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  1. This works well. Thanks for the help. This thread can be closed now.
  2. i want to say it's Yanfly's Battle Engine Core. Would a demo be helpful? One other thing. If possible, would it be feasible/easier to use notetags in the enemies' note section to set a specific difficulty value and have the color based on the value. For example, I have one enemy that has high HP, but only level 50. If the player were 99, then the enemy would be flagged as "easiest" (white) on the scale when in fact their difficulty value would be something like 10 or 11 (red).
  3. Thanks! The code makes sense to me, as far as I can tell with my very limited knowledge, however, it appears to be not working. I set the parameters in the plugin, along with the default formula, but the text color is not changing. In the screenshot below, the player is a level 1, while the enemy is at level 25. I should mention, and I apologize, that I am not using the DBS; I have it removing the enemy selection window, only the targeting text. Am I doing something wrong? Plugins
  4. I'll make this simpler as I was reconsidering this system. All I need is a way to change the enemy name text color when selecting an enemy. I tried Victor's Control Text and it caused a severe lag with my system, even without using Yanfly's Core, Battle Core, and Message Core. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need a demo, please let me know.