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  1. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Hello everyone! I am so happy to share with you all that Rave Heart store page in steam is finally up! Release date is going to be on August 28, 2020! This is already a big step for me, and I would like to thank each and everyone of the people who helped me with the game's development! I remembered every feedback, support, and kind words that made this moment possible! I also wish to thank God for helping me on this journey. <3 ^_^ It would mean so much to me if you wishlist Rave Heart on steam! Wish you all a great day! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1375880/Rave_Heart/
  2. Starmage11

    Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella

    Hi everyone!! I just wish to share with you all @HawkZombie fun-filled stream of our game!! It's 3 parts in total! Oh! And do subscribe to his channel and join his discord server (link the video descriptions) for more awesome RPG maker streams!! XD Enjoy!
  3. Starmage11

    Fear - Survival Horror

    Oh!! Sounds awesome! XD Gonna try and play the intro for some fun then! XD
  4. Starmage11

    Fear - Survival Horror

    You're welcome, Chibi! And Oh!! This is an updated demo right? I wish to try it again xD
  5. Starmage11

    Fear - Survival Horror

    Wow!! Good to see a thread of this game finally! It looks awesome, Chibi! Very ambient and atmospheric with the lighting as well
  6. Starmage11

    Tall Tales of Fall

    Thank you so muuuuch, Chibi! Im glad you liked it xDD I was really nervous I couldnt finish it in time before deadline of the event (which is today ), but thankfully, I somehow did haha. xD
  7. Starmage11

    Tall Tales of Fall

    Features: - Fast-paced ATB battle system. - Choose among four characters to start the game and perceive the story with. - Delve into an atmosphere of mystery and wonder. - Immersive and atmospheric places and dungeons. - Secret boss fights and many more! Credits: Graphics: Jason Perry whtdragon hian Moghunter Pentagon Buddy KucingBudhug Naramura Derex Hiddenone DEGICA Enterbrain, Inc. Cooltext.com Music: Richard, John S. ayato sound create tobi (http://karugamo.tk/) YouFulca/Wingless Seraph Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc. DEGICA Enterbrain, Inc. Plugins: Yanfly Moghunter SumRndmDde Fallen Angel Olivia Terrax DEGICA Enterbrain, Inc.
  8. Starmage11

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    It's great to see this game here, Rishi! Im still watching this closely!
  9. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Oh dear! XD That would be most fun!
  10. Starmage11

    List of My Scripts

    OMG! I just realized that you made the awesome Word wrapping script that I've been using for my VXace games! XD Amazing job and thank you for sharing your hard work with us, Kayzee!
  11. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Oh my!! It is indeed quite a wonderful thought that your wonderful kind could just be around my house glee-fully playing in 4th dimension. xD Hmm! I wonder what would happen if I can peek into that realm? XD Maybe my house is actually an enchanted fairy-tale forest in the 4th dimension. xD Though I must admit, I do feel otherworldly presence quite a lot. So maybe that's why I'm very curious and amazed by your kind. xD Oh! And thank you so much, Kayzee! The sprinkles of fairy dust is greatly appreciated! It will definitely help fuel my motivation/inspiration to continue finishing this game.
  12. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Thanks for your input, Kayzee! And yes! I also forgot to mention that the term did have some Indo-Iranian origin xD So it's weird that some group of evil people think they immediately own the term referring the blond haired, blue eyed nordic people. xD Btw, I'm also all for giving fairies their own pretty modern day form! xD I actually think that Alien fairy pic you linked is very pretty! Would be a nice iteration than the greens/grays indeed! And yes, I guess living in a different dimension does make humans think of you as aliens. xD Even though your kind were always the ones responsible for the "alien" abductions
  13. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Hi @Kayzee! Thank you so much for checking out the game and for sharing your concerns regarding the naming of the Aryan race. This has actually already been a huge discussion on the Discord servers on other forums! XD And I've already concluded to stick by the name. I know you and other people here who are curious and haven't participated in that discussion deserve to know my reasoning, so I'll copy-pasta my post on RMN regarding this issue. Hope this helps clear things up, Kayzee! Oh! And if only I knew it was the Fairies all along, I would've added a fairy alien race xDD
  14. Starmage11

    Chibi's Let's plays

    Hi Chibi! Great to see you here! I really love your LPs and its great that you're doing IGMC entries now!
  15. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Hi Chibi!! Thank you so much and I'm very happy you enjoyed the game! Your help in making me improve this game is also not forgotten and is greatly appreciated up to this very day! XD