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    Thorn Skills for RPGMV

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    Thorn Skills for RPGMV

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    Thorn Skills for RPGMV

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    Thorn Skills for RPGMV

    I'm looking for a way to imitate the effect similar to Szyu's ThornSkills for RPGVXA It's an effect where you can place a state on an ally, and whenever they are attacked by the enemy, they retaliate by casting a specific skill and removing the state. Ex. A [Flame Trap] skill that applies [Flame Trap] to an ally, and when they are attacked, that ally retaliates with a different skill, such as [Flameblast] and the trap state disappears. Is there any way to imitate that using either Yanfly Plugins (like Lunatic Code stuff) or other plugins? (I was planning to make a class that specialises on "Trap Skills" but after I moved it all to MV, I couldn't find a "ThornSkills" script for it >.< Help!)