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  1. i only listen to real music 


  2. i cant talk about incidents. no, not after the incident

  3. shabooski! *dabs*

    1. CyrusJazzberry


      dabbing is banned

      go to the corner you're in time out

  4. looking at vxa's mouseover for damage formulas, variables can be used in the form of 'v[x]'. set up a common event that sets a variable between 1-999. replace that (1-100) with v[x], where x is the variable's database number. i'd recommend calling the common event before the battle so the game doesn't read an unset variable or a zero. i'd also recommend calling the common event with the skill so the variable is always changing i've never really used variables in formulas before so i might be getting this all wrong, though
  5. i'm not at my rpg maker computer right now, but can't damage formulas have variables in them? if they can, i'd say have a skill that does nothing but calls a common event that sets a variable between 1 and 999, then use a script like follow-up skills to start a skill that has the variable inside the formula.
  6. hey you know that trope where a rpg's first enemies are nearly always rats or slimes


    meet grape gelatin, first enemy of insomnioid


  7. a very late but mildly interesting update

    **log taken from the gamejolt page** hi i forgot to update the devlog while working on things major updates fixed timothy’s sprite flicker glitch after reworking and condensing some common events the phone is longer required to change classes, and instead it can be done directly from the esc menu (the phone will probably be removed) the Photographer class is functioning but needs more skills and work the first recruitable party member is in the works new damage sounds WOAH the book at timothy’s desk used for saving is now a desktop computer planned reducing the size of the apartment to feel more like a college dorm adding a form of ‘quick class help’ to get more info on timothy’s current class (menu option, button press, etc) making a more interesting title screen misc a composer has gotten in contact with me and has expressed interest on working on insomnioid’s soundtrack yay
  8. hi, welcome edit: beat riki to it cool
  9. Hi, I'm new here.

    hi there
  10. Hello

  11. i feel smart i fixed that glitch where timothy's sprite flashed in between class sprites. the culprit? a whole bunch of common events that were unneeded and condensed into like two common events

  12. Hellou :)

  13. so for the Photographer, i'm torn between two ways of handling the two base offensive skills.

    Wide Lens and Narrow Lens.


    WAY 1: Standard attacks that do nothing else other than target the entire enemy party and only one enemy, in that order.


    WAY 2: Make the skills apply a State on Timothy denoting what lens he's using, then somehow checking that State and letting the respective skills be used. There will be three States, one for Wide Lens, Standard Lens, and Narrow Lens.


    what should i do

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      @Kayzee i'll tinker around with that, thanks!

    3. CyrusJazzberry


      @Kayzee after some more research, i found out Himeworks' Custom Use Conditions exists, and it fits my niche perfectly

    4. Kayzee
  14. almost done with timothy's photographer regular and dashing spritesheets

  15. Hello!