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  1. So i'm currently just brainstorming ideas for a game. Heres what I've got so far! Feel free to come up with some better ideas... I've only been using MV for around 3 months, however I have been using VXAce for around 2 years and have gotten used to eventing and setting up the main database for the game. I have also been using Photoshop for around 4 years and have become a lot better with it. I'm not planning on going back to VXAce as re downloading will be to much of a hassle and is thinking about a mobile port of the game after completion. All work will be credited as creators (no matter how much was done as I appreciate any help) and there will be no pay as its the first project done as a group/team and may not be well enough for payed versions of the game. Thank You and goodbye (for now)! If interested, heres the discord: https://discord.gg/9SAAFq Game Plans.txt