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  1. CyrusJazzberry

    Percentage increases

    i don't use MV, but in VXA you can reference a variable in a skill's damage formula. i'd imagine you can do the same in MV; just have a common event set to check an actor's stat every so often, then calculate 50% of that stat and tack it onto the formula.
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    Hello everyone!

    hello and welcome
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    Greetings, I'm Jishaku Man!

    hi welcome
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    Alpha is here :D

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    O Hai RMC!

  6. this is what my avatar was going to be but the site didn't like the fact it was 4.5mb




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    insomnioid concept art/misc art

    stuff about insomnioid that also is art
  8. i upgraded my pc so now it isnt awful


    downside, i got a new hard drive and the old one doesnt wanna work with my sata to usb cable but that's fine, i backed up insomnioid's dev files B)


    bright side, i can now start making insomnioid again

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    Happy To Be Here

    hi welcome
  10. i only listen to real music 


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      Waaay better than imaginary music! =3

  11. i cant talk about incidents. no, not after the incident

  12. shabooski! *dabs*

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      dabbing is banned

      go to the corner you're in time out

  13. looking at vxa's mouseover for damage formulas, variables can be used in the form of 'v[x]'. set up a common event that sets a variable between 1-999. replace that (1-100) with v[x], where x is the variable's database number. i'd recommend calling the common event before the battle so the game doesn't read an unset variable or a zero. i'd also recommend calling the common event with the skill so the variable is always changing i've never really used variables in formulas before so i might be getting this all wrong, though
  14. i'm not at my rpg maker computer right now, but can't damage formulas have variables in them? if they can, i'd say have a skill that does nothing but calls a common event that sets a variable between 1 and 999, then use a script like follow-up skills to start a skill that has the variable inside the formula.