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  1. I'm currently working on a game in MV tentatively titled "Dance of Steel and Bone" and will need help from a spriter (or two) and possibly a programmer or eventer. As soon as I started work on this project, I knew it would take me a very long time to complete on my own, and would not be half as good, so I'm hoping that someone (or several someones) would want to work on this game with me. I can't currently offer compensation, but I am looking at this as being a commercial "sold for profit" game, and would of course pay royalties from whatever proceeds that would generate (if it happens). Here is the basic game idea and where I'm currently at in developing it: STORYLINE: GAME MECHANICS: PHOTOS:
  2. mobiusclimber

    New To The Forums, New to PC RPG Makers

    Yeah it was very limiting, but I think some limits can be good. It makes you get creative with solutions. I'm having the problem with the PC ones of there just being so much stuff I can do, I really need to stop myself from just putting everything into the game.
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    New To The Forums, New to PC RPG Makers

    I made about 30 hours of gameplay for a game I was working on, on the PS1 version. It's goofy but it actually has some features that I wish FES, in particular, had, namely the sprite maker and the ability to mix the spell effect graphics. And thanks, I will have to post more (in the appropriate forum) when I'm further along with them.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm new here so thought I'd introduce myself. I've been using RPG Maker since the PS1 days, but only recently got into working in XP and MV. I'm also making a game in FES (for the 3DS). So far, I have a randomized equipment set up in MV where equipment can drop with one or two prefixes and one suffix (so you might get really lucky and get a "Ratback's Titanium Sword of the Bat" or something like that), and a skill level up system where your skills level up the more you use them, and on the first level up give you the option of adding one of two new spells to your repertoire. I'm working on making either some shmup levels or side-scrolling platformer levels along with random side-view turn-based RPG battles. The game I'm working on in XP is using Blizz-ABS, so it's an action-RPG. I'm working on making it so that when your character goes behind something, the thing turns opaque so you can see what's behind a large tree or wall or something. The game I'm working on in FES features a three-party system where your second and third party member is decided by whether you say yes or no to their asking to join you. Then, when you have one person join you, they will add their thoughts to all the conversations later. When you get that third party member, no one else will suggest joining you, but will go off and do their own thing. There will also be a lot of puzzles in the game where there's more than one solution, but some solutions are going to be better than others. Anyway, I'll probably end up making a nuisance of myself will all my n00b questions. I am still learning how to use XP and MV bc they are so different from the other RPGMs I've used. XD
  5. mobiusclimber

    RMXP - Gold Spriteset - Blizz ABS

    I know... my first topic and it's a request! XD But - I figure this ought to be an easy one (but then, I should have found this on my own already). I'm working on a game in RPG Maker XP using Blizzard's ABS and I'd like to have an animated gold coin drop. In the "config" it says "gold spriteset," but I really have no idea exactly what it's looking for. And every gold sprite, coin sprite, even what I think should be an animated gold coin sprite set, doesn't work. Can anyone point me in the right direction??? Please please please...