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  1. I'm having a small compatibility problem with Tsukihime's Instance Items. The push/pick up/fall/jump/vision range work well, but the tools don't work when I press the action key unless I erase Instance Items. I'd like to keep instance items as it's required by several other scripts to work, like item charges&recharge, and item durabilty&repair. All other alternatives I've found also require Hime's script or a similar script of their own. Has anyone had the same problem? Did you find a solution?
  2. mawichan

    Battle Symphony + Paper Dolls compatibility

    I see. It's alright focus on your own work first. I do hope someone is able to help with this in the meantime. And thanks a lot for the little bit of info!
  3. Hello there! I'm using Yami'sBattle Engine Symphony and Vlue's Paper Dolls. Paper Dolls is a visual equipment script. It overlays equipment sprites on top of the sprites of the party members I noticed that it doesn't work when the character enters the battle scene. It seems Paperl Dolls is only taking into account the on-map display of the sprite, or maybe Symphony is not allowing it to display the overlays in the battle scene. So I'm sure either of those two scripts needs patching or modification. Could anyone please help me make it show up? Or tell me if it cannot be done or if it's not simple to do. There's another visual equip script that does work in battle, but complicates other aspects of the game I'm making so I'd rather not use it if I can help it. Thank you in advance!
  4. Woah thank you very much! Not long after I posted this, I had to put my project away for some time and stopped checking the forums until now. I'm so sorry for the belated reply. I honestly didn't expect that there would be a reply at all. It works great!!! This is exactly what I needed! Again, thank you very much!
  5. Hello! I'd like to thank you beforehand for at least passing by and reading this. I'm using this script by Vlue (Daimonious Tails) ---> Paper Dolls It's a simple and neat script that layers multiple sprites on actors to change their appearance based on their equipment. I love it and it works, BUUTTT... I found out that the script is only taking into account changing the actor's equipment through the Equipment Scene in the menu. My problem is that I evented a character creator, which changes an actor's equipment with the Change Equipment button. This made me notice that the actor's appearance doesn't change until I send it to another map or after I open the menu scene. If anyone could help me find a way to refresh the actor's sprite(s) without having to change maps or scenes that would be great. Once again, thank you for reading, have a good day!
  6. Hello there, I hope everything is going well for you all. I'm currently using Mr.Trivel's Animated Faces Script, and thankfully it works well and gives me no errors nor crashes. However, as neat as the script is by itself, it lacks the option to let us change an actor's face animation at all. You just setup an animation for each actor in the script editable section and that's it. The script is pretty old and Mr.Trivel posted a long time ago that he would leave the script as is, so I'm hesitant to ask him directly about adding the feature. It would be cool to be able to change an actor's face via a variable, or a switch, or a script call. Whatever method would be fine. Whichever is easier to make for the one who decides to give this a shot. ...if someone ever ecides to do it, of course. In my project it is possible to change the player character's gender in-game, so I thought it would be cool if the changes did show on the menus that display the character's face. That is all I'd like it for. I bet other people could give it more creative uses too. Either way, thank you very much, have a good day~
  7. mawichan

    Golden Sun Djinn Script (Need Help)!

    I just tried the script and I managed to make a djinn and use it in battle. First off, are you using other scripts in your game? There could be a compatibility issue. If there are no other scripts or you are certain that this is not about compatibility... Are you sure the actor is not actually wearing the piece of equipment that's used as a djinn? It seems the actor should not be wearing the djinn equipment or else the djinn won't appear on the menu (or it will be disabled altogether if that was the only djinn) Once having checked for that, are you sure you are supposed to name each djinn via notetags? The instructions in the page you linked seem to be pretty specific that the middle word in the notetag should be "djinn", and not "custom name". The name and description come from the info on the piece of equipment that you can write in the database, not from the notetags. At first I tried using the same notetag you did, and it did not work. It works if I put "djinn" instead. Try to check for those and see if that does it for you. I hope it helps a bit.
  8. mawichan

    On Tsukihime's Corpse Retrieval Script

    Works like a charm! I can't thank you enough! This is really awesome! Thank you so much. Best wishes for you and your projects~
  9. mawichan

    Positioning an event in-game?

    Wow it works, somehow haha (I'm terrible at following instructions, sometimes). It's pretty close to what I was trying to achieve. You already helped me enough as is, no need for scripts. Best wishes for the developing of your game! Thank you very much.
  10. mawichan

    Positioning an event in-game?

    Hi thanks for reading and taking the time to reply The number of flowers growing at a time don't really matter. The thing I'm more concerned about is getting them to be able to appear anywhere on the map the player wants (and is able to walk on) and stay for future use in the first place. I've read the script master list a few times and there doesn't seem to be something that works well. Either I'd rather I don't have to use scripts (because I'm already using a lot of them in my project). I'd love it if you could tell me how one goes about setting that up. Only if you want and have the time for it, of course.
  11. Hello there, I hope everyone is doing fine. This may be a bit hard to explain, but here it is. Let's say the player character can only save when interacting with a particular type of flower. The player can find some of the special flowers already placed on pots or growing from the soil . Some of the areas will not have these flowers around, or they will be few and far inbetween. So for the latter occasion, the player would be able to carry an item (for example, seeds) that when used it makes the special flowers grow right on the next tile in front of where the player is facing (basically placing a new event on the spot. Now the new save spot should stay there for the rest of the game and the player can interact with it again when the player returns to it. Is doing somethin like this even possible without scripting (or even then)? Can I set this up with events? Or can I do something close to it with just events (even if it's not the same)? I don't think it's a good idea to litter the whole map floor with invisible events checking if the player has the necessary item whenever they press the action button. I mean, that's an option, but the game would be horribly laggy, right? This is just a sudden idea I got. It's nothing vital to my project, but I liked the idea of giving the players that kind of freedom. I was just wondering is something like this can be done and how. Thank you for your time~
  12. Sorry for not replying in a long time! I had moved on to work on other things in the project in the meantime. I just went back to this issue and managed to get everything to work properly thanks to your advice (and the picture roninator posted was particularly a great help). Thanks a lot to both of you!
  13. mawichan

    Animated Icons

    Is there a way to make this script compatible with Syvkal's Ring Menu? I get an error on the ring menu script's line 323 This is what the script section with that line looks like
  14. I see. I'll definetly try that, as this is only for the purchase of a single type of item and it doesn't really need the normal shop scene. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!