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  1. Starmage11

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    It's great to see this game here, Rishi! Im still watching this closely!
  2. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Oh dear! XD That would be most fun!
  3. Starmage11

    List of My Scripts

    OMG! I just realized that you made the awesome Word wrapping script that I've been using for my VXace games! XD Amazing job and thank you for sharing your hard work with us, Kayzee!
  4. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Oh my!! It is indeed quite a wonderful thought that your wonderful kind could just be around my house glee-fully playing in 4th dimension. xD Hmm! I wonder what would happen if I can peek into that realm? XD Maybe my house is actually an enchanted fairy-tale forest in the 4th dimension. xD Though I must admit, I do feel otherworldly presence quite a lot. So maybe that's why I'm very curious and amazed by your kind. xD Oh! And thank you so much, Kayzee! The sprinkles of fairy dust is greatly appreciated! It will definitely help fuel my motivation/inspiration to continue finishing this game.
  5. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Thanks for your input, Kayzee! And yes! I also forgot to mention that the term did have some Indo-Iranian origin xD So it's weird that some group of evil people think they immediately own the term referring the blond haired, blue eyed nordic people. xD Btw, I'm also all for giving fairies their own pretty modern day form! xD I actually think that Alien fairy pic you linked is very pretty! Would be a nice iteration than the greens/grays indeed! And yes, I guess living in a different dimension does make humans think of you as aliens. xD Even though your kind were always the ones responsible for the "alien" abductions
  6. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Hi @Kayzee! Thank you so much for checking out the game and for sharing your concerns regarding the naming of the Aryan race. This has actually already been a huge discussion on the Discord servers on other forums! XD And I've already concluded to stick by the name. I know you and other people here who are curious and haven't participated in that discussion deserve to know my reasoning, so I'll copy-pasta my post on RMN regarding this issue. Hope this helps clear things up, Kayzee! Oh! And if only I knew it was the Fairies all along, I would've added a fairy alien race xDD
  7. Starmage11

    Chibi's Let's plays

    Hi Chibi! Great to see you here! I really love your LPs and its great that you're doing IGMC entries now!
  8. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Hi Chibi!! Thank you so much and I'm very happy you enjoyed the game! Your help in making me improve this game is also not forgotten and is greatly appreciated up to this very day! XD
  9. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Introduction: Features - Rich background story and varieties of alien planets to explore. - A Cast of colorful characters who each have their own interesting background stories. - Semi-linear gameplay that rewards exploration. - Discover different extraterrestrial races and their cultures. - Emotionally involving story-line with interesting twists. - Immersive Sci-fi setting. - Gameplay that seeks to bring out the love of nostalgia from RPG gamers. - ATB Side-view Battle System. - Fast-paced gameplay. Rave Heart Goodies: - Berry 's very cute artwork for Ellemine, made in her wonderful artstyle!! - EllemineXChad Artwork by yours truly: Let's play and Reviews:
  10. Features: - 3-4 hours of gameplay - Colorful cast of characters - Engaging and fun turn-based strategy battles with a special stack system that affects your skills' abilites. - A stat distribution system that allows you to customize your party members' stats. - Playable characters that offers their own unique traits in battles - An Unlockable mode that offers new story content with fun boss battles along with multiple endings - Very intriguing yet simple storyline that will leave you curious and engaged. - Mesmerizing fairy-tale/Coloring book styled game aesthetics. - Enjoy BerryB/BerryRMN's beautiful artworks from enemy sprites to facesets to CGs. Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella GOODIES: - Toasty/RPGtime's First Impression Stream for the game: Credits: Mostly everything: Degica Co., LTD Graphics: - BerryB - Sherman 3D - Jgreene - SkottyTV - whtdragon - Loose Leaf - PandaMaru - McSunday - GrandmaDeb - Kattriella - hian - Creative Ed - kokororeflections - Moghunter - Michael Galefire Music: - Murray Atkinson - Joel Steudler - Gyrowolf - kwahmah_02 - oceanictrancer - Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc. - Wingless Seraph/YouFulca : https://wingless-seraph.net/en/material-music.html - Kevin Macleod Plugins: - Yanfly - Hime - Moghunter - Galv - SumRndmDde - Shaz Hope you all enjoy!
  11. Starmage11

    A Maiden's Ballad

    Features: - 3 hours of gameplay - Beautiful Time Fantasy graphics - Fun and engaging atb battles - Colorful and sweet cast of characters - Immersive dungeon atmospheres and music Credits: Graphics: Jason Perry whtdragon hian Moghunter Pentagon Buddy Cooltext.com DEGICA Enterbrain, Inc. Music: YouFulca/Wingless Seraph Amélie Guiboux Terry Bradley FredFluteMUSIC Frontier Works, Inc. Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc. Archeia EvilEagles Tobby Ong Caz DEGICA Enterbrain, Inc. Plugins: Yanfly Moghunter SumRndmDde DEGICA Enterbrain, Inc. Hope you all enjoy!
  12. Starmage11

    Once Upon the Woods

    Hi guys! Once Upon the Woods is my entry submission for the One Map Challenge event being held at Rpgmaker.web. It is a very short and simple RPG that features the story of Hansel and Gretel, an old fairy-tale that we have all heard. This game is sort of like my high-fantasy take on the story. I hope that you enjoy! Features: - Very short and sweet - Challenging, strategic and engaging battles - Beautiful fairy-tale-esque artworks - Beautiful Celtic music Credits: Plugins: Moghunter Yanfly SumRndmDde Tsukimi DEGICA Co., LTD Enterbrain Music: Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc. DEGICA Co., LTD Enterbrain Graphics: Moghunter Yanfly JosephSeraph Milano Cat Derex Hiddenone KADOKAWA, INC. DEGICA Co., LTD Enterbrain
  13. Starmage11

    Elf's Diary

    Playable Characters: NPCs (Non-playable Characters): Features: - A Short, simple and fun 2 hours long game - Engaging strategic free turn based battles - Simple story-line with themes about friendship, faith and determination - Small but beautiful areas to discover - Colorful and fun characters to get to know with Elf's Diary Goodies: My simple art for Faint: Finnuval 's awesome Faint art: Elf's Diary Remastered Trailer: CREDITS: I hope that you guys will enjoy the game as much as I did making it.
  14. Starmage11

    OTHER Faith in Feathers (RMXP)

    Play as the Archangels assigned by the Omni-potent to save a dying soul and battle your way throughout the purgatory in this short dungeon crawler-based RPG. (WARNING: Contains light-hearted religious themes..) Short Notice: You can use the fountain at Heaven to fully recover your party! Features: - Fully features music from the very beautiful "RMN Music Pack"! - Addicting and Fun Fast-paced RTAB battle system with an enjoyable camera-work! - A fun-filled short that allows you to explore many different dimensions, each having their own unique challenges, monsters and bosses to overcome! - Extremely fun and powerful characters to play as! - Mind stimulating battles to enjoy and strategize! - Dynamic and Challenging boss fights! - It is short, fun and simple! Credits: Graphics - Gozaru - Sithjester - Iceaxe - Luthur, Fox5, Ccoa, - Cyanyurikago Music (The beautiful RMN Music Pack!) Mc Tricky - "Royalty of Sin" - "Composed Malevolence" - "Valiance" Subaru - "Resonance Hopes Ignited Wills" Lana42 - "Hamlet" Jude - "Center of the Galaxy" Xcalnarok - "Peaceful Moment" Happy - "Mellow Darkness" Snowy_Fox - "Tranquil Town" - "Caverns" - "The Ritual" Jasprelao - "Poem for the different future" - "Peaceful soul" - "Circle of Light" Gamesfreak13563 - "Desert Crossing" Kunsel - "Puzzles" - "Run" hyde9318 - "Cool Island Breeze" Scripts: - Cogwheel - DerVVulfman - Ccoa - Fukuyama - Near Fantastica Special Thanks: - Enterbrain Further Notes: This is officially my 3rd game in RPG makng!! And I'm very happy to be able to complete it within a week's time. Thank you God for all these fun possibilities and for all the people and their beautiful works involved in making this game possible! I sure hope that you all enjoy this game as I did making it!!
  15. Starmage11

    OTHER BlueSkies 2 (RMXP)

    BlueSkies 2 Goodies!: - terrorchan's very beautiful Lyrelle fanart (which I'm using as titlescreen now! ) - BlueSkies 2 Character Map. To all you guys who are interested, I just made a huge character map for BlueSkies 2 If you're curious on how characters are intertwined with each other, then I hope you'll enjoy this character map. (Warning: May contain spoilers) - LyrelleXRiver artwork I did. - BerryB 's extremely cute artwork for Lyrelle, done in her wonderful art style!! - halibabica's very cute, funny, and silly review art for Lyrelle and Luna!! Features: - 12-15 Hours of gameplay - Fully animated and lively battle-system (Moonpearl's Valkyrie profile-inspired script) - Characters in battles have voices to make battles more immersive - Party changing system (allows you to switch party members at will) - Immersive plot and a very colorful set of characters, atmosphere and dialogue. - Music that brings out your childhood nostalgia from games that you've played. - Side-quests and hidden-quests that allows you to acquire Items and gold, even learn skills or summons! - The focus on the varying effects of certain elements and weapons on different enemies allows much control and battle tactics. - Explore planet Vyen like no other - BlueSkies 2 in itself is a whole new story, though features the same world as BlueSkies 1. Credits Sprites/Graphics: Holder Sithjester Gozaru terrorchan (for the very beautiful and cute title-screen + logo) Naramura Slim Land of Shadows (LOS) The inquisitor Ximenia Ails Mascaporne Mea Scripts: Moonpearl Blizzard Near Fantastica KK20 (for being such a savior on all the script problems I had with MP's scripts) DerVVulfman (for taking the time on helping me also with my script problems and diagnosing it) kenlan (for being the gateway in siting to me where I can find help regarding my script problems) Music: Videogames FamilyJules7x from youtube Soundimage: - Exotic Cruising - Life Goes on by Eric Matyas http://www.soundimage.org RMN link: ^ Outro: I would really be happy to get the feedbacks, comments and suggestions from the RPG maker community, as these are really important in helping me develop my games, living up to my goals and promises to provide a magical, emotionally driven and immersive fantasy world in an RPG game for you all! Thankyou so much!! xDD