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  1. This is a great tutorial. Im totally doing this.
  2. I deff had it a different way before i lost all my data i thought, but who cares it totally worked. I was completely spacing the fact that where the event is in regards to the player mattered, oopsie thanks a ton
  3. Hey, I'm SURE this is a dumb question, and trust me i tried a lot of stuff before deciding to ask out of sheer humiliation. So basically after you start my game from the 'Title Screen' you go to my 'Controls' screen. (the first map with my controls layout as the background and the players starting position transparent of course) Now i want the player to Hit the action button and it transfer the player to MAP2 which is a blank background the same color as the controls screen with a warning message about the contents of the game (violence, heavy subject matter, suicide, etc) but i cant seem to get it to work. It works if i set it to auto run, but doesn't work on action button trigger or even a Time wait then autorun :/ So if someone could point out what i did wrong, or a better way to go about it i would be eternally grateful. I removed the event that makes the character transparent to make this even simpler for the time being. p.s. I feel extra stupid because I had this part + 2 whole chapters of my game done before i was forced to reinstall windows and lost my game files Pic1: This is the Controls Screen layout, player starting spot is here so you come here directly after starting the game. Pic2: The only event on this page is to transfer the player to the next map that contains the for-mentioned 'Warning message' I've tried all 3 options of priority as well with no avail. Pic3: The current Control Screen (imagine it without the player model there:] ) I want the player to just hit enter on this screen when they are ready to move onto the next map (warning screen)