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  1. Banjo Abstract: Banjo is a top-down but faithfully-structured sequel to the N64 classic. Genre: Action, Adventure Game Progression: Hub world, and 3 complete themed worlds (out of a hopeful ten). Looking at a possible 6 months more of work. Demo Time: To 100% complete all three levels (7 jiggies, 100 notes) it would take around 2 hours. (About 30-45 min per level). "Banjo" takes place an indefinite time after Rare's "Banjo-Kazooie" for N64. Banjo has lost his urge of adventuring and Bottles creates a nostalgic lair to spur Banjo to start exploring again. Using jiggies found in themed worlds, Banjo makes his way through the labyrinthine lair. Hub World - Bottles' Lair Crichael Canyon Baybus Bay Dewy Dunlap's Cave Character Bios: *Banjo: A formerly adventurous bear who, after an unknown event, has been a bit of a shut-in. *Bottles: Banjo's best friend. Eager to see Banjo go on another adventure and reclaim that intrepid spirit. Credits: *Sprites: AJ Nitro, Refractionmaster *Scripts: Fantastica's Anti-Lag script, cogwheel's diagonal movement script Screenshots: Features: *Adventure battle system, modified HUD, NO turn-based fighting or leveling up. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjr8ingzlz60f1o/Banjo.exe?dl=0 Known Issues: *The 220 Note Door leads nowhere, there is nothing to do after world 3 (Dewy Dunlap's Cave)
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    Hello! I have lurked for a long time trying to find script to use for a game I have been working on, and now I find my inquiries are getting more and more specific. I've found some terrific ones so far (custom frequency speed, diagonal and pixel movement) so joining this community is a no-brainer. I'll see you in the Help threads!