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  1. aceviper64

    yanfly rows and target selection

    ok so i have been looking into it, i think i need to use java with the yanfly plugins. I got something like this, but it doesnt work. <custom select condition> if battler.row(1) {max row 2} else if battler.row(2) {front row only} else {row only 1,2} </custom select condition>
  2. aceviper64

    yanfly rows and target selection

    I'm using yanfly row formation and target selection. I have made a spear that can only be used in the first row and can target the first or second enemy row. I'm wondering if there is a way to make the spear change its attack selection based on which row it's in, such as above plus if in row 2 can only target enemy row 1. --------- <only row:1> <select conditions> row 2 max </select conditions> ----------- <only row 2> <select conditions> front row only </select conditions> -------------- is there a way to get one weapon to work with both options?