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  1. SECTION A: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION B: CONNECTION IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION CHARACTERS DOWNLOAD LINK https://gamejolt.com/games/heroetime/575794 https://www.mediafire.com/file/rbje0mmry1dr0an/Heroes+of+Time.exe/file
  2. TALES OF ÁGARIS SYNOPSIS Rumors speculate that a frightening being would emerge soon. And indeed, just as it was written by religious, Gorgos, the most fearsome demon in hell, would arise. But this will not happen by chance. Lars, a member of the grimfur king's elite soldiers, will greatly help Gorgos' resurgence. However, three king soldiers performing missions for world peace is established in Ágaris and other kingdoms of the world. One of the missions is to try to revive Rion, with whom King Grimfur has confidence and faith to be resurrected and compose the army in dark times as at the present time. The fate of the planet is in the hands of our heroes so that evil does not hover over us, and we can live for another 1000 years (where occurs Heroes of Time's events) CONNECTION A game completely linked to another game in development, the "Heroes of Time". Tales of Ágaris occurs in the past of Heroes of Time. In Legend of Ágaris we will live the events that occurred in the middle age, whose is shown at Heroes of Time IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION B: CHARACTERS Elliot The main soldier of Agaris. Focused on his goals, determined and self-confident. The only one who suffers from the interference of time in the future, having flashes in some parts of the game. His hometown is Zahul, where his mother currently lives. Louis Elliot's colleague and friend. Insightful, sarcastic and unique boy. The wizard of the group, with his arsenal of white and black spells. Born in Ágaris, where he still lives. Kary A centered elf, just like Elliot. A legitimate archer, down to earth and determined. She has a slight crush on Elliot. An adventurer who is called to replace Lars among the king's soldiers Lars Ex-soldier of the king (position of Elliot and co.), However when he became a high-class soldier he decided to deceive royalty to achieve his goal, which is to resurrect gorgos from the depths of hell. Gorgos An extremely powerful being, which is in his "eternal" rest in the depths of hell .... for now .... Rion Former prince of Aqala, he lived in times of war and was killed by a dragon inside a cave. However, the game gives you the opportunity to relive it. It is optional, but very important depending on your choices in the game. SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT Like was said. This game occurs at the year 1130. And "Heroes of Time" will occurs in the same world, but in the future, in 2130. May we have interferences from the past? Who knows Credits DOWNLOAD LINK
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