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  1. GreatCobra

    Alright I'm super mad

    Yes I use the Steam version @Takeo212
  2. GreatCobra

    Alright I'm super mad

    @PhoenixSoulGod bless you! Ill let you know if it works EDIT: Holy Moly this is great. Thank you for this. It works perfectly
  3. So, i'm working on this game right? I've spent about 20 hours on it at least now. Suddenly, there is this error message saying the System/RGSS301 cannot be found. Ok, great. I look it up online and it says to just copy it from another RPG maker VX Ace Game. I go on the create new project folder and I get this message now saying I cannot create a new project. I'm so confused with this...can anyone help?
  4. GreatCobra

    Achievement System

    Hey, I know it's been awhile on this forum. I have been deeply interested in adding achievements to my game, but I'm new at this whole thing.. On the script, what does it mean by objective, or more specifically what does the number mean that represents that objective?
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