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  1. Hello! I am using this script that i found here : https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/himeworks-large-choices-row-column-option.91425/ Window_ChoiceList.prototype.maxCols = function() { return $gameVariables.value(X); // X is the variable ID# of a Game Variable }; It Works! and i have 2 columns of choices.. but my text boxes from 1st column overlaps to the second column.. Maybe someone know how to auto be rescaled the text box of choices regarding the length of the text it contains?
  2. NickNick

    Help! Choices Box Positioning

    OK SOLVED! found the answer on Internet after better search! Credits to #Aloe Guvner Use Script command and paste this code.. (Place it, before your show choice-command) (function() { var alias_Window_ChoiceList_start = Window_ChoiceList.prototype.start; Window_ChoiceList.prototype.start = function() { alias_Window_ChoiceList_start.call(this); switch ($gameMessage.choicePositionType()) { case 0: //left this.x = 5; this.y = 7; break; } } })(); Replace the this.x & this.y values to what values you want! (This code refers to the ''left'' placed box ocation ) You can also adjust the case of placed box: case 1: //middle case 2: //right (Sorry for my english) :P
  3. NickNick

    Help! Choices Box Positioning

    Hello! I was wondering.. is there a way to edit the x and y position of choices box? I don't need static x, y but i want to change it through a $gameVariables.value(x) or something.. every time that i call it..
  4. Hello all.. I am using the plug in= YEP_GabWindow.js (Yanfly) About the positioning of the Gab window.. there is only one parameter, placed in the inside parameters of the plug in! Is there a way to control this parameters from outside the plug in? I mean.. maybe i can use a variable " $gameVariables.value(x) " .. so that i can change this parameter every time that i want.. and place the gab to different positions every time? (and not to a fixed one)?
  5. NickNick

    Help! Close Message

    Hello all! Is there a script that closes an opened Message.. ? (I dont need the inside code texts like \^ ) The problem is that, when a message is open, is like the game is on PAUSE mode.. BUT.. I found this script that allow me to move while message is displaying.. $gameMessage.clear(); So now, all i need is one more script so that to close the message window at all! Is there any script for this? (Thanx in advance.. and sorry for my english..)
  6. NickNick

    mv [Show Picture] below the Actor?

    Thanx people for the feedback! I know .. i am using parallax already for map .. but i need more parallax layers.. So thats why i asked about (show picture - below character) Is there a way to have more than one parallax? in different layers? and if so? do you have any plug to suggest? thanx in advanced!
  7. NickNick

    mv [Show Picture] below the Actor?

    Hello all I am using RPG maker MV.. Any [script - plug in] for how to display a picture below the actor? (I want to use the picture as the Map that the actor steps on it)
  8. - Rpg maker Mv - Is there a way to make a call script inside an event, that says something like that: the x,y position of map, change the Region ID to [a new ID] ? - (I am using yanflys plugin YEP_RegionRestrictions.js ) (just to know..)
  9. Yea Rpg Maker Mv ... Ohhh Ok! No problem.. Thanx for your time ! :D
  10. Oh Sorry i forgot to ask you.. Is this code just for command script? Or is so that to replace the official code of the game in the folders .js?
  11. Oh thanx so much for your try.. !!! :D But unfortunately i have errors.. A region call as you tried with your code would be nice.. But i dont care... all i need is a script to enable it.. and a script to disable it.. :P
  12. Is there a way to enable/desable bush effect? bush effect is inside: database/tilesets/ I dont use tilesets but parallax picture as a map.. so i cant call it properly with terrain tag.. and i need a script