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  1. Happy New Years everyone.  Be well. Share it with a loved one. Don't let the moment or the time, which is what's truly important, be lost.

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    2. Kayzee


      I always thought statements like that sound more like a justification to me. Kind of like saying "This beautiful thing doesn't last forever, and that's not fair, so I am going to make myself feel better by saying it must be beautiful because it doesn't last forever!"

    3. MakerZeroOne


      @Rikifive  lol what do you see?  you know how many people have told me that they see something, only to have a completely different understanding than what i've intended? XD

      @Kayzee yeah, that's why a lot of people take pictures, and 500 kabijillion selfies... :P  but you have a point; some beauties are ruined by their impermanence; or at least, by how such an impermanence is affected by the dynamics of the beholders relation to the impermanent beauty they are beholding... such is life.

    4. Rikifive


      I was referring to the first comments.

  2. Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Rock;
    Jingle bell swing and jingle bells ring;
    Dancing and prancing across the square;
    In the frosty air ;)

    1. Tarq


      What a bright time, its the right time,

      To rock the night away.

      Jingle bell time, its a swell time,

      To go riding in a one horse sleigh ^_^ 

    2. MakerZeroOne


      Giddy-up Jingle-horse,
      pick up your feet,
      Jingle around the block...

  3. I apologize for the double post, but "They"?.... are there multiple KZ's? Because that only made this so much more confusing to me.
  4. Heh. perhaps i have a different understand of "overly-friendly", and word-play. Generally, i like to establish a bit of a rapport before assuming that i can be so friendly. I've learned in recent years that friendliness is just another mask someone can use to try and undermine or sabotage your position; and have had to treat wordplay with such people as literal sword-play, with potentially your life on the line... I will try to keep my "Real-Life" experiences from impacting my relations in this fantastical forum In the spirit of my OP, almost anything would have been appropriate to me as a comeback, even to the point of "Yeah, go make yourself a (goddamnit i can't think of a single thing to "make" that would make this funny) and get the fuck outa here!" However, someone asking me to be their "master", and "take good care of them" was definitely a "WTF?" moment on a forum that, by its rules, states that it is a forum that allows and encourages the presence of minors... My apologies to everyone for taking this so... seriously. I've requested for the thread to be amended, and trust for the moderators to do what they feel is right.
  5. MakerZeroOne

    Looking for Art Critique - WIP

    whoa really? what other game? Also, this one is a bit more complex. Sniper Rifle - more specifically the R700. think the scope is a bit too big?
  6. @PhoenixSoul thanks for the welcome. it's been a minute or two since I've last heard from DIO. haha.
  7. i'll check it out when i have a moment. Thanks.
  8. MakerZeroOne

    Looking for Art Critique - WIP

    I was thinking much the same about the brassiness... The problem that i run into, is keeping the cylinders from being chunky, while also shading it so that it looks like a cylinder; as well as including light glare... But youre right about the handgun ammo, i feel. i can't help but think it looks like candy corn :/
  9. MakerZeroOne

    Looking for Art Critique - WIP

    Hello everyone. I'm creating some more modernized/ Sci-Fi icons and hopefully going to move on to even larger pixel arts soon. Basically, I'm looking for feedback, and critique, as the title says. Currently, I only have a few icons for Ammo, and a couple of modernized grenades. Basically, every attack in my game that uses a gun, or skill that uses and item, will require ammo from the inventory. So. here we go. Mostly, my doubts involve lighting and shading... THESE ARE WORKS IN PROGRESS. PLEASE DO NOT USE, EDIT, OR SHARE outside of this thread. I Will be posting again when I am satisfied that they are ready to use. A bokuto, or wooden katana. Alien Mind Control (Take me to your refrigerator!!!) Energy Ammo Pack - the bottom is supposed to be a concave cube, whereas the top part is supposed to be cylindrical; silvered metal, with gold bands, and showing glowing red energy inside and at the connector tips up top.... but i'm not sure it doesn't just look flat. M84 - Flash bang. This one had so many sharp angles that i'm not sure you can even tell what it is, or if you can even make out the Pin... M67 Frag Grenade. The entire thing is OD green... so shading it to represent a light source is kind of difficult. A metal Bolt or Slug for a Rail Gun. Silvered metal with angled flanges coming off of the cylindrical core. M18 Smoke Grenade Pretty simple, but still kind of hard to draw the spoon on the side at the correct angles and to show the pull pin and the primer on top Handgun Ammo. Rifle Ammo Machine Gun Belt Shotgun shells in a woven fabric shell carrier That's all so far, and I will add more as i work through it, and need more icons to suit my game. Thoughts? (Once again, these are works in progress. PLEASE do not use for yourself just yet. I will release a new thread when I'm ready to share.)
  10. Thank you! I will start with what I have.
  11. The Maker graciously accepts your welcome and your despair... you may all live. EXCEPT FOR THE FAIRY! Do you know how hard it is to make intimidating stomping noises when you can't keep your feet on THE GROUND?! Haha! I kid, I kid. Thanks for being cool sports everyone. @Kayzee- naa. The Maker only wants mastery of himself; and pixels, and maybe even the fabled JAVASCRIPT.... or an elf or two; just because. :3 (LOTR elves, not Keebler) @Kirimash - whats a discord? @TarqinaPearTree - where would i go in these forums to post resources that I'm not ready to call complete works, but am looking for critique with? My focus is on more modern and sci-fi stuff, and i've only been doing pixel art for about a week. I don't wish to make them available for use until i am sure of them. Is there a forum location for threads like this? @lonequeso- ready or not....
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome! But as far as herds go, "my fleece is black as coal". baaaaaaah!
  13. Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums, and also on the normal RPG Maker forums; and pretty much new to RMMV as well. I just wanted to introduce myself, as I will most likely be asking for help for making my games, and critique of some of my other works; such as pixel art icons and more. I look forward to meeting you all! Now, "Bow to the Maker or be swept aside as the ashes of your fallen forefathers!" (lol 32x32 example of an icon WIP for Alien mind control... just for fun :p) Edit: I also have a dramatic and occasionally morose or morbid sense of humor, if you have yet to notice... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯