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  1. 631 Nice, now it looks good
  2. Casey's Journal N.5

    The Painters 07/27/127 “The Painters are people who didn’t had part in our society” said Dian, “We get selected based on our personality, but art is not considered necessary, so they just send artistic people to work on the fields, that’s why there’s no color in this city. Let me ask you something Casey, have you ever seen a poetry book on the Third Tower?”, “No” that was the answer, “What about an art book? Does art have history in Nira?”, “No…”, “Because art doesn’t exist in Nira, the Third Tower have scientific texts and nothing else, that is why it is so hard to people to break free of this illusion that is Nira, they don’t have creativity, The Painters are trying to escape Nira, but we need help from someone that has access to the blueprints from the Third Tower, that’s why we brought you here”, “I will get them, if you can distract Sares for some time”. 07/28/127 The next day I went to work like always, but this time I had a plan, I did not needed to bring the blueprints, I just needed to look at them, the plan was simple, I knock the blueprint out of the shelf, look and memorize it, and describe it to The Painters so we can escape, but we did not expect the visit of Ceros in the Third Tower. I thought he was going to check the Noha, rju Ulxuhoiunr, but instead he reached for the shelf and took the exact blueprint we needed, in his way out he knocked some books out of the shelf, as I was going to put those books back, I saw a interesting book, “Encryption”, I picked the book and read the first page, “This is a book meant for the successors of The Four, it contains the language used on all encrypted messages over Nira”, even my eidetic memory could not memorize that, it was too much for me to process, so i took the book back to the cabin and gave it to Dian.
  3. Casey's Journal N.4

    Colors 07/25/127 A week after Dian showed up at my house, I started to watch the city around me, I had new eyes, the city that once looked perfect was now a dull place. I had a free day from work, so I went to Low Nira, when I got there, I noticed something I had never seen before, a giant wall surrounding the whole city, people working in black clothes under the hot summer sun, kids inside of their homes studying, even though their roles were assigned from the day they were born. The city I once looked with wonder is now… dull. There are no other words to express it, after that visit to Low Nira, and the realisation that anything you did in that city did not mattered, I went to Mid Nira. I got there, my vision of this city could not change anymore, everything was colorless, black, white, gray, in a distance, I saw something weird, something different, I could see orange spread out, it described a path, it was late, maybe 22 or 23 hours, I followed the path until there was no colors to follow, they lead to a door, I knocked on the door and when someone answered, i blacked out. 07/26/127 I woke up the next day in a weird place, a cabin, there were 5 people there, the first one I saw was Dian, “Shit, I screwed up, this is the part where he kills me!”, that was my first thought, but then i remembered the dropped note. He said “Are you alright? I needed to do that, Sares would send others after you if i didn’t do that.”, to what I replied “Do what? I don’t remember anything”, “I knocked you out, and sorry for the spook the other day, Sares need to think I am working for him”, I looked around and saw the most beautiful thing, “Colors!”, there were so many drawings and colorful pictures in that cabin, they warmed my stone cold heart, I asked Dian “Who are these people?” to what he replied “Those are the member of Rju hufudosn, the painters.”, “You should rest a bit longer, I’m sure this is a little too much to process right now, don’t worry, Sares can’t see this room.”
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