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  1. Hi, could you help me ??I need a spell that gives a random state. So I added all the "add state" for the states that I want this spell to give, but I don't want it to give more than I state at the same time to the target, I don't want it to get poison, sleep, confusion all together, I want one and only one per use of the spell. So I tried with event and variable. I created a variable that will give me a random number and put that variable on a common event to connect the outcome number to an state with that Conditional Branch thing. The problem is the common event in page 3, in the Battle section, the Change Enemy State only gives the option to add the state to enemy 1, enemy 2, enemy 3... but not the target, how can I make it apply the state in the target ? I'm a noob, please use as much details as you can.