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  1. is there anyway to put elemental weakness and resistance on menu? i not really want to put "resist 50% wind damage" or "take 200% of thunder damage" on equipments descriptions and i don't think it fits with the game i am going for anyway i checked yanfly menu plugin and it seems you can add new categories to it but i am not really a scripter so i have no idea how to put a category showing elemental resistance and weakness i tried to search but could not find any.
  2. Works great but the arrows get messed up when i select equipment
  3. omg i can't believe it finally work, it actually work the coffin is not showing on the overworld anymore
  4. oh i will test it ok moved it below....same error although it only showed when i moved from one map to other.
  5. you want every single of my scripts?
  6. https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/10445-yea-visual-battlers-addon-fix i found this update to yanfly visual battlers script and it make it so that death characters appear in the battle as x sprite in overworld but with a angle instead of before where they would just stay in place. while that is neat i personally would prefer if the character instead changed into a coffin sprite even if is the default one that comes with rpg maker vx ace, i tried to contact the original creator but it seems they dissapeared from the website for some years now, can someone help me?
  7. is there a way to make it so when they die it show the coffin graphic instead of just making them stay on floor?
  8. may need to make a new thread now that i found the source of the problem.
  9. major reason i want them to be coffin in battle because the Yanfly Engine Ace - Visual Battlers v1.01 sideview battle script not have anything special when the characters dies, so you have just the character standing there with the menu showing they are death. funny enough i tested removing the scripts one by one and it seems Yanfly Engine Ace - Visual Battlers v1.01 is the one causing conflict with the coffin script and the FALSE show_on_map flag.
  10. ok so i tested and it seems Yanfly Engine Ace - Visual Battlers v1.01 is the one causing the conflict which is pretty sad since this is essential script for my game.
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