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  1. KokoroReflect

    Kokoro Reflections Tiles and Stuff

    Yeah, I was thinking that some people might not know how to add lights like that. I prefer your method myself. Fortunately it's not hard to swap out an unlit lantern.
  2. KokoroReflect

    Kokoro Reflections Tiles and Stuff

    Thanks! Added another variation of the tree: Fairy Tale Lantern Tree...thing #2
  3. KokoroReflect

    Kokoro Reflections Tiles and Stuff

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share a few free things we've made. We're fairly new to RPG Maker game development but hope you might find some of this useful anyway. Sorry for the offsite links, but when I tried posting the full size resources, it looked like a huge jumbled mess. (The ship is way too big too.) Terms: https://kokororeflections.com/terms-use/ Fairy Tale Lantern Tree...thing #2 Fairy Tale Lantern Tree...thing Fish Statues MV Autotile Windows (be sure to read instructions) Animated Orb Statues MV Beds Multicolored Autotile Walls for MV Parallax Ship Sky Backgrounds for various purposes
  4. KokoroReflect

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  5. KokoroReflect

    Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to say and get to know everyone. Currently working on an RPG/visual novel hybrid in VX Ace, about two years into development. Mostly an artist/writer with no coding skills whatsoever, lol. I'm hoping to share some of the graphic resources I'm making with everyone here on the forum. Nice to meet everyone, have a great day.