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  1. I think i figured out something, i will start work soon, add me on Discord : LeonM²#9597 for updates and if i have more doubts.
  2. i think i can do this script, but i need more info about how you want it, like how you need the perk scene to be, if perks are individual to one in the party or shared by the party, if you need more types of perks aside cut mp cost, like more damage and stuff, if there are more perk groups or just reduction cost of types of magic. The more info about how you want it the better for me or other one to make, if they are faster than me. well, if someone isn't already doing it, or one have been already done and anyone find it.
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    Hello, just got here from google. I'm Brazilian, and yes i kinda hate it. I'm 19 years old, i have rpg maker as a hobby for something like nine years, but i've never ended a project. I'm little ashamed of saying this, but in the past nine years i have used pirate rpg maker, but, i think that is why because i've never ended a project, now for 2018 i got the reality in the face and get to buy the rpg maker, and now i'm starting my own project, legal, a project that soon will be a game, and a game that i can be proud. My english its based on learning through games and the international gaming and development community. In my country this kind of education is poor on public systems, and its not everybody that can afford english classes. But language will never be a barrier, as i learn everyday little by little. I hope i can get well with the people here, and the people here get well with me. I dunno what else to say so.. That's all folks. ---- Ps i actualy use LeonMM, LeonM² its my alternate, but, it has becoming hard to use my main nick, so i guess i will change to my alternate before someone take it.