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  1. Starmage11

    BlueSkies 3

    Hello everyone! I made a short trailer for BlueSkies 3: I would also like to share a full Let's Play/Review of the demo 3.0 done by the amazing D757gaming!
  2. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Hello everyone! I am so happy and excited to announce that Rave Heart is out on Aldorlea Games now! You may also purchase a guide book that is exclusive only on Aldorlea! Hope you all enjoy! https://www.aldorlea.org/raveheart.php
  3. Starmage11

    BlueSkies 3

    Watch Trailer: BlueSkies 3 Goodies: Demo version 2.5 Let's Plays/Reviews:
  4. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Hello everyone! Rave Heart is 50% off on Steam until January 6! :) Happy Holidays all! <3 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1375880/Rave_Heart/
  5. Starmage11

    Perceiving Shapes

    Thank you so much, Saireu! ^_^ :D
  6. Starmage11

    Perceiving Shapes

    Thanks so much for the kind words @Saireau! ^_^ <3 Yes! I really recommend using the assets! They're amazing and fun to work with! :D Cant wait to see what you can do with 'em soon! ^^ Also, an update! The game just got the honor of being GOTY for 2020 on HBgames.org! <3 Such great honor! ^_^ :) You guys might also want to check out HBgames.org forums as they are having massive updates on the site! :D http://www.hbgames.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=80403&start=0
  7. Starmage11

    Perceiving Shapes

    Features: - Fully Voiced Dialogues - Immersive Horror Atmosphere Credits:
  8. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    I really appreciate that, Phoenix!! <3 ^_^ And it's truly alright!! :D Im just happy and honored to hear your kind words and wishlist! ^_^ :) Always prioritize yourself and your needs first during these times! ;) Sending healing! <3
  9. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Happy Halloween Everyone! You may now grab Rave Heart for 70% off on steam until November 3! ^_^ This is also to celebrate my upcoming bday on November 1! :) <3 Hope you all enjoy! :D https://store.steampowered.com/app/1375880/Rave_Heart/
  10. Starmage11

    OTHER Inner Sanctum

    I am so happy to hear that Phoenix! Thank you so much for the kind words!
  11. Starmage11

    OTHER Inner Sanctum

    Features: - Multiple Endings (4 in total) - Immersive Atmospheric Horror - Make intense choices that decide the fate of your character. Goodies: Watch Studio Blue's fun-filled stream of the game here: Credits:
  12. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Hello everyone! I wish to share Hard Reset's twitch Stream of Rave Heart's steam release! He will be streaming more of Rave Heart, so if you're interested to watch, you can always follow him as he does a lot of cool streams for both RPG maker games and AAA RPG's alike! ^^ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/727468043
  13. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Hello everyone! For those who are interested! You can check out and follow HollowNostalgia on Twitch, as he plays and streams Rave Heart shortly after the full steam release! Enjoy! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/726298439
  14. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    I also wish to share Driftwood Gaming's wonderful and super fun stream they did for Rave Heart a day before this release! Drifty and Tea are such wonderful people who make very fun streams that'll make you smile a lot and even laugh with how hilarious they do stuff with their epic VA's and sound effects. xD Other than that, they are always very helpful with their feedback and insight! Support their channel and discord server as well you guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rvThpgh48Y
  15. Starmage11

    Rave Heart

    Thank you so much @Kayzee!! It's really such an honor for me indeed!!
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