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  1. raindrop717

    Need help with Yanfly's Row formation plugin.

    Not sure if you still need help with this or not, but I think I can help. At least with part of it. First, to place specific actors behind the others, I would try putting the <Default Row: x> note tag in the note box for each of those actors. As long as you don't lock the rows, the actors should be able to be switched during battle. To get the second row to appear closer to the first, try changing the parameters in the plugin, under "---Position Settings---". I think there is also a way to adjust a single actor's exact X/Y position, but I can't remember how at the moment. The next part is tricky. The only way I can think of to make sure enemies can't target actors in the second row is to get Yanfly's TargetCore plugin and see if there's a way to do it through that. Then, to make it so your actors in row 2 don't have turns, you could try putting this note tag in the note section for all of your skills: <Row Only: x> and make the "x" be a "1". That might just make them not be able to do anything but still have a turn though. Would have to test it to see. Another alternative to Yanfly's row plugin that you could try is this one: http://sumrndm.site/summon-core/. It has another that can go with it to make the summoned actor be the only one on the battlefield while they are summoned (http://sumrndm.site/replace-summons/). Hope that helps a little. Sorry I couldn't give a more precise answer.