 'is already in the guild' GuildExist = 'This guild already exists.' EmptyFlag = 'You did not draw the flag.' NotGuildLeader = 'You are not the leader of the guild.' FullGuild = 'Your guild is full.' GuildRequest = 'invited you to the %s guild. Accept?' NotGuild = 'You are not in a guild.' Leader = 'Leader' Member = 'Member' NewLeader = 'New leader:' Notice = 'Notice:' Main = 'Main' Manage = 'Manage' # Help Equipable = 'Equipable by' NotEquipable = 'Not equipable by' Consumable = 'Consumable:' BaseDamage = 'Base damage:' Soulbound = 'Soulbound' TwoHanded = 'Two-handed weapon' OneHanded = 'One-handed weapon' ItemType = 'Type:' Normal = 'Normal' MPCost = 'MP cost:' Hit = 'Hit:' # Menu Configs = 'Settings' BackLogin = 'Back to login' BackSelection = 'Back to selection' Quit = 'Leave game' Music = 'Music:' Sound = 'Sound:' Resolution = 'Resolution:' FullScreen = 'Full screen:' FPS = 'FPS:' Vsync = 'V-sync' NoLimit = 'No limit' # Titles Teleport = 'Teleport' Bank = 'Bank' Amount = 'Amount' Shop = 'Shop' Alert = 'Alert' NewChar = 'Character creation' UseChar = 'Selection of characters' # Quests Information = 'Information' InProgress = 'In progress' Completed = 'Completed' StartQuest = 'You started the quest' FinishQuest = 'You have completed the quest' Rewards = 'Rewards:' Item = 'Item' Exp = 'Exp' # Admin panel SecondaryPanelText = "Enter the name or 'all'" AdmPanel = 'Admin panel' AlertMessage = 'Alert message:' Motd = 'Motd:' Banishment = 'Banishment:' GlobalSwitch = 'Global switch:' Days = 'Days' ID = 'ID:' Kick = 'Kick' Mute = 'Mute' Pull = 'Pull' GoTo = 'Go to' Change = 'Change' BanAcc = 'Ban account' BanIP = 'Ban IP' Unban = 'Unban' On = 'On' Off = 'Off' Teleport = 'Teleport' GiveItem = 'Give item' Send = 'Send' # Buttons Ok = 'Ok' Go = 'Go' Cancel = 'Cancel' Yes = 'Yes' No = 'No' Create = 'Create' Delete = 'Delete' Accept = 'Accept' Block = 'Block' Unlock = 'Unlock' Activated = 'Activated' Disabled = 'Disabled' # Icons Quests = 'Quests' Menu = 'Menu' # Battle and HUD Critical = 'Critical!' NoHit = 'Miss!' LevelUp = 'Level up!' MaxLevel = 'Max level' end Discord Keep in touch with us and report any errors you find also in our Discord group. Tutorials Level next to the player's name in the chat Show group in chat and on top of the character Percentage experience Monsters do not attack administrators Do not attack party member Black background under the name Player names and events only appear if you hover over them Independence from RTP Parallax System Additional utilities MySQL database Simple launcher Auto Update Credits Creator: Valentine Thanks: Cidiomar Soreto LeonM² Komuro zh99998 Gallighan invwindy
  12. Valentine90


    Version 1.0.3 available for download. Log of version 1.0.3:
  13. Valentine90


    NetMaker Author: Valentine Version: 1.0.3 About: NetMaker is a structure for creating 2D online games. It is currently considered a beta and is still in active development. Log: Images: » Login » Character creation » Shop » Trade Download: 4shared Mega Tips: 1) How to make the server work: To learn how to make the server work, see Read me. 2) Data update: Use the converter when you make any changes to the map, classes and/or enemies of the database. The converter updates the server information, ensuring that there are no errors. 3) Translation to Englis: To translate the client's vocabulary into English, replace the [ND] Vocab script to: Some systems created by the community: Level equip Bank Forge Party Credits: Creator: Valentine Thanks: Paulo Soreto Cidiomar Kaique Hunter Terabin