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    May ReStaff: Futuristic & Modern Resources!

    Thank you so much!
  2. Sereyanne

    May ReStaff: Futuristic & Modern Resources!

    I am deeply sorry I have to necropost this again... But I really like those cars, they are amazing! Unfortunately, both links seems to be broken, the one from the original post as well as the one from 2018. Any chance to still get them please?
  3. Sereyanne

    Achievement System

    Hi! This is a very cool script! Unfortunately, it seems the developer isnt answering in this forum anymore. Is there still support for this script? I have several issues. For example, I set the second achievement to no prerequisite, but it still shows the locked symbol in the menu. Second example, I tried to expand the list of achievements to more than 10, and the game crashes.
  4. Sereyanne

    WASD Movement

    Oh, I forgot about this totally. Sorry. Thanks, I found another script :-)
  5. Sereyanne

    WASD Movement

    Hi, I know this thread is old, but I could find nothing else. I would like to have the wasd script for VX Ace, but the download link isn't active any more. Does anyone have the script?
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