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    Hit all targets at the same time?

    No, I always set the variance on my skills to be 0. Personally, I prefer it that way - it makes it much easier for the end user to figure out what the actual damage formulas are, and thus much easier for them to figure out the best strategy. Regardless, it seems to be working now, after I fiddled with it enough. Thank you very much, Vectra.
  2. GigaOtomia

    Hit all targets at the same time?

    The first version of the formula has a syntax error somewhere in it, crashing the game when called. The second, simplified version of the formula works perfectly. It seems like this is a somewhat different way of using scripts and the damage formula box; it's very useful to know. I've run into a problem, however. When the enemies would all die to bombs on the first turn, the variable goes up by one; when I attack a lone Skeleton, it does 242 damage, but displays 116. I then tested this with two throwaway debug enemies, which have 10 DEF and 110 HP, and the game showed them taking 76 damage, but dying. If I use the bombs on an enemy with more health, enough to survive the attack, it works fine; the solution to this, I assume, would be to only increase the variable after damage has been shown on screen, somehow. Also, no, I'm not sure how to have the skill cost a common event, but I do know how to make the skill cost set the variable I'm using to 0. I'm using Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager, and these notetags: <custom cost requirement> $game_party.item_number($data_items[22]) >= 1 </custom cost requirement> <custom cost perform> $game_party.lose_item(($data_items[22]), 1); $game_variables[89] == 0 </custom cost perform> For clarity, I have the player equip a Bomb weapon, and change the default attack to this one when that weapon is equipped. Also, about the animation - I'd like for it to be centered on the enemies, and only display as many explosions as there are enemies. Setting it to the "screen" setting makes the animation just play a single explosion, in the center of the screen, then do damage, which is nice, since the damage step happens quicker - but perhaps I should make multiple animations, and multiple skills, depending on how many enemies are being targeted, then change which skill is used depending on how many enemies there are?
  3. So, I have a bomb skill. The scope of the skill is set to All Enemies, and the formula is this: (112 * 2.25)/$game_troop.alive_members().length - b.def However, if I target two enemies, for example skeletons, and Skeleton 1 dies before Skeleton 2 is hit, Skeleton 2 takes the same amount of damage as it would if it was the only one alive at the start of the skill. If the skeletons have 10 DEF and 120 HP, the first one takes 116 damage, and the second takes 242. With three skeletons, the skill works properly on the first hit - all skeletons take 74 damage - but on the second, after Skeleton 1 takes 74 damage again and dies, Skeleton 2 takes 116 damage, and Skeleton 3 takes 242. How can I change this skill so that even if Skeleton 1 out of 3 dies, Skeletons 2 and 3 will still take 74 damage? Even if Skeleton 1 out of 2 dies, Skeleton 2 will still take 116 damage? Edit: Fixed the b.def subtraction. I imagine this would have to be done with some other script call. Another gripe I have with the skill is that it plays the animation once per monster, instead of on all monsters at the same time, but I remember reading that that can be remedied with a notetag in Yanfly's Battle Engine. I'll test that after I get this fixed.
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